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DC Comics HeroClix: 2016 Convention Exclusives- Surfing Batman with Shark & Hawkman

Greetings, HeroClix fans! It’s getting to be that time of year again – with our big tournaments, including the May WKO’s, National and World Championships, right around the corner, it’s time to take a look at some of the exciting DC Comics HeroClix: 2016 Convention Exclusives we have coming out! Right now, we’re going to take a gander at two of the offerings from the fine folks at DC Comics!

 Up first, we revisit the Batman Classic TV Series set! Just in time for the 50th anniversary of the show, we have Batman! This, of course, is no ordinary Batman – this is Adam West Batman hanging ten on a killer surfboard! Coming in at 50 points, Batman has two great traits – first is Wipeout!, which states that when Batman is KO’d, you may place the Surfboard light object as specified on the back of his character card into the square that Batman last occupied. Now, one of the great things about this figure is that it can also be played as a special Surfboard light object for 1 point during force construction, by removing the Batman figure from the sculpt. If you do so, friendly characters can equip the object to gain Improved Movement for Water Terrain and a +3 speed in water! Batman also brings the standard combat powers Charge, Combat Reflexes, Willpower, and Close Combat Expert to the fight, as well as the special power Get the Bat Shark-Repellant Spray! This power allows Batman to modify his attack and damage values by +1 when attacking a character with the Dolphin movement symbol.

DC Comics HeroClix: 2016 Convention Exclusives - Surfing Batman

I did mention that there were two traits for Batman, and the second is called Holy Sardine! This trait states that, when building your force, you may choose to have Batman instead cost 30 points. If you do, at the beginning of the game, your opponent adds to their starting area the figure that comes with Batman to it’s force that doesn’t get scored if defeated – that’s right, it’s a Shark! The Shark is a 30-point piece on its own, and possesses two standard powers – Blades/Claws/Fangs and Toughness. Of course, it also has a trait called Underwater Predator, which states that when the Shark occupies water terrain, it can use Charge and Exploit Weakness, while modifying its speed value by +3! It’s fairly no frills, but what more could you want? It’s a Shark!

DC Comics HeroClix: 2016 Convention Exclusives - Shark

Next we’re going to look at a Convention Exclusive LE Prize figure, one that brings another figure from the DC Comics Kingdom Come storyline into the modern age. Playable at either 120 points or 25 points, Hawkman cuts an imposing shadow against your opponent’s force! He possesses two traits, with the first being Isolated from this Violent World, which only applies when played at his 25-point value. This trait states that Hawkman begins the game placed at least 6 squares from any starting area, and not adjacent to another character. He also cannot be moved or placed while on his starting click. With that, though – if he is the only character on your force, or an opposing character critical hits another friendly character, you may turn him to click #6, and he can’t be healed.

DC Comics HeroClix: 2016 Convention Exclusives Prize- Hawkman

Hawkman also possesses the trait We Will Make Things Right Again, which applies to his 120-point dial. This trait states that Hawkman’s combat values can’t be modified, except by characters with the Kingdom Come team ability. Additionally, his powers and abilities can’t be countered, except by characters with the Kingdom Come team ability! With those two traits, he also has the standard powers Charge, Sidestep, Super Strength, Blades/Claws/Fangs, Invincible, Invulnerability, Combat Reflexes, and Battle Fury. Additionally, he also has a special power called Savior or Environmental Terrorist? that appears on the damage of his 25 point click. This power states that Hawkman can use Empower. Additionally, when an opposing character within 6 squares makes an attack while occupying printed hindering terrain, or uses Outwit or Perplex while occupying printed hindering terrain, after actions resolve, deal that character 2 penetrating damage!

The DC Comics: Surfing Batman with Shark Convention Exclusive will be available for purchase, for the first time, at the Mexican and Italian National Championships this upcoming weekend.  It will be available in the U.S. at the upcoming May 2016 WKO events for $15.00, while supplies last!

The DC Comics: Hawkman Convention Exclusive will be a prize at the Mexican and Italian National Championships.  It will also be available as a prize to win at the U.S. at the upcoming May 2016 WKO events!

There you have it! Our first batch of DC Comics HeroClix: 2016 Convention Exclusives! We hope you’ve enjoyed the previews of these exciting figures, and we’ll see you next time for another fun look into the world of HeroClix! Until then, don’t be afraid to push!

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DC HeroClix: Justice League - Trinity War Preview

DC HeroClix: Justice League Trinity War: Hawkman and Vandal Savage!

Happy New Year HeroClix Fans!

It’s not uncommon for many people to take a look back at their lives as they inaugurate a new year, so we thought we’d look at a pair of long-lived characters from the upcoming DC HeroClix: Justice League – Trinity War.

First up is the winged warrior better known as Hawkman!


Hawkman begins play with a fantastic Speed-based special power called I Own the Sky which allows Hawkman to use Charge. However, when he does, Hawkman does not have to halve his speed value (allowing for a full-movement Charge) and if he successfully hits his target, he can then use Sidestep as well! With his impressive combat values, Hawkman can readily maneuver in for a first strike attack using I Own the Sky and his full 10 speed value, then move out of the way thanks to Sidestep, allowing for an unobstructed target for subsequent ranged or close combat attacks by his teammates.

Hawkman’s combat dial also opens up with two powers that demonstrate his melee skills and ferocity in combat. Precision Strike ensures that when he successfully hits targets with a close combat attack (say, when he uses I Own the Sky), the target will take at least one click of damage. If Hawkman uses a close combat action, Close Combat Expert will give him either an attack or damage boost (or both!)

Near the end of his combat dial, Hawkman’s Precision Strike is replaced with a new Attack-based special power called No Matter the Odds, They Will Fall Before Me (NMtOTWFBM). NMtOTWFBM grants Hawkman the use of the Quake standard power, and if he is part of a Justice League of America themed team he can be given a move action and then use Quake as a free action!
Defensively, Hawkman’s combat dial opens with Energy Shield/Deflection which grants him a defense bonus when he is targeted by ranged combat attacks. Mid- to end-dial, Combat Reflexes grants Hawkman a defense bonus against close combat attacks.

Near the end of his dial, Hawkman’s I Own the Sky special power is replaced with standard Charge, while Close Combat Expert is replaced by Battle Fury. Hawkman cannot make ranged attacks due to Battle Fury (no big deal since his range value of 0), but Battle Fury does protect him from both Incapacitate and Mind Control attacks.
Hawkman’s competitive and consistent combat values help make him a fantastic addition to any HeroClix team. The JLA team ability and his Justice League of America, Past and Warrior keywords make him an easy addition to competitive and fun theme teams.

Next up, we look at a seemingly immortal villain, Vandal Savage!


Vandal Savage possesses two traits that reflect his long-lived experience and biology; Seemingly Immortal grants Vandal Savage a click of healing if he still has two action tokens after a player clears their tokens at the end of their turn. The second trait, I Was Alexander, Genghis, Vlad… grants Vandal Savage the use of Leadership. When Vandal Savage uses Leadership and succeeds, friendly characters on his team receive a +1 bonus to their attack values for that turn!

Vandal Savage’s combat dial possesses a myriad of powers (again, reflecting his long life’s experience): he begins play with Charge, Toughness and Shape Change which allows him to get directly into the fray, withstand a few hits, and avoid attacks entirely. Vandal Savage also starts with an attack special power called Trained in Every Style of Fighting which grants Vandal Savage the use of Close Combat Expert, and Probability Control when he uses Close Combat Expert.

After his first click, the Trained in Every Style of Fighting Style special power is replaced by the Super Strength while Flurry replaces Charge. Near the mid-point of his combat dial, Vandal Savage gains the use of Stealth, Invulnerability, and a new special power titled Tactician That Won A Thousand Wars. This Damage-based special power grants Vandal Savage the use of Outwit and Perplex as if possessed a range value of 8 and the Improved Targeting: Characters combat ability.

Mid-dial (or the beginning of his 160-point combat dial – more on that later), Vandal Savage again gains the use of Charge and the Trained in Every Fighting Style special power. Vandal Savage also gains enhanced protection from Invincibility.

Mid- to late dial, Vandal Savage’s combat dial is a mix of powers and special powers we’ve seen earlier, with the addition of Plasticity (which makes it easier for Vandal Savage to break away while making it harder for his opponents to do the same), as well as Steal Energy, allowing Vandal Savage to regain clicks of health while he simultaneously attacks his enemies.

Vandal Savage’s combat values are largely consistent throughout his dial; his attack value climbs steadily towards the end of his dial, while his defense dips a little but largely Vandal Savage’s combat dials remain competitive and worthwhile throughout his entire dial.

Vandal Savage can be played at two different point values (250 and 160) allowing him to fit on a myriad of team builds and strategies. He possesses the Demon Knights, Injustice Society, Past, Ruler and Secret Society of Super-Villains keywords which makes him an easy addition to a broad variety to themed teams.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this look at two more of the exciting figures found in the upcoming DC HeroClix: Justice League – Trinity War set! Stay tuned to for more fantastic previews to come, and happy New Year to all of our fans!

2013 Convention Exclusive Preview

HeroClix on the Road 2013: Gentleman Ghost

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

For our second HeroClix prize preview of the 2013 convention season, we decided to get into the spirit of things; Gentleman Ghost again makes his appearance in HeroClix and brings along with him one of the new pink powers found on the 2013 HeroClix Powers and Abilities Card in Precision Shot.


James Craddock was a highwayman and robber in England who was lynched but his spirit rose again as the Gentleman Ghost.  Thanks to his new form, Gentleman Ghost could raise Vengeful Ghosts (Trait) to strike back against those who would hurt him.  Thanks to this Trait, Gentleman Ghost is able to bring Vengeful Ghost bystander tokens onto the battlefield to tie up your opponents or to attack them with Exploit Weakness.  The Vengeful Ghost bystander can also maneuver freely thanks to Phase/Teleport (when was the last time you saw a ghost stopped by a wall?) while Super Senses represents its more incorporeal nature.

Like any good (or should we say evil?) shade, Gentleman Ghost’s Invisible, Intangible (Special Power) to hide in the shadows using Stealth and then move using Phasing/Teleport to get anywhere you need to go.  And if someone is foolish enough to let Gentleman Ghost get close, he can use his Chilling Touch (Precision Strike) to attack those who might normally evade his attack or mastermind the damage on to others.

If that’s not enough, thanks to I’ve Seen the Beyond (Outwit), Gentleman Ghost can counter powers that would cause him trouble.  Over time, this Ghost has Learned a Few Tricks (Perplex) to help him adjust his combat values to the fight but if all else fails; he can shoot it out with his Flintlock Pistols (Ranged Combat Expert).

Finally, since his spirit can never truly rest, Gentleman Ghost is Indomitable and will come back to haunt those who attack him with his Mystics team ability.

Gen Con Indy is the first convention that this figure will be available at as a prize.  Tune in later this week as we see that romance is in the air during this convention season.

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Justice League Preview

Winged Warrior of the Justice League – Hawkman!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

For today’s DC HeroClix: Justice League preview we turn our gaze to the skies and visit a hero with a complicated past and a pair of Nth-metal wings.  Please welcome Carter Hall, the savage Hawkman!

Hawkman comes in at 95 points and begins play with a special power in his movement slot, Dive Bomb.  This special power allows Hawkman to use Charge.  In addition, when Hawkman uses Charge his attack and damage values are modified by +1 if he makes an attack that targets a character at a lower elevation than the square in which he began his movement!  This power appears on Hawkman’s first three clicks.

Defensively, Hawkman has the Indomitable combat ability and begins his dial with a click of Energy Shield/Deflection to make him difficult to hit with ranged attacks.  Once Hawkman is off his top click, he drops Energy Shield/Deflection in favor of Combat Reflexes to make him difficult to hit with melee attacks.  In his damage slot, Hawkman picks up Close Combat Expert for his next four clicks as the combat prowess he’s gained through his past lives is on display.

As we reach the midpoint of Hawkman’s dial, we see that Dive Bomb is replaced by regular use of Charge for two clicks. Toughness replaces Combat Reflexes for three clicks and represents the Nth metal armor that protects Hawkman. Following the two Charge clicks are two clicks of Flurry that allow Hawkman to really let his punches fly. Energy Shield/Deflection returns on his second-to-last click, which helps set Hawkman up when Dive Bomb returns on his last click.

Hawkman has the Justice League team ability and three keywords (Justice League, Past, and Warrior) that make building a team around him easy, and his steady combat values ensure that he’ll be a valuable addition to many forces!

Thanks for reading!  Please join us for our next DC HeroClix: Justice League preview as we take a look at a pair of heroes who are full of energy!  Until then, keep your Clix off their KOs!