HALO Heroclix Preview

Battle Rifles at the Ready!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Today we continue our HALO HeroClix preview series with a pair of hardened fighting men from the UNSC beginnning with the Spartan (Battle Rifle)!

The Spartan (Battle Rifle) manuevers onto the battlefield taking aim at the enemy thanks to some early-dial Running Shot.  Combined with the UNSC team ability on all UNSC figures, coordinate your actions so that the Spartan (Battle Rifle) can take full advantage of friendly figures with this team ability, or position him just right after a Running Shot action so that another figure on your force can utilize it!

Mid- to late-dial the Spartan (Battle Rifle) also picks up his Scoped Shot special power which allows him to receive a +2 bonus to his ranged attack rolls when he has no tokens and is given a power action! Talk about careful aim!

Initially Toughness helps protect the Spartan (Battle Rifle) from harm but late-dial this is replaced by Willpower as the Spartan (Battle Rifle) demonstrates the tenacity the UNSC forces are known for!

Lastly, the Spartan (Battle Rifle) adds two to your Grenade pool and has access to the Frag and Thermite Grenade types himself.  All in all, for 70 points the Spartan (Battle Rifle) is a tidy package of good powers and consistent combat values for your force!

Next up we have the Master Chief (Battle Rifle)!

The Master Chief (Battle Rifle) begins play with his Soften Them Up special power, allowing him to throw a Grenade and, if he successfully hits one or more targets, the Master Chief (Battle Rifle) may then make a ranged combat attack against one of those targets hit by the attack! An intial click of Outwit also allows the Master Chief (Battle Rifle) to potentially get the most of his attacks as he counters powers on the opposition, or he can instead support another figure’s actions with it instead.

Early-dial Invulnerability helps protect the Master Chief (Battle Rifle) from harm, while mid-dial Toughness takes over the damage reduction-duties.  Finally, late-dial Willpower and Outwit continue to allow the Master Chief (Battle Rifle) to demonstrate how dangerous he is on the battlefield.

The UNSC team ability and the ability to add two to your Grenade pool, combined with his combat values and power selection make the Master Chief (Battle Rifle) an attractive addition to your force at only 98 points!

That’s all we have for today but we’ll continue our HALO HeroClix previews later this week in preparation for the release on September 28th! Until then, keep your Clix off their K.O.’s!

HALO Preview

Fear the Elite!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Today’s preview spotlights the devoted warriors of the Covenant, the Elites! We begin with the Elite Zealot!

At 121 points, the Elite Zealot is an aggressive and potent addition to your Covenant force.  The Elite Zealot begins play with Charge as he moves in against his enemies and attacks with Blades/Claws/Fangs! Both Leadership and Outwit are available to the Elite Zealot by means of his Field Master special power.  This special power makes the Elite Zealot a doubly dangerous foe as he counters his foes’ powers and potentially removes tokens from friendly figures!

Initially the Elite Zealot enjoys the protection of Invulnerability which gives way mid- to late-dial to Toughness.  Towards the end of the Elite Zealot’s dial, he loses Blades/Claws/Fangs but gains Flurry which, when combined with his consistent combat values (his attack never drops below  9!), makes the Elite Zealot a dangerous enemy until the end!

Lastly, the Elite Zealot adds two to the Grenade pool and is able to use the Thermite and Plasma Grenade types itself! Consider also the Covenant team ability and the Elite Zealot is a capable piece ready to dish out some pain on behalf of the Covenant!

Next up we have the Cloaked Elite!

The Cloaked Elite begins play manuevering around its enemies and terrain with great ease thanks to Leap/Climb, allowing it to take the best position for ranged attacks.  The Cloaked Elite’s Radioactive Rounds special power allows it to use Energy Explosion and deal penetrating damage to its target! At 7 range and with consistent attack values, the Cloaked Elite can certainly hit its targets!

Initially, Super Senses helps protect the Cloaked Elite from retaliatory attacks while mid-dial it enjoys some damage reduction thanks to Toughness as it switches tactics from relying on its active camo to more conventional defenses.

After two clicks of Toughness, the Cloaked Elite regains Super Senses while Stealth allows it to hide with greater effectiveness from enemy eyes!

Like the Elite Zealot before it, the Cloaked Elite adds two Grenades to the Grenade pool and enjoys the use of both the Thermite and Flash Bang Grenade types itself.  At 73 points the Cloaked Elite can easily take advantage of the Covenant team ability and carry other friendly figures with the same team ability (and lower point cost of course).

That’s all we have for today, but be sure to check in with us next week as we continue our HALO HeroClix previews!


HALO Heroclix Preview

Double-Barrelled Action With the UNSC!

Greetings Heroclix Fans!

Today we check in again with the fighting men of the UNSC as they continue to hold the line agins the theocratic forces of the Covenant and the ever-present threat of the Flood! We begin our spotlight with the Spartan (Dual Magnums)!

The Spartan (Dual Magnums) begins play with Running Shot allowing him a greater chance to “first strike” against his targets, while Super Strength gives him the opportunity to grab an object while manuevering into position for his ranged attack.  With two targets at 6 range, the Spartan (Dual Magnums) can hedge his bets by going after his primary target as well as a backup just in case, and with his SAP-HP Ammo special power, the Spartan (Dual Magnums) has a one-in-three chance of his ranged combat damage becoming penetrating damage!

Early- to mid-dial the Spartan (Dual Magnums) gains his Double Pistol Whip special power which allows him to use Flurry, but that’s not all! If the Spartan (Dual Magnums) ends a ranged combat action within three squares of an opposing figure he targetted, he may immediately be placed adjacent to that figure and use Flurry with a locked damge value of 1!

The Spartan (Dual Magnums) initially enjoys a couple of clicks of Toughness for protection and then displays his Enhanced Reflexes courtesy of Super Senses.  Late-dial the Spartan (Dual Magnums) enjoys Willpower as he regains the use of Super Strength as well!

Next up in our assembly of two-gun fighting UNSC men, we have the Master Chief (Dual SMGs)!

Master Chief (Dual SMGs) also begins the game with Running Shot as he moves in for the attack aginst his foes! Energy Explosion and two targets at 5 range gives the Master Chief (Dual SMGs) the opportunity to potentially attack several enemies at once while early-dial Leadership gives him the chance to make the most of your actions each turn! Meanwhile, the Indomitable ability ensures that you will get the most out of the Master Chief (Dual SMGs) as he acts on consecutive turns without fear of pushing damage!

After his initial click of Leadership, his I Make My Own Luck special power allows the Master Chief (Dual SMGs) to use Probability Control on his own attack rolls throughout the rest of his dial.  Late-dial Master Chief (Dual SMGs) goes on the offensive in melee with Flurry, all the while his attack values don’t dip below a 9!

Initially, Invulnerability, and then Toughness, grants the Master Chief (Dual SMGs) some protection from harm while Super Senses rounds out his defensive powers towards the end of his dial.

Lastly, both the Master Chief (Dual SMGs) and Spartan (Dual Magnums) possess the UNSC team ability and the Grenades special ability, making each (or both!) a welcome addition to ranged combat-oriented teams!

That’s all we have for today but be sure to check in later this week as we preview the Covenant’s Elite!

HALO Heroclix Preview

Beware the Covenant and Their Prophets

Greeting HeroClix Fans!

Today we have two previews for you from the forces of the Covenant.  We begin our spotlight into their theocratic forces with the Brute (Brute Shot)!

The Brute (Brute Shot) begins play manuevering into the fray thanks to his Running Shot, while Energy Explosion and the Grenade ability allow him to potentially damage multiple foes at once! Early-dial Outwit gives the Brute (Brute Shot) the opportunity to counter a critical power on an enemy figure, either for his attack or for that of a friendly figure, or simply remove the enemy’s ability to launch a counterstrike by decreasing their options with a carefully-selected Outwit!

Mid- to late-dial the Brute (Brute Shot) picks up the always-useful combo of Charge and Blades/Claws/Fangs allowing him to get in close to his foes and potentilly deal up to 6 clicks of damage to them! And with only one click with an attack value less than 8, the Brute (Brute Shot) is definitely going to make his presence known to opposing figures!

Almost a full dial of Toughness helps protect the Brute (Brute Shot) from retaliatory attacks and at 93 points his Covenant team ability allows him to carry up to two other Covenant figures so long as they have a lower point value.

However, a lower point value will not be found on our next figure, the legendary and highly-revered Prophet of Regret!

The Prophet of Regret begins play moving unhindered by terrain and opposing figures thanks to his Flight ability and early-dial Phasing/Teleport.  Once he’s in position, his Penetrating/Psychic Blast allows him to cut through the strongest defense as he fires away at the enemy from up to 8 squares away.  Meanwhile the Prophet of Regret’s I WILL Complete My Sermon! special power grants him the use of both Perplex and Probability Control allowing him to alter the odds of the battle in his favor!

The Prophet of Regret enjoys an opening click of Impervious while the majority of his early- to mid-dial he is instead protected by Imvulnerability.  Late-dial the Shield of Faith special power reduces all damage from ranged attcks to 0 against the Prophet of Regret.  Furthermore, Shield of Faith is a great compliment to the Prophet of Regret’s Quake which allows him to knock opposing figures away from base contact.

Lastly, the Covenant team ability and his 150 point value allows the Prophet to carry along plenty of protection to further dissuade opposing figures from getting to close or being able to draw a clean line of fire.

Thanks for joining us for this special double Covenant preview.  Join us again next week for even more figures from the upcoming HALO HeroClix release!

HALO Heroclix Preview

Now You See Them…

Greetings Heroclix Fans!

Today we spotlight two of the mjor players in the UNSC’s continued battle against Covenant forces and the hordes of the Flood.  We begin our preview with none other than Cortana!

Cortana begins play manuevering onto the battlefield unhindered by terrain and opposing figures thanks to her Phasing/Teleport power.  Once she’s in position, Cortana can use her Tactical Database special power and either heal her allies via Support, or draw line of fire to an opposing figure and use Outwit to counter one of its powers and maximize your advantage!

The Electronic Infiltrator special power enables Cortana to make one attack against all opposing figures adjacent to her and eaach hit figure is dealt damage equal to the number of action tokens on that target! Combined with her Outwit, Cortana’s Electronic Infiltrator special power could make all the difference on the battlefield!

A full dial of Super Senses helps protect Cortana from enemy attacks while the UNSC team ability serves as a helpful boost to friendly figures on Cortana’s force! At 80 points, Cortana is an excellent support piece due to her combat values, power selection, and team ability, especially when she works in tandem with figures like the Cloaked Master Chief!

At only 92 points, the Cloaked Master Chief is a powerful addition to your UNSC force! Cloaked Master Chief sneaks around the battlefield thanks to his Leap/Climb, which allows him to ignore hindering terrain and opposing figures.  However, it’s his Active Camo Shielding special power that really enables the Cloaked Master Chief to move against his foes unseen! Active Camo Shielding grants the Cloaked Master Chief the use of Stealth, making him a hard target from ranged attacks providing he uses the terrain to his advantage, as well as Toughness should the enemy actually get a bead on him.   Even more, when the Cloaked Master Chief is the target of a ranged attack, the Active Camo Shielding also allows him to use Super Senses!

Opening with Close Combat Expert, the Cloaked Master Chief demonstrates his skill in melee, while mid-dial Blades/Claws/Fangs gives him even greater damage potential especially when combined with his Outwit! Charge gives the Cloaked Master Chief the opportunity to tke the fight to the enemy, and while late-dial Flurry displays his tenacity in battle.

Towards the end of his dial, the Cloaked Master Chief regains Leap/Climb while his Active Camo Shielding special power gives way to Toughness.  Finally the Cloaked Master Chief again picks up Close Combat Expert illustrating that even at the end of his dial, he’s still a very dangerous opponent.

Finally, the UNSC team ability and an additional Grenade for your Grenade pool make the Cloaked Master Chief the total package when assembling your team for battle!

Join us later in the week as we continue to spotlight more exciting figures from the upcoming release of HALO HeroClix!


HALO Heroclix Preview

Beware the Covenant!

Greetings HeroClix Fan!

We continue our exploration of HALO HeroClix with a sneak-peek at the forces of the Covenant today.  The Covenant is a dangerous and implacable foe, and their warriors are some of the deadliest the galaxy has ever seen and the Jackal (Beam Rifle) is no exception!

At only 50 points, the Jackal (Beam Rifle) is an efficient little addition to your Covenant teams.  Leap/Climb allows the Jackal (Beam Rifle) to manuever into position unhindered by terrain and opposing figures, while his Sniper special power grants the Jackal (Beam Rifle) the use of Stealth and Energy Shield/Deflection, providing a double layered defense against ranged attacks!

A top click of Penetrating/Psychic Blast allows the Jackal (Beam Rifle) to bypass his target’s damage-reducing powers, but that’s not all! The Jackal (Beam Rifle) also possesses the Particle Accelerator special power, allowing it to potentially ignore walls and blocking terrain for the duration of the turn! With a 9 range value, the Jackal (Beam Rifle) will definitely be a ranged combat asset to your force!

Our next preview is no less deadly at a distance, and remains equally dangerous in close range! We present the Elite (Carbine)!

The Elite (Carbine) could almost be the big brother to the Jackal (Plasma Rifle), especially considering how closely their skillsets align! An intial click of Stealth hides the Elite (Carbine) as he moves into position for the killshot.  Once in position, the Concentrated Fire special power allows the Elite (Carbine) to make a second ranged attack against his target provided his initial attack rolls succeeds and and is doubles!

The Anti-Armor Ammunition special power gives the Elite (Carbine) a 50% chance that his ranged attack will deal penetrating damage which is particularly useful when paired with his Sharpshooter ability, allowing him to make ranged attcks against adjacent opposing figures!

After the Elite’s (Carbine) top click it picks up Leap/Climb, allowing it to manuever away from foes or into position for a better shot.  Super Senses and Toughness protect the Elite (Carbine) from attacks early- to mid-dial, and late-dial Willpower and Exploit Weakness ensure that even on its least legs, the Elite (Carbine) remains a deadly foe!

The Elite (Carbine) also adds one to the Grenade pool and allows you to select to use Flashbang and Thermite Grenades against your enemies! Lastly, the Covenant team ability allows the Elite (Carbine) to move and carry friendly Covenant pieces, like the Jackal (Beam Rifle) above, into battle!

That’s all we have for today but be sure to join us next week as we continue to spotlight more figures from our upcoming release of HALO HeroClixavailable everywhere HeroClix is sold!

HALO Heroclix Preview

The UNSC Wants You!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Today we check in with the fighting men of the UNSC who bravely face the front lines in the war against the Convenant! We begin our preview with the Marine (Battle Rifle)!

The Marine (Battle Rifle) begins the game rushing onto the battlefield strafing his foes with Running Shot, manuevering to get the most of his Flanking Fire special power.  Flanking Fire decreases the defense value of his target if it was already damaged by another friendly figure in the same turn.  Imagine the Marine (Battle Rifle) and his teammates laying down suppressing fire and the target opposing figure depserately scrabbling for cover!

An initial click of Energy Shield/Deflection helps protect the Marine (Battle Rifle) from retaliatory ranged attacks, and then gives way to Toughness as the Marine (Battle Rifle) relies on his battle armor to reduce damage dealt to him.  Mid- to late-dial the Marine (Battle Rifle) trades his Flanking Fire special power for jacketed rounds courtesy of Penetrating/Psychic Blast, allowing him to bypass the damage reducing armor of his enemies.

At 54 points, the Marine (Battle Rifle) is a great support/secondary attack piece for your UNSC or Soldier forces! His UNSC team ability will assist in your ranged combat efforts and the additional grenade he adds comes in particularly handy when combined with one of the special powers our next figure has!

We are pleased to present the Spartan (Plasma Rifle)!

The  Spartan (Plasma Rifle) begins play with the Extra Grenades special power, which allows him to potentially add Grenades to your Grenade pool as he uses them. That’s right, if his Grenade attack roll hits and is doubles, the Spartan (Plasma Rifle) adds two to your Grenade pool! That not only replaces the Grenade just thrown, but increases your previous total by one!

Early- to mid-dial the Spartan (Plasma Rifle) is protected by Toughness and utilizes Perplex to modify friendly or opposing (say, to decrease the target of a Grenade attack’s defense value?) figures, helping to ensure combat goes your way! Mid-dial the Spartan (Plasma Rifle) replaces Toughness with Super Senses brifely, and then late-dial Willpower.

Late-dial, the Spartan (Plasma Rifle) also picks up the Stun Shot special power which allows him to potentially add an action token to figures he hits with a ranged combat action!

Consistent combat values, several clicks of life, and a host of useful powers make the Spartan (Plasma Rifle) a great deal at 87 points! Add in the Grenade types and the two Grenades the Spartan (Plasma Rifle) brings to your game, as well as the UNSC team ability and you have one great fighting machine for your team!

That’s all we have for today, but be sure to join us later in the week as we check in with the forces of the Convenant! Until then, keep on Clixing!

HALO Heroclix Preview

Together Again… For the First Time!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

The UNSC and the Covenant have long opposed each other but there are threats in the galaxy capable of bringing soldiers together despite their mutual enmity! For just such an occassion, we are pleased to present you all with the Master Chief and Arbiter!

Master Chief and Arbiter manuever onto the battlefield strafing their foes with Running Shot and Energy Explosion.  With two targets at 7 range,  Master Chief and Arbiter can elect to attack multiple enemies with Energy Explosion or simply share three damage between two targets of their choosing.  Multiple clicks of Outwit ensure that Master Chief and Arbiter will strike at their enemies weak points and generaly make things difficult for their opposition.

After their initial click of Running Shot, Master Chief and Arbiter switch tactics and use Charge to move into melee range against their foes.  Once Master Chief and Arbiter are in base to base contact with their enemies, they can continue to make close combat attacks with their Duo Attack ability, or they can make ranged attacks thanks to their Trait which grants Master Chief and Arbiter the Sharpshooter ability! Whichever they choose, the Blades and Blast special power gives Master Chief and Arbiter the choice between using Blades/Claws/Fangs or Energy Explosion!

Since Master Chief and Arbiter also possess Invulnerability (and later Toughness), they need not worry about secondary damage from using Energy Explosion in adjacency, and the option to either make a close or ranged attack in base contact with their target allows Master Chief and Arbiter to potentially bypass their enemies’ Combat Reflexes or Energy Shield/Deflection!

Mid- to late-dial Master Chief and Arbiter exchange Charge for Flurry, increasing their effectiveness in close combat while Toughness is exchanged for WillpowerMaster Chief and Arbiter also gain Exploit Weakness towards the end of their dial giving you the option to either attack up to two foes at once (with Flurry) or dealing penetrating damage to one target (with Exploit Weakness) instead.

Last, but certainly not least, Master Chief and Arbiter add two Grenades to your starting Grenade Pool and have access to both the Thermite and Plasma Grenade special weapons!

At 200 points, Master Chief and Arbiter are a powerful addition to your force, their aggressive power set and consistent combat values ensure that they will more than earn their keep on the battlefield.

That’s all we have for today, but be sure to join us again soon for more exciting previews from our upcoming HALO HeroClix release, due in stores everywhere September 28th!

HALO Heroclix Preview

Beware the Flood!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Accidentally released upon an unsuspecting universe by the Convenant, these creatures represent a significant threat to the galaxy and to the forces of the UNSC! We are pleased (and maybe a little scared!) to present the Flood Infection!

At only 33 points, the Flood Infection seems harmless enough, however underestimating the Flood is what makes it so dangerous! The Flood Infection begins play with Leap/Climb allowing them to move aggressively ignoring terrain and other figures in the way of its prey! The Swarm special power allows the Flood Infection to use Poison but if that’s not bad enough, this special power also grants a +1 bonus to the Flood Infection’s attack value for each friendly chracter adjacent to it! Willpower on the first two clicks allows the Flood Infection to repeat its attacks as it searches for a new host form!

Late-dial the Flood Infection becomes a double-threat; in close combat it attacks with Flurry or the Flood Infection can instead use its deadly bursting attack with Pulse Wave for a range of 2! Regardless of which choice is made, the Flood Infection is going to make things uncomfortable for its victims!

The Flood’s threat doesn’t end there though! Next up we have an example of what happens when they’re able to take hold and infect a sentient with the Infected Elite!

The Infected Elite begins play laying in wait to ambush its foes with its Camouflaged Combat Form special power.  This special power grants the use of Stealth and also Charge, meaning the Infected Elite can not only hide from its foes, but also go on the offensive when necessary! An opening click of Super Senses helps protect the Infected Elite as it uses what is left of its active camouflaging tech.

Early- to mid-dial, the Infected Elite moves into the melee and switches tactics by first picking up Toughness and then Combat Reflexes.  Late-dial, the Infected Elite also gains Flurry, demonstrating its deadliness in close combat and Shape Change which represents its ever-shifting form!

At only 55 points, the Infected Elite has seven clicks of life and a consistent combat dial, and makes a great secondary swarm-styled attacker (particularly when paired with the Flood Infection above).  The Monster keyword on both figures makes each an excellent addition to a variety of strategies and thematic play!

That’s all we have for today, but be sure to join us later in the week as we continue our exploration of HALO HeroClix!

HALO Heroclix Preview

From the Halls of New Mombasa, To the Outer Colonies…

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Today’s another double-dose of HALO goodness as we check in with the ground forces of the USNC.  We begin our preview by spotlighting the Orbital Drop Shock Troopers, or ODSTs!

The ODST begins play manuevering onto the battlefield via his Orbital Insertion special power which allows him greater mobility thanks to Phasing/Teleport and an increased speed value (so long as he begins his turn in your Starting Area), while front loaded Invulnerability offers protection from harm while the ODST prepares to go on the attack.

After his first click, the ODST picks up the And Stay Down! special power.  This special power grants the ODST the use of both Ranged Combat Expert and Exploit Weakness ensuring that he’ll be dealing damage whether he’s shooting at or punching the opposition! The ODST loses Invulnerability in favor of Toughness, while late-dial Toughness gives way to Combat Reflexes and then Willpower.

While not terribly mobile after the first click, the ODST’s consistent attack values make it a good offensive piece for Armor, Soldier and USNC theme teams, while the UNSC team ability and Grenade special ability are both useful additions to ranged combat-centric strategies.

Next up we have the quintessential USNC Marine, Sgt. Johnson!

Early-dial, Sgt. Johnson lays down suppressing fire via Running Shot and Energy Explosion, while likewise avoiding enemy attacks via Energy Shield/DeflectionLeadership demonstrates Sgt. Johnson’s ability to get more from his troops on the battlefield while the Indomitable ability ensures Sgt. Johnson will be attacking the foes of the UNSC at every opportunity!

Sgt. Johnson picks up both Toughness and Outwit for a couple of clicks towards his mid-dial, both representing his tough-as-nails experience fighting on the front lines against the likes of the Flood and the Covenant.

Late-dial, Sgt. Johnson returns to his familiar tactics of both Running Shot and Energy Shield/Deflection, and a new special power appears as well: On Yer Feet! grants Sgt. Johnson the use of both Leadership and Perplex, and when he uses Leadership Sgt. Johnson can treat friendly figures up to 4 squres away as adjacent.  A very handy ability on the battlefield!

At 89 points, Sgt. Johnson is a very capable addition to several different strategies.  His UNSC team ability as well as his ability to add 2 Grenades to the Grenade pool make him a very welcome addition to a variety of team builds!

That’s all we have for today, but be sure to join us next week as we spotlight even more favorites from the upcoming HeroClix release, HALO!