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2016 HeroClix Convention Exclusives: Part 1

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

We are pleased to announce the Convention Exclusives that will be available for purchase at 2016 conventions and tournament events! You can find the WizKids Official Event Schedule in the WizKids Event System.

This year, we’ll be offering three all-new DC Comics HeroClix  Convention Exclusives for sale at events and select 2016 shows:

DC Comics HeroClix: Surfing Batman with Shark

DC Comics HeroClix: Surfing Batman with Shark

Holy hang ten Batman! The Caped Crusader surfs in at 50 points, but he can be played at 30 points instead; however, your opponent adds the Shark to their force! Surfing Batman with Shark is available for $15.00 while supplies last!

DC Comics HeroClix: Batman with Bomb

DC Comics HeroClix: Batman with Bomb

Some days you just can’t get rid of a bomb… and you are going to want to get rid of this bomb— pass off the Bomb dial hot-potato-style until one unlucky figure goes BOOM! Batman with Bomb is available for $15.00 while supplies last!

DC Comics HeroClix: Arrow Pack 

DC Comics HeroClix: Team Arrow with Motorcycle Pack

Shooting out from the TV screen to the HeroClix map is the first ever Arrow HeroClix figures!  The Arrow HeroClix Pack features the Arrow himself, his trusted partner Diggle and the Arrow Motorcycle! Available for $20.00 while supplies last!


We will have one Marvel HeroClix Convention Exclusive, the Punisher Van, available for sale at events and select 2016 shows:

Marvel HeroClix: Punisher Van

Marvel HeroClix: Punisher Van

Equipped with multiple weapon systems, bulletproof glass, and armored plating, the Punisher Van is a force to be reckoned with for anybody foolish enough to let Frank Castle find them! The Punisher Van is available for $50.00 while supplies last!


For the first time, we are excited to announce a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles HeroClix Convention Exclusive will be available for purchase at 2016 shows and events. Introducing the Turtle Van!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles HeroClix: Turtle Van

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles HeroClix: Turtle Van

Cowabunga! Time to ride the party wagon! Roomy enough for 1 human and 4 turtles, with roof mounted guns (that they always seem to forget), stylish shell armor, and most importantly, a phone with speed dial for every pizza place in the city, the turtles will never be late to the party (or hungry) again! At $30.00, the Turtle Van is available while supplies last!

At each show and event these figures appear, supplies will be limited! More details on the events these figures will be available at will be posted soon.

In Part 2 of this post we will look at that Convention Exclusive LE Prize figures that players can win at 2016 events and tournaments.

DC HeroClix: Justice League - Trinity War Preview

DC HeroClix: Justice League Trinity War: Green Arrow & Stargirl!

Greetings HeroClix fans!

Welcome to another in our line of previews for the upcoming DC HeroClix Justice League: Trinity War set!  Today, we bring two representatives of the short-lived Justice League of America, Green Arrow and Stargirl!

Green Arrow comes in at 122 points, and is a seven-click ranged combat sharpshooter, sporting a native 8 range with two targets.  He couples that with his trait, Watch and Learn, which grants friendly adjacent characters with the Justice League of America keyword the Sharpshooter ability!  This will make characters like Stargirl, Green Lantern, and Martian Manhunter even more formidable in short-combat situations!

Being the master of ranged combat that he is, Green Arrow sports a movement power on every click but his final, bouncing in between Running Shot and Sidestep.  His attack powers include two clicks of Energy Explosion, two clicks of Penetrating/Psychic Blast, and two clicks of Pulse Wave, before giving way to a special power he possesses on his final click, called One-In-A-Million Shot.  Once per game, this power states Green Arrow may be given a power action, and on his next turn, he may use Ranged Combat Expert as a free action to target any character occupying outdoor terrain on the map.  With a printed 11 attack and 2 damage, you can easily see Ollie dropping 4 damage on his opponent from out of nowhere!

Defensively, Green Arrow comes equipped with alternating clicks of Super Senses and Combat Reflexes over his first four clicks.  On his damage, he has a special power on his first three clicks called Sharp Eyes and Sharp Arrows, which allows Green Arrow to use both Enhancement and Ranged Combat Expert.  He follows that special power with one click of standard Ranged Combat Expert on his fourth click.

Green Arrow will only find a home on Justice League of America theme teams, as that is his only keyword, but the utility he offers to teams based on that keyword is vast.  And that utility is on display when you take into consideration our second preview today, the teenage celebrity superhero Stargirl!


At 95 points and six clicks of life, Stargirl is a flyer who brings 7 range with 2 targets to the table.  Her trait, Inspirational Ally, states that when a second action token would be given to a friendly adjacent character, you roll a d6.  If that character has the Justice League of America keyword, add 2 to the result.  If the result is a 6 or higher, they can use Willpower this turn – while the odds for getting that 6 on a d6 is a 16.6 percent chance of happening, with the additional +2 to the roll, you’re looking at a 50 percent chance of it hitting if they have the Justice League of America keyword!

Don’t think, though, that Stargirl is only there for support.  She brings a lot to the table over her dial!  On movement, she alternates click for click between Running Shot and Force Blast.  On her attack, she begins with two clicks of Energy Explosion, followed by one click of Penetrating/Psychic Blast, before alternating between Energy Explosion and Penetrating Psychic/Blast on clicks 4 and 5.  Her final click grants her Pulse Wave,  which is a powerful way for California’s finest to close out her dial!

On her Defensive front, Stargirl begins with two clicks of Toughness, followed by two clicks of Energy Shield/Deflection, and closes out with two clicks of Willpower. On offense, she brings Ranged Combat Expert on her second, fourth and sixth clicks.

You’ll be able to run Stargirl on the aforementioned Justice League of America as a theme team, as well as with the generic keyword Cosmic, meaning she’ll partner well with powerhouses like Parallax, Mr. Majestic, Starfire and Ganthet to be a great secondary attacker for higher point teams.

That’s it for today, HeroClix fans!  Be sure to join us next time as we look at two more wonderful pieces from the DC HeroClix Justice League: Trinity War set.  Until then, don’t be afraid to push!

Justice League Preview

Emerald Archer of the Justice League: Green Arrow!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

DC HeroClix: Justice League is nearly here, and today we take aim at a hero was only recently (and barely) was admitted into the new Justice League, the Emerald Archer from Star City, Green Arrow!

Green Arrow has a trait called Best Shot in the Biz, showing off how good a shot he is at point blank range.  This trait allows Green Arrow to modify his attack value by +2 against a single target within 5 squares when he makes a range attack.  Green Arrow has many options on his opening click to best utilize this trait.  For starters, is his desired target behind another opposing character or already adjacent to Green Arrow?  The Sharp Shooter combat ability will make sure he can target that figure with a range combat attack.  Better yet, Green Arrow can use Range Combat Expert to do extra damage to his target.  If an opposing figure is just a bit outside this area of effect, Green Arrow can use Running Shot to close this gap, and Willpower will allow him to attack again next turn with no fear of pushing damage.  Energy Explosion with 3 targets and a 7 range will allow Green Arrow the potential to harm swarms of foes.

As Green Arrow progresses through the first half of his dial, he remains potent even while losing a power on each click.  On his second click, he loses Willpower.  On his third click, Green Arrow loses Energy Explosion, still keeping a solid attack value.

At the midpoint of his dial, Green Arrow switches tactics, choosing to hide in the shadows, as Stealth will cover the rest of his dial.  As he should be difficult to make range attacks against, Green Arrow picks up Combat Reflexes to make him more difficult to hit in close combat for the rest of his dial.   Also appearing at this point, and for the rest of his dial, Green Arrow gets a special power called Flurry…of Arrows.  This special power allows Green Arrow to be given a range combat action against a single target.  After this action resolves, as a free action, Green Arrow may make a range combat action targeting a different figure.  For his last two clicks, Green Arrow sees the return of Energy Explosion.

Green Arrow has the Justice League, Martial Artist and Politician keywords, giving him a few theme team options.  The Justice League team ability will allow Green Arrow to have his move actions not count toward your action total.  For 95 points, Green Arrow has steady damage ability and solid attack values, both of which can be augmented by his powers.

That’s all for today, HeroClix fans.  Be sure to join us later this week as we continue to explore more upcoming HeroClix releases!