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HeroClix On The Road 2012 – Punisher!

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One of the great things about going to conventions is the chance to meet new players and also to see players again that you haven’t seen in a while.  It’s even better when you get to sit down and play a HeroClix game with them.  Better still would be to deal out a little punishment to their figures in that game and to claim a prize while doing it.  What better way to ensure that you can punish future players who would stand in your way than with our third 2012 HeroClix convention preview, the Punisher.

The Punisher, also known as Frank Castle, has lots of criminals to punish because of the death of his family by the mob, but he has also taken on other causes over the years.  When Captain America apparently died at the end of the Civil War, Punisher decided to wear a costume inspired by him.  Unfortunately, the Punisher wasn’t exactly like Captain America!  With the My Leadership Style is… Different trait, you can remove tokens from friendly characters that have KO’d opposing characters with an attack.  The Punisher can also Start in the Shadows (Stealth) so he can’t be seen by opposing characters while targeting them with his Infrared Goggles, which allows him to ignore hindering terrain for line of fire purposes, and his Sharpshooter ability, which allows him to ignore opposing characters for line of fire purposes.

If that’s not enough to deal with your opponent, the Punisher can use his High-Caliber Bullets (Penetrating/Psychic Blast) to cut through opposing characters defenses to make sure that they take the damage.  Finally, unlike Captain America, the Punisher has no qualms about killing those who have broken the law and he can charge in with his Does Cap Kill You Like…This (Charge) power to finish off the opposing characters.

This figure will first be available at Gen Con 2012 as a prize.  Just don’t alienate your friends by punishing them too much with this figure in your local HeroClix games!  Tune in on May 16th for another exciting Convention preview!

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HeroClix On the Road 2012 – Apocalypse

Greetings WizKids Fans and Supporters!

Survive, that’s always the goal of another convention season because of the long days and nights.  There is always so much to do during a convention between the show floor and hanging out with friends after hours.  Or is your goal to survive the tourneys and become the HeroClix National Champion at Origins Game Fair?  Our premiere 2012 HeroClix convention preview begins with the first mutant who believes in the tenet of survival of the fittest and is none other than Apocalypse.

En Sabah Nur (as Apocalypse is otherwise known) has survived for over 5000 years by sometimes hiding in the shadows as represented by his Centuries of Waiting power (Stealth).  During this time, he has changed the course of history by plotting and scheming to get his desired outcome.  By using his Manipulate Hundreds of Generations special power, you can change the course of battle by outwitting an opponent’s defense and then making sure your attacks hit home by perplexing up your attack value.  If Apocalypse’s schemes fail him, he can Mass Increase and turn into a Colossal figure to crush any who would defy him!  Of course, Apocalypse also brings with him his Horsemen of Apocalypse and you can too if you team him with Famine, Pestilence, and War from last convention season.  Pair these figures up with the Horseman of Apocalypse ATA and regardless of how many of the Horsemen fall to your opponents, you still get your attack bonus.

Origins Game Fair is the first convention that this figure will be available at as a prize but don’t worry this figure will also be available at Gen Con Indy.  With Apocalypse by your side, will you be the next HeroClix National Champion?  Or will fate be against you?  Tune in next week for another exciting preview!

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