DC HeroClix: Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes Preview

DC Comics Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes: Validus!

Greeting HeroClix Fans!

Today we preview another character from the upcoming DC HeroClix: Superman and the Legion of Super Heroes set, Validus! Let’s see if he’s a validating experience!


Validus is another villain from the 30th century who plagues the Legion of Super Heroes with fellow members of the Fatal Five and the Legion of Super Villains. Validus has two point values, 249 and 175 respectively; we’ll start at his 249-point value.

Validus has the trait Monstrous Body that states Validus can use Super Strength and can’t be targeted by Penetrating/Psychic Blast. At the beginning of your turn, roll a d6, and on a result of 4-6, Validus can immediately use Pulse Wave as a free action with a locked damage value of 2, ignoring friendly characters.  That’s an amazing trait, the only thing missing is free parking validation! If Validus does roll the 4-6, with his 8 range halved to 4, that gives him a 9 x 9 area to deal 2 damage from Pulse Wave to opposing characters.

Validus starts with Charge, Quake, and Impervious on his top click. With the Giant combat symbol, he can Charge up to 6 squares, and make a close combat action within another 2 squares using Quake or an object using Super Strength.  He has just the one click of Charge at his top 3 clicks at 249 points, and doesn’t gain it again until clicks 7 and 8. He transitions to Flurry for clicks 2 and 3.

Click 4, or Validus’ starting 175-point click, shows he is not tied down for options as he is dangerous for close or range attacks. He starts this click with Running Shot, Invulnerable, and the special power Brain Bolts that says Validus can use Penetrating/Psychic Blast. When an opposing character with an action token takes damage from Validus’s attack, give that character an action token. Notice the second part of that power, it says from his attack. If you roll a 4-6 for his trait and attack with Pulse Wave, give those characters an action token if they have one already, and any close or ranged attack as well.

Validus has Indomitable, so don’t worry about pushing him, and once again, with his trait, he may potentially attack with Pulse Wave as a free action even with 2 tokens on him. He has the Calculator team ability as well, so make sure you have some other characters to copy team abilities from. Alternatively, you can use the Legion Lost Additional Team Ability (ATA) that allows once at the beginning of the game, if no character on your force possesses a team ability that isn’t a wild card team ability, choose any one DC team ability other than an additional team ability, a wild card team ability, or a team ability that can’t be used by wild cards. Characters using this team ability are not wild cards and can use the chosen team ability if they can’t already.

We hope it was a validating experience for you, and we hope you’re around for next week’s preview of DC HeroClix: Superman and the Legion of Super Heroes!

DC HeroClix: Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes Preview

DC HeroClix Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes: Emerald Empress!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

In the new DC HeroClix: Superman and the Legion of Super Heroes set, we jump to the future and visit earth in the 31st century.  The Emerald Empress is a member of the Fatal Five and has been declared one of the most dangerous women in the universe.


Emerald Empress has a trait called Emerald Eye of Ekron. At the beginning of the game, place an Emerald Eye of Ekron relic token in Emerald Empress’s square.  This object doesn’t count toward your force and is described on the back of this card.  Emerald Empress automatically succeeds when rolling for the Emerald Eye of Ekron.  When Emerald Empress is assigned the Emerald Eye of Ekron and has two action tokens, she can use her speed powers as a free action.

Emerald Eye of Ekron is an Immobile Relic requiring a successful d6 roll of a 6.  When characters are successful in picking up this relic – and let’s remember that Emerald Empress is always successful – that character can use Mind Control, Incapacitate, and Improved Targeting to ignore hindering terrain and other characters.  When the character assigned Emerald Eye of Ekron uses Mind Control, they are not dealt unavoidable damage from it.  When the character takes damage from an attack, the Emerald Eye of Ekron is placed in an adjacent square.  Characters may attempt to be assigned the Emerald Eye of Ekron more than once per game.

Emerald Empress can start the game at two different point values; her experienced dial is 190 points.  For movement, Emerald Empress can use Running Shot on her top click and then Mind Control on click 2.  Both clicks have Pulse Wave, Impervious, and Outwit.  Emerald Empress has an 8-square range value, which would be halved when using Pulse Wave.

When attempting to attack a single target with Pulse Wave in which to deal maximum damage, draw lines of fire to all characters within the area of effect but make sure only one character who is also opposing is in the area.  If you find multiple characters are in the area of effect you can always use Perplex to modify the characters range value.  If a friendly character was to Perplex Emerald Empress’s range by -1, you would first replace her 8 range with half the result to 4 and then modify by -1 to 3.

Emerald Empress’s rookie starting line is right after her first two clicks and costs 115 points.  For movement, Emerald Empress has one click of Running Shot followed by two clicks of Mind Control.

For attack powers, Emerald Empress starts with three clicks of Penetrating/Psychic Blast and ends with two clicks of Precision Strike.  If Emerald Empress has the Emerald Eye of Ekron relic still on her character card, which would grant her the ability to use either Mind Control or Incapacitate, the combination of Precision Strike and either of those powers together would be nasty and a whole lot of fun for anyone other than your opponent.

For defense, Emerald Empress can use Super Senses on her first three clicks and then Energy Shield/Deflection on her last two.  Emerald Empress can use Outwit on the first click of her rookie dial and then can use Perplex on her last three clicks.

Emerald Empress is a unique character who can use the Flier and Indomitable combat abilities.  Emerald Empress can use the Mystics as well as the Calculator team abilities; being able to use Calculator would make her a Wild Card.  Emerald Empress has the Fatal Five, Future, Legion of Super Villains, Mystical and Ruler keywords, all of which will help when trying to include her into a themed team.

Thanks for reading and be sure to continue to check back as we look at figures from the upcoming DC HeroClix: Superman and the Legion of Super Heroes set.  Until then, Shape Change for the Win!!