DC HeroClix: Superman Quick Start Kit Preview Product Spotlight

Product Spotlight: The DC HeroClix Superman Quick Start Kit


Greetings HeroClix Retailers and Fans!

Recently we announced the release a new type of product into the HeroClix landscape, the DC HeroClix: Superman Quick Start Kit, and we wanted to take a moment to introduce everyone to it, as well as explain what we hope to achieve with the Quick Start Kit.

The Superman Quick Start Kit, as its name implies, is an entry-level product designed to allow new players to ease into HeroClix with an easy-to-follow rules document; rather than confront a new player with the 28 page HeroClix Core Rulebook, the enclosed revised two-page Quick Start Rules sheet is a gentler means of introducing new players to the world of HeroClix.

Instead of concentrating on the more subtle nuances of HeroClix, the Quick Start Rules instead focuses on the core concepts of the game: the anatomy of the HeroClix Combat Dial, the basics of moving and attacking in HeroClix, and dealing damage to the other figure(s) in the game.

There are two different figures found in the DC HeroClix: Superman Quick Start KitSuperman:


and Lex Luthor:


(click on images to enlarge)

There are three things that may be apparent when looking at these figures: firstly, all of the standard powers listed on the Character Cards offer a brief description of how they work.  This enables new players to quickly reference the Character Card while they’re playing to best determine what to do on their turn. (Newer players interested in seeing the more subtle and complex power interactions available can of course consult the  HeroClix Powers and Abilities Card available here on HeroClix.Com.)

The second thing you may have noticed is both Superman and Lex Luthor are each 100 points.  This allows two players to use one Quick Start Kit to learn how to play HeroClix with figures that have been designed to be played against each other.

The third thing that is different about these figures is the inclusion of a purple ring on the Combat Dial.  HeroClix veteran players will know that a purple ring on a figure means that this figure is not legal for tournament play.  While some out there may wonder “Why would you make these figures non-Tournament Legal?” the answer is simple: this Quick Start Kit is intended to be used as an inexpensive entry product for new players, an easy purchase for new players to get exposed to HeroClix without having to resort to the larger initial investment that HeroClix boosters or starters represent.

Therefore, it was important to differentiate this product from traditional HeroClix releases.  After all, if all of the existing HeroClix players were buying this product, stores run the risk of not having it on hand when a potential new HeroClix player walks through their door and asks “How should I get started?” We didn’t want that.

Another thing to consider is that the Superman Quick Start Kit is intended to be an evergreen, non-collectible product.  This means that we will re-print this Quick Start Kit as demand warrants.

However, if the Tournament legality of these figures is a concern, stores can decide to House Rule these figures as legal for their in-store events (just be sure to post that in your store’s WizKids Event SystemHouse Rules” section!)

The Superman Quick Start Kit is also a fantastic demonstration tool for HeroClix as well.  As both figures are designed to be played against the other, there is an opportunity for a more consistent demo experience for new players.  And since the MSRP is so low for this Quick Start Kit ($4.99), it’s an easier-on-the-wallet grab for a quick HeroClix demonstration when you need one.

The DC HeroClix: Superman Quick Start Kit (SKU 71242) will include the two HeroClix figures above, the Quick Start Rules sheet, and a small (9″ and 24″) HeroClix map, and is expected to release September 2013.