Justice League Preview

Justice League Dark – Enchantress!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

For today’s DC HeroClix: Justice League preview, we bring you a character who has struggled to stay on one side in the fight between the forces of good and evil.  From the pages of Justice League Dark, please welcome Enchantress!


As one of the most powerful mystical beings in the New 52 universe, Enchantress possesses the Mystics team ability and can be played at either 250 or 50 points.  If Enchantress is played at 250 points, she possesses the following keywords: Justice League, Shadowpact, Suicide Squad, and MysticalEnchantress also gains a trait, Defeating the Justice League, which boosts her attack and damage values by +1 when she attacks a character with the Justice League keyword!  When used at her 50-point level, Enchantress does not gain the use of the trait and also only possesses the Mystical keyword.

When played at her 250-point level, Enchantress begins with two clicks of Charge in her movement slot as she frantically searches for June Moon.  In Enchantress’ attack slot, she starts with a special power which represents the magical might she displayed when the Justice League tried to subdue her.  This special power, Storm of Witches’ Teeth, appears on her first three clicks and allows Enchantress to use Poison and Quake.  When she uses either power, all squares within a range of two and line of fire are considered adjacent.  In addition, damage dealt may not be reduced below one!

Defensively, Enchantress starts with two clicks of Impervious, which represents her insanity boosting her threshold for pain and damage.  Shape Change takes up the first three clicks of Enchantress’ damage slot as her simulacrums of June Moon confound her opponents!

Enchantress switches her game plan once she reaches her third click.  Hypersonic Speed replaces Charge for two clicks as her hunt intensifies.  Storm of Witches’ Teeth and Shape Change remain but Enchantress gains a new special power in her defensive slot: A Force Not to Be Trifled With!  This special power appears for three clicks and allows Enchantress to use Invulnerability and Willpower.  On her fourth click, Enchantress drops Storm of Witches’ Teeth and gains two clicks of Penetrating/Psychic Blast.  She also ditches Shape Change in favor of Probability Control to show that she’s a sorceress of the highest order!  Probability Control remains on Enchantress’ dial for all but her last two clicks.

Enchantress’ quest starts to waver once she hits her fifth click.  Running Shot replaces Hypersonic Speed for two clicks and complements her range of eight and two targets.  On her sixth click, Enchantress gains two clicks of Regeneration to allow her to continue her search for the elusive Ms. Moon.

Starting with her seventh click, Enchantress appears to have calmed down.  Enchantress drops her move-and-attack tactics as Phasing/Teleport becomes her preferred method of movement and appears on three of her last five clicks.  Telekinesis appears on Enchantress’ eighth and tenth clicks as she calls upon a burst of wind to move characters around or attack with objects.  Defensively, Enchantress’ ability to sense mystic energy emerges in the form of Super Senses on her eighth and ninth clicks.

Starting with her ninth click, Enchantress utilizes a scry shield (Stealth) to prevent characters from discerning her whereabouts.  She also relies offensively again on her mystical bolt (Penetrating/Psychic Blast) on two of her last three clicks.  Finally, on Enchantress’ last two clicks she drops Super Senses and gains Energy Shield/Deflection, which represents personal enchantments which she has cast to protect herself!

At her 250-point level, Enchantress can comprise most of a force and has a set of stats that make it appealing to use her as the focal point of a team.  When played at 50 points, Enchantress leaves plenty of room for other team members.

Thanks for reading!  We hope you’ll join us again when we uncover more secrets from the DC HeroClix: Justice League set, which features more than 20 ALL-NEW, unique sculpts and dials for the characters of the New 52 DC Universe!  Until next time, keep your Clix off their KOs!