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Clix It Up – The Riddler

Greetings HeroClix Fans,

Welcome to another installment of our Clix It Up series! Today, we’re looking at one of the most perplexing perps that Batman has had to outsmart – The Riddler!

One of Batman’s oldest foes, first appearing in the 1940’s, The Riddler is known primarily for his keen intellect – but he’s also no slouch in combat! Today, we’re going to look at three different iterations of The Riddler, all representing different aspects of his persona and abilities.

Clix It Up - The Riddler - DC HeroClix: The Joker's Wild!

The first version of The Riddler we’re looking at is the 051 Super Rare from the DC HeroClix: The Joker’s Wild! set. This version of Mr. Nigma is a 4-click, 50-point piece, and comes with a dial that has Stealth, Sidestep, Combat Reflexes, and Outwit. Where Eddie really stands out, though, are with his traits. His first trait, called This is How I Deal With the Bat, activates if a character uses the Batman Enemy team ability to replace their attack value with The Riddler’s. After the attack resolves, that character can use Outwit until your next turn, but only to target a hit character. His second trait, called I’ll Give You a Hint, Bat-Brain states that The Riddler begins the game with the Clue attached to his base. You may give The Riddler a free action, allowing you to either reattach a Clue to The Riddler, or in turn choose an opposing character within 6 squares and line of fire. To do this, detach the Clue, and place it in a clear, unoccupied square within 6 squares of that character. Once you’ve done that, choose a standard power, and the target character can’t use that power until an opposing character moves into or through the square with the Clue, or the Clue is reattached to The Riddler! It’s a great counter to some pesky Outwit that the World’s Greatest Detective tends to have on his dial!

Clix It Up - The Riddler - Edward Nigma

Up next is a version of Edward Nigma built to harass and control your opponent’s team. The 037b figure from the DC HeroClix: Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes set is a Prime figure, and is truly antagonistic at 69 points. Over six clicks of life, you receive the standard powers Charge, Leap/Climb, Blades/Claws/Fangs, Barrier, Toughness, Probability Control, Battle Fury, and Perplex. On top of that, you get two special powers and a trait. His trait, called Photographic Memory, states that Edward Nigma ignores hindering terrain when drawing lines of fire to characters who didn’t move during their last turn. His first special power, called Hidden Clues appears on the first two clicks of his movement. This power states that Edward Nigma can use Mind Control and Shape Change. When he uses Mind Control, after actions resolve, hit characters are given up to 2 action tokens that don’t deal pushing damage. Finally, appearing on the last two clicks of his attack is the special power called I Know Your Secret, Mr. Wayne. This power prevents opposing characters within line of fire from using Shape Change, or the Alter Ego or Morph powers or abilities.

Clix It Up - The Riddler - Edward Nigma - LE

Lastly, we step back into the golden age of HeroClix with a figure from the DC HeroClix: Arkham Asylum set. A longtime staple of the metagame, the 105 LE Edward Nigma is one of the all-time greats. At 5 clicks of life, and a relatively small 60-point investment, Edward Nigma makes the most of his standard powers, which are Leap/Climb, Incapacitate, Shape Change, Outwit, and Perplex. But where he really shines is in his special power, appearing on the first three clicks of his defense. A Man Reborn allows Edward Nigma to use both Enhancement and Mastermind – which is fantastic. But it gets better, because when an action token would be given to a character adjacent to Edward Nigma, you can instead give it to Edward Nigma and roll a d6, which on the result of a 1, you deal 1 unavoidable damage to the adjacent character.

So there you have it, folks – three versions of The Riddler that offer different play styles and strategies for you to work with and enjoy. What’s your favorite version of the questioning criminal? Tune in next time, and until then, don’t be afraid to push!

DC HeroClix: Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes Preview Prime Figures

DC HeroClix Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes: The Riddler and Edward Nigma!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

What is green and black and is eager to match wits with the heroes of DC HeroClix: Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes? If you answered that most perplexing of puzzlers, The Riddler, you would be correct!


Ever-ready to engage Gotham’s defenders in a battle of wits, The Riddler possesses a trait entitled Riddle Me This, Batman! which allows him to use Perplex regardless of range or line of fire, with the caveat that he can only target opposing characters.

The Riddler also begins play in the safety of the shadows thanks to Stealth, while Smoke Cloud helps ensure that he always has somewhere to hide or to trip up his foes (thanks to the hindering terrain).  An initial click of Shape Change also aids this master of misdirection avoid unwanted fisticuffs.  And if his enemies somehow see through his clever disguises, Super Senses grants The Riddler yet another opportunity ti slip from their grasp!

Mid- to late-dial The Riddler changes tactics slightly as he makes his getaway courtesy of Leap/Climb all the while making things difficult for his opponents thanks to Outwit.  Lastly, Willpower allows The Riddler to act two turns in a row without fear of pushing damage.

At only 55 points, The Riddler leaves plenty of room for heavier hitters on your HeroClix force, which suits The Riddler just fine.  Preferring to plot  from behind the scenes, The Riddler is the perfect support piece for his lackeys- er, fellow teammates.  The Arkham Asylum, Detective, and Legion of Doom keywords allow for easy them team building as well, and in Golden Age games, try adding the Brilliant Tactician feat to The Riddler’s bag of tricks for an extra helping of hinderance to his foes!


Having turned over a new leaf, The Riddler now operates openly as a Detective-for-hire under the nom de guerre, Edward Nigma.  However, the Prime Edward Nigma hasn’t lost a step since his more nefarious days of derring-do, and has even picked up a few new tricks with which to confound his opponents!

The first thing we notice is that Edward Nigma possesses an interesting trait called Photographic Memory.  Photographic Memory allows Nigma to ignore hindering terrain when drawing lines of fire provided his target has not moved since the previous turn.  This combines particularly well with Nigma’s Probability Control (found on his early dial) as well as his Hidden Clues special power, which enables him to use both Shape Change and Mind Control.  However, whenever Edward Nigma uses Mind Control, hit characters are given up to two action tokens!

Now, while these tokens will not result in pushing damage (per the special power), the potential to not only manipulate opposing figures for your own ends as well as render them unusable during your opponent’s turns is just too delicious.  And if that weren’t enough, Barrier allows Edward Nigma to shift terrain around to further stymy and confuse his foes!

Mid-dial, Edward Nigma gets physical as his ego gets the better of him.  Battle Fury renders him immune to Mind Control and Incapacitate and allows him to ignore Shape Change when attacking.  Nigma maneuvers into battle courtesy of Charge while a hidden blade in his trademarked cane grants the use of Blades/Claws/Fangs.  Lastly, Toughness affords Nigma some protection from damage as he wades into the melee.

Late-dial Edward Nigma regains his composure as well as an appreciation for subtlety: Leap/Climb allows Nigma to position himself at the best possible vantage point on the battlefield to take advantage of his I Know Your Secret Mr. Wayne special power.  This special power denies opposing figures within line of fire the use of Shape Change as well as the Alter Ego and Morph special powers/abilities! Nigma also possesses Perplex at this point in his combat dial for more late-game shenanigans as well!

At only 69 points, Edward Nigma is a capable Prime thanks to his power selection, the Indomitable combat ability, and the Calculator team ability! Like his alter ego, The Riddler, Nigma possesses the Arkham Asylum, Detective, and Legion of Doom keywords for theme team building.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this latest round of previews from the upcoming Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes.  Speaking of, it’s about time some Legionnaires made an appearance! Stay tuned for next time when we check in with an essential trio of super-heroes from the 31st Century!

DC HeroClix: Batman Classic TV Preview

DC HeroClix Batman Classic TV: The Riddler!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Only one more week to the bat-citing release of DC HeroClix: Batman Classic TV set.  Next in our carnival of crime is the self-proclaimed king of mystery, The Riddler!


The Riddler, like the rest of Gotham’s dastardly villains, can use the Elaborate Deathtrap ability.  This allows The Riddler, when given a power action, to make a close combat attack that deals no damage.  Once per game, immediately place a hit character on this character’s card.  A character on this card can use the Escape Deathtrap ability.

The Escape Deathtrap ability allows a character at the beginning of your turn to roll 2d6.  The Riddler rolls a d6 and adds his Giant Fans Will Spin You to Death bonus (maximum bonus 8).  If The Riddler is friendly, not on the map, or if your result is higher, place this character in your starting area or adjacent to a friendly character.  Otherwise, deal this character damage equal to the difference (maximum 5) and when dealt damage, this character can use its defense powers.

Giant Fans Will Spin You to Death allows The Riddler to use the Elaborate Deathtrap ability and the Bonus is equal to the last digit of the target character’s point value.  If the last digit is 0, the bonus is equal to 4.

The Riddler starts off being able to use Probability Control and a special power called What Kind of People are Always in a Hurry?  This allows The Riddler to use Super Senses and adds 1 to his result for each character that moved this turn, maximum result is a 6.  If the d6 roll is a 1, he does not evade the attack.

On click 2 The Riddler can now use Perplex and a special power called Riddle Me This.  You can give The Riddler a free action and choose a KO’d character and secretly turn its dial to any click other than #1 and tell your opponent the click number.  Your opponent must guess the color of a power showing on that click.  Reveal that dial on that click number.  If there is a power and your opponent didn’t guess correctly, modify The Riddler’s combat values by +1 this turn and return that dial to a KO click.

The Riddler is 60 points and has the United Underworld keyword, making it easy to pair him up with other’s of Gotham’s villains like The Joker, Shame or Catwoman.

Thanks for reading! Be sure to check back for more from the upcoming DC HeroClix: Batman Classic TV set, which releases in just one week!  We’ll see you then– same Bat-day, same Bat-website.