2017 Convention Exclusives

Marvel HeroClix: Captain America Con Exclusive

Greetings HeroClix fans!

We’ve been spoiling sneak peaks at the Convention Exclusives that will be available for you to win in February during the Winter 2017 WizKids Open.  Today, we are taking a trip down one of Marvel Comics’ possible dystopian futures with Captain America from the Earth X limited series!

Though still in peak physical condition the Captain America from Earth X is showing his age.  This kid from Brooklyn has grown up to be 100 years old and still fighting!  After killing the Red Skull in battle he resigns from the Avengers; feeling unfit for duty, but soon returns from retirement and gathers new recruits to battle the army of a young Skull who invades New York City.

Marvel HeroClix: Captain America Con Exclusive

Bringing this alternate reality Captain America to your table will cost you 65 points, giving you a lot for such an economical point value.  In addition to the S.H.I.E.L.D. and Soldier keywords he is the first character in HeroClix history to have the Earth X keyword.  He has two traits to help lead your team to victory.  First, I’ll Help You Break Free Of The Skull’s Control prevents himself from being the target of Mind Control and prevents him from being knocked back.  Also, friendly characters modify their defense values by +2 when targeted by Mind Control.  With his second trait, Preparing For War, you may choose to have Captain America do no damage when he hits a character that is equipped with an object to place that object on his own card.  At the beginning of your turn you may equip any item on your card that you’ve gathered from this trait, switching it out for any other item you’ve already equipped with this trait. Basically, Captain America can take objects equipped as items on opposing characters, store them on his card, and every turn he can choose to equip a different one without discarding the others.

Going to his dial, we see Cap is still the natural leader he has always been, leading from the front line.  With Running Shot, Energy Shield/Deflection, and a range value of 5 he can get into attack range fairly quickly and can be a serious threat with his attack value of 11 and Indomitable to ignore pushing damage.  Even when he is in the thick of the battle he is still able to motivate his team to fight their hardest.  His special damage power, The Leader We Need, lets him use Leadership but the dice roll cannot be re-rolled and when he succeeds at the roll, you may remove an action token from any number of friendly characters regardless of adjacency or point value, as long as their total point value together does not go over 150.  Once Captain America takes a few clicks of damage he gains a few slots of Precision Strike and late dial he switches to a close combat focus picking up Charge, Combat Reflexes, and Exploit Weakness.

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