DC HeroClix: Streets of Gotham Preview

DC HeroClix Streets of Gotham: Dove!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Our series of previews for the upcoming DC HeroClix: Streets of Gotham set continues with a look at one of the agents chosen by the Lords of Chaos and Order.  Please welcome the Avatar of Peace, Dove!

As the Avatar of Peace, Dove’s dial has zeroes on each click of her damage slot to emphasize that she prefers peaceful solutions to conflicts – unlike her headstrong partner Hawk!  However, by no means is Dove and she hits the battle map with a trait, Use Your Strength Against You, which represents her ability to judge people and quickly anticipate how they act and behave.  When Dove makes a close combat attack, Use Your Strength Against You allows her to replace her damage value with the printed damage value of the target.

Dove begins her dial with two clicks of Charge in her speed slot as she transforms from her public identity of Dawn Granger and enters dangerous situations as the Lord of Order’s agent.  On those same two clicks Dove also has a special power, Agile Defender, which allows her to use Defend and Super Senses.  In her damage slot Dove starts with two clicks of Exploit Weakness as she shows Hawk that clean, precise strikes are also effective in combat.

Mid-dial, Dove drops Agile Defender in favor of two clicks of Toughness that represents the enhanced durability bestowed upon her by the Lords of Chaos and Order.  Dove also switches from Exploit Weakness to Close Combat Expert as she knocks her opponent into a peaceful slumber.

On Dove’s last two clicks she picks up Flurry as she demonstrates that she prefers speed over strength.  Regeneration appears on Dove’s last click as she heals herself from serious injuries.

Dove comes in at 86 points and has the Batman Ally team ability.  In addition, Dove has three keywords (Birds of Prey, Brightest Day, and Mystical) that are helpful when including her on a themed force.  Dove makes a viable choice as a secondary attacker and defender, and Use Your Strength Against You should make opposing players think twice as to which characters they select to take her in close combat.

Thanks for reading!  Please join us next time as we preview more characters from the DC HeroClix: Streets of Gotham set.  Until then, may all your Super Senses rolls be successful!