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2015 DC HeroClix Convention Exclusives

Today we preview the two 2015 DC HeroClix Convention Exclusives available for sale at conventions and special events. The first place that players and fans will be able to pick up these figures will be at the WizKids U.S. National Championship Event hosted by Games & Stuff in Glen Burnie, MD on April 11-12. For more information follow this link: WizKids U.S. National Championship Event.

First up is the mystical malevolence of Felix Faust!

DC HeroClix: Felix Faust Convention Exclusive

Felix Faust has A Spell for Any Occasion (Perplex), which will allow him to modify combat values on opponents or to bolster his own or his allies’ combat values. His Mystical Portals (Phasing/Teleport) will allow him to maneuver around the battlefield while not taking pushing damage via his What Would you Sell Your Soul For? (Willpower) power.

On his attack track, Felix Faust has two powers. Shake Hands with the Devil… (Penetrating/Psychic Blast) on his top clicks will make his ranged attacks go through his opponents’ damage reduction powers. Later in his dial he goes over to … And Fire Becomes Your Friend (Poison) to deal damage to characters adjacent to him. His dial rounds out with Your Power Is Useless Against Me (Super Senses) and DisguisedAs One of Your Own (Shape Change) to help him to avoid damage from attacks.

But it is when Felix Faust opens the Necronomicon — represented by a special d20 included with his figure — that his mystical prowess really shines. At the beginning of each of his turn, he rolls a d6: on a roll of 1-4 he rolls his d20 to pull a new spell out of his spellbook; on a result of a 5-6 he chooses if he wants to roll the d20, allowing him to continue using the spell he already has prepped from his last roll of his d20.

Fear has a new name and it is Felix Faust!

The next and last of our for-sale convention exclusive figures is the cybernetic marvel of malice — the Brainiac Skull Ship!

DC HeroClix: Brainiac Skull Ship 2015 Convention Exclusive

Will the Brainiac Skull Ship take the role of an Explorer or Conqueror? The Skull Ship has two dials — Travel Mode & Attack Mode — that are played together. When in Travel Mode theSkull Ship focuses on maneuvering and longevity, with increased Speed and Defense values and powers, while the Attack Mode focuses on its offensive capabilities with increased Attack and Damage values and move and attack powers. At the beginning of the turn, players will choose which dial they want to use during the turn and whenever the dial being played changes click numbers, the other dial is clicked along with it.

DC HeroClix: Brainiac Skull Ship 2015 Convention Exclusive


The Skull Ship can be played at 200 or 100 points — and for an additional 25 points, players can choose to play the City dial. The City dial represents the Brainiac Skull Ship miniaturizing and collecting cities from throughout the galaxy to take samples from their occupants to further Brainiac’s scientific goals. If the City dial is being used, 8 City markers (included with the Skull Ship) are placed throughout the map, and during the game Brainiac Skull Ship can be given a free action to pick up an adjacent City marker. For each City marker collected, the City dial is turned as Brainiac analyzes the cities for knowledge and technology that he can use to advance his nefarious schemes — granting new powers for the Skull Ship to use as they are revealed on the City dial.

Played at 200 or 100 points and with or without the City dial,the Brainiac Skull Ship has multiple tentacles that it can use to make attacks, represented by the Tentacle dial. The CLOSE dial slot indicates how many characters the Skull Ship can attack in close combat, while the TARGET dial slot indicates how many targets the Skull Ship can choose when making a ranged combat attack. During the course of the battle, opponents can Try and Rip Off a Tentacle! As the Travel Mode and Attack Mode dials are turned to higher click numbers, the Tentacle dial is turned to match the number range in the CLICK # dial slot — progressively reducing the number of tentacles that the Skull Ship can use to make attacks.

Thank you for reading our previews of the 2015 HeroClix For-Sale Convention Exclusive figures. We look forward to seeing you this year at conventions and events being hosted throughout the world for your chance to pick up these great new HeroClix!

For more information and pricing on the 2015 HeroClix Convention Exclusives.

DC HeroClix: Justice League - Trinity War Preview

DC HeroClix: Justice League Trinity War: Crime Syndicate Fast Forces Pack Pt 2!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Welcome back as we look at the other three figures and a bonus in the DC Heroclix: Justice League Trinity War: Crime Syndicate Fast Forces pack.

First up, the biggest coward from Earth 3, Power Ring!

power ring

First, #002 Power Ring has the Crime Syndicate keyword, as well as their signature CSA team ability, allowing the user to use Probability Control if an action token is placed on another friendly character.  At an even 100 points, Power Ring has a trait called Bully and Coward Combined… Lovely.   This trait says that if he attacks a lower point cost figure he modifies his attack and damage by +1, and if he attacks a higher point value figure he modifies them both by -1.

Power Ring begins play with a couple of special powers on the front half of his dial.  First is called Attack From a Position of Safety, which lets him use both Stealth and Running Shot.  The second is called The Will of Volthoom.  This power lets him use Energy Explosion with his 2 targets at 7 range.  If he chooses to damage only 1 opposing figure, any other hit characters get an action token.  Defensively, he starts by reducing damage with Invulnerability then switches to Energy Shield Deflection, continuing to do this for his first four clicks.

On the back half of his dial, Power Ring switches up his attacks a bit.  First a couple clicks of Sidestep will give him some free action mobility.  Pulse Wave will let him do penetrating damage to all figures within 4 squares or with proper positioning, his printed 2 damage to one figure.  Another attack option he gains is Range Combat Expert, letting him modify his attack or damage by +2, or both +1 each.   He also now has Barrier in this section which he will keep for the rest of his dial.  On his last click, the Ring of Vothoom abandons him, leaving him with Earthbound.

Next up, is the scientific mind of the Crime Syndicate, Deathstorm!


#006 Deathstorm also has the Crime Syndicate team ability as well as the keyword, along with Scientist, for 125 points.   Deathstorm has a trait called Matter Separation, that allows him to be given a double power action to remove an assigned relic or resource attachment from an opposing figure within range and line of fire and place it in that figures square and it follows all game rules as if it were a relic.

Deathstorm begins with a solid power set around his 7 range with 2 targets.  First, a good stretch of Running Shot will keep him mobile, while Energy Shield Deflection will make him harder to hit with range attacks.  Energy Explosion can allow him to deal a good bit of damage.  On click two, Deathstorm picks up his first special power, Owlman isn’t the Only Smart Guy in the CSA, which lets him use Perplex.  It also lets him remove up to 4 hindering or blocking terrain markers within range and line of fire as a free action if he doesn’t have 2 action tokens.

On click 3 Deathstorm gets his second special power, Destroying Central City, which now adds Precision Strike to his Energy Explosion.  He also has a couple of clicks of Toughness  to give him some damage reduction.   On click 4 he now has free action movement with a couple clicks of Sidestep.  Click 5 sees the return of Energy Shield Deflection for a click and his Owlman isn’t the Only Smart Guy in the CSA special power is gone from his dial.  On his last 2 clicks, he can choose to Outwit an opposing figures power.  He also has Regeneration to try to get above his mid dial.

Next up, we look at the resident speedster of the Crime Syndicate, Johnny Quick!

Johnny Quick
As with the other characters, #005 Johnny Quick has the Crime Syndicate team ability and keyword, as well as Speedster, for 100 points.  He has an Improved Movement ability called Up and Over, ‘Round and ‘Round  letting him ignore Elevated terrain for movement.  He also has a trait called Mainlining the Juice that lets him use Hypersonic Speed if he has no action tokens, Charge if he has 1 and Sidestep if he has 2.

Johnny Quick starts with Plasticity to keep enemies close or help him break away easier.  On his next click is Flurry, giving him two close combat attacks for one action, and he’ll swap these two powers over his entire dial.  A couple opening clicks of Shape Change will give him some protection from attacks.  Johnny Quick also has a defensive power on the front of his dial called The Juice is Loose, allowing him to use Super Senses and Willpower.  Also, when he is given a second action token, you can roll a d6 that can’t be rerolled, on a 1, deal him 1 unavoidable damage, on a 5 or 6, remove an action token from him.Click 3 sees Johnny Quick gain a couple of clicks of Precision Strike.  On click 4 he trades defensive powers for Energy Shield Deflection to make him harder to hit at range.  On his last click he has Combat Reflexes to make him harder to hit in close combat.

Last up is a surprise “figure” in the fast forces pack, a traitor to the Justice League and Earth Prime, Atomica!

Atomica#007 Atomica has a hand full of keywords representing the teams she infiltrated, as well as her own, A.R.G.U.S., Crime Syndicate, Justice League, Justice League of America and Spy, and the CSA team ability.  At 25 points, she is 3 clicks long with the Tiny Size ability, modifying her defense by +1 against range attacks as well as letting her be carried by bigger friendly figures.

Atomica has Plasticity on all three of her clicksShe has an opening click of Precision Strike followed by a click of Exploit Weakness with her only click of 2 damageOn her first two clicks, she has a special power called Traitor to All But My Homies.   When Atomica isn’t part of a Crime Syndicate themed team, each time you use Themed Team Probability Control each opponent adds one use of Themed Team Probability Control to their pool if they have a named themed team and haven’t already added one this turn from this effect.  On her last click, she has Super Senses.

Thanks for joining us as we conclude our look at the DC Heroclix: Justice League Trinity War: Crime Syndicate Fast Forces pack.

DC HeroClix: Justice League - Trinity War Preview

DC HeroClix: Justice League Trinity War: Crime Syndicate Fast Forces Pack Pt 1!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Welcome back as we take a look at the DC Heroclix: Justice League Trinity War Crime Syndicate Fast Forces pack.  First up, the most powerful member Ultraman!


#001 Ultraman possesses an Improved Targeting ability called Ultra-Vision allowing him to ignore hindering terrain for line of fire purposes.  He also has a trait called Syndicate Rules, that says when he is part of a Crime Syndicate theme team you may add one use of theme team Probability Control to your pool when your opponent uses theme team Probability Control.

Ultraman has a 7 range with 1 target, the Flight ability, and the Indomitable combat ability.  At 250 points, Ultraman begins play with a couple clicks of Hypersonic Speed.  He will have Precision Strike alternating on and off over half his dial.  On the first two clicks with Precision Strike, he has a special power calked Ruler of His Earth, allowing him to use Impervious and Mastermind.  Additionally, when he rolls a 4 for Impervious he reduces damage dealt by 3.  On alternating clicks he has Invulnerability.  On clicks 3 and 4, he has.

Click 5 sees his 150 point start line.  As before, Ultraman starts with Hypersonic Speed, Precision Strike and his Ruler of the Earth defensive special power.  The next click sees the return of Charge and Invulnerability.  After this, Ultraman spends a couple clicks changing between Sidestep with Combat Reflexes and Charge with Toughness.

On his last click, Ultraman has Earthbound/ Neutralized, countering his Flight and Indomitable abilities, Toughness  and a new special power called Secret Kryptonite Recharge.  This power says that when this click is revealed due to damage taken from an opposing figure, stop turning the dial.  Ultraman may be given a free action to destroy an unheld object within 4 squares to use Regeneration as a free action.

Ultraman possesses the Brute, Crime Syndicate, and Ruler keywords.

Next up we’ll take a look at the woman he has claimed as his own, though she has her own opinion on the matter, #003 Superwoman!


Superwoman has a trait called Choose Your Loyalty: Ultraman or Owlman?  This trait tells you to pick Ultraman or Owlman at the beginning of the game.  If you choose Ultraman, any friendly Ultraman and Superwoman can use Super Strength.  If you choose Owlman, he modifies his defense by +1, and Superwoman can use Combat Reflexes.

Starting on her 150 point line, Superwoman takes the fight to your opponent with a couple of clicks of ChargeInvulnerability will provide her damage reduction on these clicks.  She also has a special power on these clicks called Lasso of Inhabitations Released.  This power reads “When Superwoman hits a character with a close combat attack, place an Unfettered Inhibitions token on that character’s card if it doesn’t have one already. Characters with an Unfettered Inhibitions token on their card can’t ignore pushing damage and can’t be targeted by a friendly character’s Perplex. A character with an Unfettered Inhibition token on its card may be given a double power action to remove the token.“  On click #2, Superwoman has a click of Close Combat Expert.  Her next click sees the addition of Flurry, with Toughness to reduce damage.

Click #4 is Superwoman’s 100 point starting line, and it starts as before with Charge, Invulnerability and her L Lasso of Inhabitations Released  special power.  She also has Close Combat Expert on this click.  On her next click she goes back to Flurry with Toughness to protect her for a couple of clicks.   On her last click of this section, Superwoman regains Close Combat Expert for a couple of clicks.  She also has Quake on these clicks.  On her last click, Superwoman may be able to heal back up to her 100 point starting line with Regeneration.

Superwoman can be played in theme using her Amazon and Crime Syndicate keywords.

So we’ve seen the Ultraman figure from this fast forces pack that Superwoman’s trait can effect, let’s see the other man she manipulates, Owlman!


Owlman has a trait called All My Father’s Men Belong to Me.  This trait allows Owlman to use Stealth and, when building your force, friendly characters with the Gotham City or Police keyword also have the Gotham City Underworld keyword.  He also has an Improved Targeting ability that lets him ignore hindering and an Improved Movement ability that ignores hindering and elevated terrain called I Own the Night.

On his 150 point starting line, Owlman starts with a special power called Into The Shadows, which lets him use Charge, and lets you give him a free action to place him in a square of hindering terrain within 4 squares and line of fire.  He also has a defensive special power called All Crime Profits Me in the End.  This power lets Owlman use Mastermind and Toughness, and when he uses Mastermind.   Over his first three clicks, Exploit Weakness will swap with Outwit.  On his third click, he gains a click of Sidestep.

Click #4 is Owlman’s 100 point starting line.  He starts with the same special powers in his movement and defense slots, and now he has another in his damage slot called Secretly *I* Run the World, allowing him to use Empower, Enhancement, and Outwit.  Next up on his dial is a click of Sidestep and Combat Reflexes.  On his last two clicks Owlman has Flurry and Precision Strike, as well as Outwit an Exploit Weakness.

Owlman has the Crime Syndicate and Gotham City Underworld keywords.

That’s all we have for now.  Be sure to check back soon as we show off the other figures in the upcoming DC Heroclix: Justice League Trinity War Crime Syndicate Fast Forces pack.

DC HeroClix: Justice League - Trinity War Preview

DC HeroClix: Justice League Trinity War: Scarecrow & Shaggy Man!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Welcome back as we take a look at a couple more figures from the upcoming DC HeroClix: Justice League Trinity War set.  First, let’s take a look at the master of phobias, Scarecrow!


Scarecrow has an Improved Targeting ability that allows him to ignore hindering terrain called I See You Hiding.  Scarecrow begins hiding himself in hindering terrain with Stealth.  Also making him hard to target is an opening click of Shape Change.  Should an opposing figure manage to hit him, he can use Mastermind to transfer the damage to an adjacent friendly figure.  Keeping friendly figures adjacent also helps to share attack values with the Batman Enemy team ability.

Scarecrow also has a special power over half his dial called Fear Rules You Now which allows him to use Incapacitate, Mind Control and Poison.  When he uses Incapacitate to place a second token on a target, the target modifies its attack by -1, and after actions resolve, Scarecrow may use Mind Control as a free action to target any hit characters.  His 5 range with 2 targets may get him 2 figures to turn on your foe.   A click into his dial, Scarecrow gets a couple of clicks of Outwit.

On his last two clicks, Scarecrow keeps opposing figures close with Plasticity, allowing his Poison to damage any adjacent opposing figure.  Willpower will allow him to act 2 turns in a row with no fear of pushing damage.  And Shape Change will again give him the ability to try to avoid attacks.

Scarecrow can be played in theme on teams using the Arkham Asylum, Legion of Doom, Scientist, and Secret Society of Super Villains keyword.  At 93 points, Scarecrow will be a fun secondart attacker on most team builds.

Next up, we look at Shaggy Man.

shaggy man

Shaggy Man has a trait called Regenerate From Any Wound that allows you to heal him of one click of damage at the beginning of your turn.

Shaggy Man begins play rushing into battle using the always useful combination of Charge and Super StrengthBattle Fury will let him ignore an opposing figures Shape Change and    .  Invulnerability will protect him from counter attack.

On click 4, Shaggy Man slows down a bit as he now has Sidestep.  Defensively, he has Toughness to reduce a bit of damage.  On click number 6, he loses Super Strength.  His defensive numbers begin to climb again as he has a special power called Restore Lost Limbs, allowing him to use Regeneration without reducing the result by 2.  On his last click, he can try to avoid an attack with Super Senses.

Shaggy Man can be played in theme using his Robot and Secret Society of Super Villains keywords.  At 153 points, he is a solid close combat attacker with strong attack and damage values, as well as good damage reduction with above normal Regeneration abilities.

That’s all for now.  Thanks for joining us and be sure to check back soon as we preview more figures from the upcoming DC HeroClix: Justice League Trinity War set!

DC HeroClix: Justice League - Trinity War Preview

DC HeroClix: Justice League Trinity War: Superwoman & Wonder Woman!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Welcome back for another amazing preview from the DC HeroClix: Justice League – Trinity War set!  Today we have two strong Amazon women who won’t back down from a fight.  The Crime Syndicate’s Superwoman from Earth 3 and Wonder Woman!  First up is Superwoman


The Lois Lane of Earth 3 is a member of the Crime Syndicate and is that world’s version of Wonder Woman.  Superwoman has two point costs, an experienced version at 142 points and a rookie version which comes in at 100 points.  Superwoman’s combat abilities include the Flier symbol and the Indomitable symbol so she can taxi in a teammate and then push to attack on her next turn without fear of taking pushing damage.

Superwoman’s trait, You’ll Betray Each Other, says opposing characters within six squares that are adjacent to each other and share a keyword with each other modify their defense values by -1 unless already modified by this effect.  This helps against those theme teams with Empower or Enhancement because they are going to be adjacent already, and can be a big help with opponents with Defend as well.  Superwoman’s keywords are Amazon and Crime Syndicate, and her Crime Syndicate team ability will allow her the use of Probability Control.

Superwoman has an extra two clicks at her 142 point version over her 100 point version, but it starts with a bang.  Her top click starts with Charge, Super Strength, Impervious, and Exploit Weakness.  With a natural 4 damage, and an Ultra Heavy object, she can deal 7 penetrating damage out of the gate!  On her second click she has Sidestep instead of Charge and Invulnerable instead of Impervious. S he can use Sidestep for a free movement to potentially position herself for another attack, or even use her trait to modify defense values of opposing characters with her trait so other members of your team can benefit.

At 100 points, Superwoman is still a ferocious Amazon that can hold her own.  Her lack of range could be tricky against opposing characters with a long range, but this Superwoman won’t have an issue carrying a lackey to shield her from attacks.  She opens with Charge and Super Strength the same as her higher point value, but defensively opens with Invulnerability and has Empower as well.  Her attack is an 11, but it goes down to a 9 for almost the rest of her dial.  But remember her trait can potentially lower defenses as well!  Her second click she trades Charge for Sidestep as well, but after that she no longer has any movement then attack type powers.  Superwoman has Toughness and Flurry for her last three clicks but has a choice as well since she has Close Combat Expert, which will allow her to bump up attack and/or damage when she attacks.



Princess Diana left her home on the island nation of Themyscira as an ambassador for her homeland in the Patriarch’s world with the mission of bringing peace to the outside world.

Wonder Woman has two different dial costs like her counterpart above, 200 and 100 points.  At both costs and like above, Wonder Woman has the Flier symbol and the Indomitable symbol.  Her keywords are Amazon, Deity, Justice League and Trinity so a theme team build will be difficult only because of the large amount of figures to choose from will make it hard to choose a team.

Wonder Woman has two traits, the first is A New Kind of Justice League that allows adjacent friendly characters with a lower point value and the Justice League keyword to use Support.  Friendly characters named Batman or Superman don’t have to be adjacent or a lower point value.  Her second trait, Lasso of Truth, states adjacent opposing characters that have been hit by Wonder Woman since the beginning of your last turn can’t use Outwit, Perplex or Probability Control.

At 200 points, Wonder Woman is a competent and capable character who will bring the “truth” to your opponent. Her dial is eight clicks deep at that cost and three of those clicks are what cost the extra 100 points.  The top of her dial starts with Charge, Invincible, and two special powers.  Her attack special power, Strongest Woman in the World, allows Wonder Woman to use Super Strength.  If Wonder Woman isn’t holding an object and is adjacent to a square of blocking terrain, you may give her a free action to destroy that square of blocking terrain.  If you do, place a standard heavy object into that square.  With this trait, you can potentially churn out a heavy object each turn for her and the rest of the team.

Her special damage power, Deflected Bullets, states when Wonder Woman is targeted by a ranged combat attack that misses, after actions resolve give the attacker an action token.  If you can’t, deal the attacker 1 unavoidable damage.  Wonder Woman’s stats on her top click are impressive with a 12 attack, an 18 defense and 4 damage that can easily go up depending on the object she is carrying.  Power-wise on the top three clicks, the only change is that click two has Impervious rather than Invincible.

At 100 points, Wonder Woman starts her dial similarly:  Charge, Strongest Woman in the World, Impervious, and Deflected Bullets.  Some of Wonder Woman’s combat values on her top click are lower but with her damage value of 4, and holding an object, she can hurt a character just as much as her 200-point version.  Wonder Woman keeps Strongest Woman in the World for her next two clicks, but her dial is different otherwise.  On her next two clicks Impervious falls away to Invulnerable and for the rest of Wonder Woman’s dial she has Sidestep and Close Combat Expert and these last two work really well together, especially when she is able to use Super Strength along with it.  The last two clicks she possesses Regeneration and if luck is with your dice, she can heal back up to her top click, and if luck is not with your dice, her trait A New Kind of Justice League will allow another character to heal her up with Support!

Thanks for reading this latest DC HeroClix: Justice League – Trinity War preview, and keep your Clix off their KO’s!

DC HeroClix: Justice League - Trinity War Preview

DC HeroClix: Justice League Trinity War: Green Arrow & Stargirl!

Greetings HeroClix fans!

Welcome to another in our line of previews for the upcoming DC HeroClix Justice League: Trinity War set!  Today, we bring two representatives of the short-lived Justice League of America, Green Arrow and Stargirl!

Green Arrow comes in at 122 points, and is a seven-click ranged combat sharpshooter, sporting a native 8 range with two targets.  He couples that with his trait, Watch and Learn, which grants friendly adjacent characters with the Justice League of America keyword the Sharpshooter ability!  This will make characters like Stargirl, Green Lantern, and Martian Manhunter even more formidable in short-combat situations!

Being the master of ranged combat that he is, Green Arrow sports a movement power on every click but his final, bouncing in between Running Shot and Sidestep.  His attack powers include two clicks of Energy Explosion, two clicks of Penetrating/Psychic Blast, and two clicks of Pulse Wave, before giving way to a special power he possesses on his final click, called One-In-A-Million Shot.  Once per game, this power states Green Arrow may be given a power action, and on his next turn, he may use Ranged Combat Expert as a free action to target any character occupying outdoor terrain on the map.  With a printed 11 attack and 2 damage, you can easily see Ollie dropping 4 damage on his opponent from out of nowhere!

Defensively, Green Arrow comes equipped with alternating clicks of Super Senses and Combat Reflexes over his first four clicks.  On his damage, he has a special power on his first three clicks called Sharp Eyes and Sharp Arrows, which allows Green Arrow to use both Enhancement and Ranged Combat Expert.  He follows that special power with one click of standard Ranged Combat Expert on his fourth click.

Green Arrow will only find a home on Justice League of America theme teams, as that is his only keyword, but the utility he offers to teams based on that keyword is vast.  And that utility is on display when you take into consideration our second preview today, the teenage celebrity superhero Stargirl!


At 95 points and six clicks of life, Stargirl is a flyer who brings 7 range with 2 targets to the table.  Her trait, Inspirational Ally, states that when a second action token would be given to a friendly adjacent character, you roll a d6.  If that character has the Justice League of America keyword, add 2 to the result.  If the result is a 6 or higher, they can use Willpower this turn – while the odds for getting that 6 on a d6 is a 16.6 percent chance of happening, with the additional +2 to the roll, you’re looking at a 50 percent chance of it hitting if they have the Justice League of America keyword!

Don’t think, though, that Stargirl is only there for support.  She brings a lot to the table over her dial!  On movement, she alternates click for click between Running Shot and Force Blast.  On her attack, she begins with two clicks of Energy Explosion, followed by one click of Penetrating/Psychic Blast, before alternating between Energy Explosion and Penetrating Psychic/Blast on clicks 4 and 5.  Her final click grants her Pulse Wave,  which is a powerful way for California’s finest to close out her dial!

On her Defensive front, Stargirl begins with two clicks of Toughness, followed by two clicks of Energy Shield/Deflection, and closes out with two clicks of Willpower. On offense, she brings Ranged Combat Expert on her second, fourth and sixth clicks.

You’ll be able to run Stargirl on the aforementioned Justice League of America as a theme team, as well as with the generic keyword Cosmic, meaning she’ll partner well with powerhouses like Parallax, Mr. Majestic, Starfire and Ganthet to be a great secondary attacker for higher point teams.

That’s it for today, HeroClix fans!  Be sure to join us next time as we look at two more wonderful pieces from the DC HeroClix Justice League: Trinity War set.  Until then, don’t be afraid to push!

DC HeroClix: Justice League - Trinity War Preview

DC HeroClix: Justice League Trinity War: Johnny Quick & Atomica!

Greetings HeroClix fans!

We’re back again with another look at the evil side of things in the DC Universe with our latest previews from the DC HeroClix Justice League: Trinity War set! First out of the gate today is the psychotic speedster, Johnny Quick!

Johnny Quick

Featuring Improved Movement – Ignores Hindering Terrain and Characters, Johnny Quick is set up as an 82 point mobile harasser, able to utilize the Speed tokens initially introduced in the DC HeroClix: The Flash set from late in 2014. Johnny utilizes them via his traits. First up, and familiar to those who have figures from the aforementioned Flash set, is the Speed Force trait. If you remember, this allows Johnny Quick to add a Speed token to his character card if he moves at least one square and hits one or more adjacent opponents. These Speed tokens increase Johnny Quick’s already impressive speed, equal to the number of tokens on the card.

To go along with Speed Force is his second trait, A Different Connection to Speed. This trait allows Johnny Quick to remove a Speed token from his card as a free action, which allows the usage of Perplex until his next turn. However, this can only be used to target an opposing character. That character, in turn, can’t use speed powers until your next turn!

Given his need for speed, it should come as no surprise that Johnny Quick has movement powers on each click of his 6 click dial, and his values in this regard are all in double digits. Starting at a 12 before dropping to an 11, Johnny Quick opens up with four clicks of Hypersonic Speed, and wraps up his dial with two clicks of Sidestep. His attack values are more reasonable, bouncing between a 10 and a 9, but he picks up the invaluable Precision Strike on clicks 2-4, making him a dangerous opponent for characters with both damage reducers and avoidance abilities.

Defensively, Johnny Quick has a balanced set of powers and values, having 2 clicks of 17 defense paired with Energy Shield/Deflection, 2 clicks of 16 defense with Willpower, and then closing with 2 clicks of 15 defense with Super Senses. On his damage line, Johnny Quick is again very balanced, opening with two clicks of a special power called What A Rush! This power allows you to give Johnny Quick a free action when he has no action tokens, and allows you to pick either 1 or 2. That number will increase all of his combat values by that amount until your next turn, but in doing so, you’ll deal him unavoidable damage equal to the amount chosen at the end of your turn. He follows that with 2 clicks of Shape Change, before finishing his dial with 2 clicks of Exploit Weakness.

Johnny Quick comes packed with all the powers and abilities you’d want, on top of coming equipped with the Crime Syndicate team ability. Coupled with his Crime Syndicate and Speedster keywords, he’s a great addition to either theme team, and packs a punch that other Speedster characters might lack!


Of course, you can’t have Johnny Quick without his main squeeze, the pint-sized peril, Atomica! And given the fact that they’re inseparable, Atomica features a trait called Twisted Couple, which will grant both characters +1 to their attack value when adjacent to each other, assuming it hasn’t already been modified by this effect.

Her traitorous nature is represented by her opening 2 clicks of Stealth, followed by Phasing/Teleport on the final 2 clicks of her 6 click dial. Her attack powers feature three clicks of Poison with a 10 attack, followed by two clicks of Precision Strike on clicks 4 and 5. She’s definitely not an offensive powerhouse, but Atomica’s powers make up for her lack of punch by having some truly frustrating powers to deal with for your support and board control pieces.

Defensively, Atomica begins with 2 clicks of Super Senses at an 18 and 17 value, respectively, followed by 2 clicks of Combat Reflexes at a 17 defense. On her Damage track, she opens with 2 clicks of Exploit Weakness, before picking up a special power on her final 4 clicks called Hidden Loyalties, which allows her to use Shape Change. When she does, and she and her attacker share a keyword, the result of her Shape Change roll is modified by +2.

Unlike most members of the Crime Syndicate, Atomica comes heavily loaded with keywords that will allow that Hidden Loyalties special power to really shine. She can be played on A.R.G.U.S., Crime Syndicate, Justice League, Justice League of America, and Spy theme teams.

That’s all for today, HeroClix fans! Join us next time, as we look further into the DC HeroClix Justice League: Trinity War set! Until then, may all your hits be critical, and your misses be infrequent!

DC HeroClix: Justice League - Trinity War Preview

DC HeroClix: Justice League Trinity War: Sinestro & Bizarro!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Welcome back for another great peek at characters from the DC HeroClix: Justice League – Trinity War set, releasing in just a few short weeks! Meanwhile, at the Hall of Doom, two sinister and bizarre villains are plotting their next evil scheme. They are Sinestro and Bizarro!


Corrupted by his own power as the greatest member of the Green Lantern Corps for crimes against his own people, Thaal Sinestro was exiled from the Corps. Now looking to his own version of order on the universe, he uses a yellow power ring and has established his own Sinestro Corps.

Sinestro runs at two different point costs, 200 and 90 respectively. At 200 points he has 8 clicks of life, 4 of those he gets for the extra 110 point cost. At both costs he has the Flier combat ability and a 7 range with 2 targets. His Quintessence team ability allows him to push without a damage consequence and avoid his powers being countered by that pesky Outwit.

Sinestro’s 200-point dial starts with Running Shot, Invulnerability, and two different special powers. His attack special power, Death to the Guardians, states that Sinestro can use Pulse Wave. Opposing characters that can use the Quintessence team ability instead can’t use it and modify their combat values by -1. With this he takes away those characters’ ability to push without consequence and is able to use his later dial Outwit to take away their powers as well.

His damage special power, Fear the Sinestro Corps, says Sinestro can use Perplex, but only to decrease combat values. Until your next turn, a character targeted by this Perplex can’t target Sinestro unless the targeted character or Sinestro are the only characters on their force on the map. Yet another defensively offensive power that can really hurt a tentpole-style team.

On click 2 Sinestro trades Running Shot with Sidestep and he swaps his special attack power with Psychic Blast for the next 3 clicks. Click 3 he steps down to Toughness but he still can use his special damage power to control who can attack him. On click 4 he gains Outwit.

Sinestro starts his 90 point dial on click 5, where he starts off with Running Shot, Death to the Guardians, Energy Shield/Deflection, and Outwit. For less than 100 points Sinestro can wreck your opponents’ Quintessence plans and change those characters’ combat stats to be modified by -1 on the top 2 of his 4 clicks. Remember to use Outwit on them as well! His 2nd click is the same, except he gets Sidestep in place of Running Shot. His 3rd click he gets Perplex through his special power Fear the Sinestro Corps. His last click he can push the attack to win with his Ranged Combat Expert or heal back up with Regeneration. His keywords Injustice League, Legion of Doom, Ruler, and Sinestro Corps will make theme teams a snap.

Up next, we am bring you one you hate least, Bizarro!

Me am Bizarro

Bizarro is weakest dial there is! He has two point values as well, 215 or 100 points bringing 9 clicks of life or 5 clicks of life respectively. At both values he has the Superman Enemy team ability along with the keywords Brute, Injustice League, Legion of Doom, and Monster. He has the Flier combat symbol, a 6 range with a single target, and the trait Subject B-Zero. It says Bizarro can use Super Strength. Adjacent friendly characters named Lex Luthor can use Mastermind but only to transfer damage to Bizarro, regardless of point value.

Bizarro do not start his 215 dial with Running Shot, Energy Explosion, and Invincible. His 5 damage is very low and wouldn’t hurt anybody. His second click he especially can’t have Charge instead of Running Shot. Bizarro doesn’t have a 3rd or 4th click with Quake or Impervious so him can’t reduce damage but can make ranged combat attacks and be Mind Controlled with his Battle Fury.

Subject B-Zero at 100 points am softer than puppy. Him no have Charge, Quake, Invulnerability, or Battle Fury so he can’t ignore Shape Change. 2nd click he has Running Shot and Energy Explosion so him can’t make ranged combat attacks. Bizarro has Close Combat Expert on his final 3 clicks so he can pet soft puppy nice nice and get rid of cat with Flurry on last 2 clicks. His last click has Regeneration so he can do it all over again.

You’ve just read another awesome preview from the DC HeroClix: Justice League – Trinity War set, but don’t go too far, we’ll have more previews for you to peruse again soon!

DC HeroClix: Justice League - Trinity War Preview

DC HeroClix: Justice League Trinity War: Batman & Catwoman!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

We’re back with another exciting preview from the upcoming DC HeroClix: Justice League – Trinity War set!  Today, we take a look at two costumed Gothamites who are entwined in a love-hate relationship.  First up is the thief and burglar known as Catwoman!


With a value of 99 points, Catwoman is a close combat attacker who can mess with opposing teams that rely too much on using team abilities.  Catwoman hits the battlefield with a trait called Can’t Be Trusted, which prevents adjacent opposing characters from using team abilities.  Catwoman also has the Calculator team ability, which makes her a wild card and rubs it in the faces of adjacent opposing characters wishing they could access their team abilities.  Can’t Be Trusted,

Mobility shouldn’t be too much of an issue as Catwoman comes into play with an Improved Movement ability called Curiosity and the Cat, which lets her ignore elevated and hindering terrain when she moves.  A pair of Charge clicks mid-dial gives Catwoman the ability to move then attack, while Stealth on the rest of her dial prevents most opposing characters from drawing lines of fire to her if she has hindering terrain to use.

Catwoman has a short range of three squares and one target.  Although Catwoman’s dial reflects a character that works best in melee as your secondary attacker, her limited range can come in handy at the start and ends of her dial where she has Incapacitate and Precision Strike, respectively.  Joining Steve Trevor’s Justice League of America as a silver bullet for Batman hasn’t calmed this kitty, however, so Blades/Claws/Fangs appears mid-dial (with slightly boosted attack values of 11) and makes a great pairing with the Charge in her speed slot.

Defensively, Catwoman won’t be an easy mark for adjacent opposing characters as she starts and ends her dial with Combat Reflexes.  Mid-dial she has Super Senses to potentially evade attacks altogether.  The addition of Perplex in the damage slot at the start and end of her dial gives Catwoman the option of buffing her own combat values or toying with an opponent’s numbers.

We mentioned Catwoman’s association with the Justice League of America.  If you’re considering including Catwoman on a themed team, she has that keyword – along with Batman Family, Gotham City Sirens and Gotham City Underworld.

Catwoman likely won’t be the primary attacker on your force, but odds are you may want to consider Batman for that role.  Let’s take a look at Gotham’s Dark Knight!


Batman can be played at two point costs, 150 or 85.  Batman’s 85-point starting line is on click 4.  At either starting point, Batman has an Improved Movement ability called Grappling Hook which lets him ignore elevated terrain when he moves.  He also has a trait that we previously saw on Superman  called A New Kind of Justice League.  This trait lets adjacent friendly characters of a lower point value and the Justice League keyword use the Batman Ally team ability that he also possesses.  Additionally, if Batman is paired with friendly characters named Superman or Wonder woman, they don’t need to be adjacent or a lower point value.

To represent Batman’s unrelenting pursuit of justice, he has the Indomitable combat ability – and a five-square range with two targets.  For team-building ease, Batman has the Batman Family, Gotham City, Justice League and Trinity keywords.

Moving onto Batman’s dial, he starts primarily as a ranged attacker.  Batman’s first two clicks feature the combination of Running Shot and a special power called Utility Belt, which lets him use any standard attack or damage power when he’s given a free action.  Batman can use the chosen power until your next turn.  Defensively, he can reduce some damage dealt to him thanks to Toughness.  In the damage slot of Batman’s first clicks is another special power, World’s Greatest Detective and Strategist, which lets him use two of the game’s most popular damage powers in Outwit and Perplex.  Additionally, when Batman has no action tokens, he can use another popular standard damage power in Probability Control.  Standard use of Outwit and Perplex appear on Batman’s next two clicks.

Batman switches to a close combat attacker on clicks 3 and 4 by substituting Charge for Running Shot and Combat Reflexes for ToughnessBatman retains Combat Reflexes for the rest of his dial.  Click 4 closes out Batman’s Utility Belt run and sees the return of World’s Greatest Detective and Strategist in the damage slot.  That’s followed up again by Outwit and Perplex, respectively, before World’s Greatest Detective and Strategist makes a final appearance on click 7.

Ranged attacks again become Batman’s preferred method of fighting as we reach his last three clicks.  Sidestep takes over for Charge to help Batman strategically position himself.  A pair of Energy Explosion clicks are followed by a final click of Pulse Wave to hopefully catch multiple opponents in the area of effect.

Batman should be a viable choice for most forces with attack values that never fall below 10 and a mix of powers that allow him to play the role of either ranged or close combat attacker.  Teams that share the Justice League keyword with Batman will enjoy the benefits of his A New Kind of Justice League trait.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this sneak peek at the upcoming DC HeroClix: Justice League – Trinity War set.  Stay tuned as we reveal more exciting characters in the days to come!

DC HeroClix: Justice League - Trinity War Preview

DC HeroClix: Justice League Trinity War: Owlman & The Outsider!

Greetings HeroClix fans,

Welcome back to another exciting preview from the DC HeroClix Justice League: Trinity War set! Today, we’ll be focusing on two of the most evil villains to ever cross dimensional gates to wreak havoc on Earth and cause tremendous difficulties for the Justice League!


First up, we have the sadistic Owlman, the Crime Syndicate’s analogue for Batman. Owlman is a versatile figure, and one that can fit in as a more prominent feature for your team at his full 116 point value, or as more of a utility piece at his 3 click long 50 point dial. Either way, Owlman comes loaded with the Crime Syndicate team ability, and can utilize Improved Movement – Hindering Terrain with his ‘Used to Wading Through Refuse’ ability.

Along with that, Owlman comes prepared to fight! Almost across the board, his combat values are incredibly consistent, never dropping more than 2 from his highest values, and he has a sneaky (and easily overlooked by your opponent) 4 range with two targets. For example, on his opening click, Owlman begins with Stealth and Precision Strike, as well as with his two special powers. Defensively, he has a power called Training and Technique, which allows Owlman to use Combat Reflexes, Toughness, and Willpower. He also has a special power on his damage called Smarter Than You Know, which not only allows Owlman the use of Outwit but also prevents opposing characters within 6 squares from using Outwit to counter the powers of a character with a higher point value than themselves.

His second click sees him pick up Flurry, while maintaining both Precision Strike and both special powers. His fourth click sees him transition into more of a back line support piece, giving him Stealth, Combat Reflexes, and Perplex. He repeats this on his fourth click, while adding in Precision Strike. His fifth click, which doubles as his 50 point starting line, sees Owlman line up with both Flurry and Precision Strike, while bringing back his two special powers. Finally, Owlman closes out his 7 click dial with two clicks containing Charge, Combat Reflexes, and Exploit Weakness.

While not designed to be the main threat on a force, Owlman will blend in nicely on teams featuring his keywords of Crime Syndicate, Detective, and Scientist. He provides a lot of smart secondary options for already strong theme teams, and also brings some strong non-traditional powers to the table, especially when working on a Scientist team. He’ll pair nicely with characters like Harley Quinn, Deathstorm, Zoom, and Rival.

Of course, you can’t have Owlman without his psychotic mentor, The Outsider!


While The Outsider might seem pricey for 4 clicks of life at 50 points with negligible combat values, he more than makes up for his lower values with his traits and abilities. To start, you’ll find that The Outsider is designed to be run with one of the new resources from this set, Pandora’s Box. His trait of the same name states that, when building your force, Pandora’s Box costs 12 points less – which means your resources initial cost of 12 points is now completely eliminated!

On top of that, he also picks up a trait called Prepare the Way, which states that you can give The Outsider a power action, and then essentially swap squares with a friendly character, placing each in the others previously occupied square. This does come with a caveat, however – if the friendly character doesn’t share keywords with The Outsider, it couldn’t have already been given an action this turn, nor will it be able to be given an action following the placement change. However – if you’re running The Outsider on a Crime Syndicate or Secret Society of Super Villains theme team – feel free to swap spots and then give that friendly character an action!

For his dial, The Outsider’s first and third clicks feature Stealth, Outwit, and a special power called Hidden in Our Midst. This special power grants The Ousider the usage of Mastermind. To go along with that, when he does use Mastermind, friendly characters within 6 squares that are not within an opposing characters’ line of fire are considered to be adjacent to The Outsider, as well as being of a lower point value. His second click brings Sidestep, Incapacitate, and Perplex to the battle, as well as maintaining Hidden in Our Midst. His final click repeats his second, though he loses the use of his special defensive power.

While it might seem like the DC HeroClix Justice League: Trinity War set is lousy with Outsiders, each one brings something different to the table, and each is a nasty piece of work when paired up with strong allies. We saved the nastiest for last, though, and we’re excited to see The Outsider on forces in conjunction with the Pandora’s Box resource.

That’s all for today, HeroClix fans! Be sure to check back next time as we have even more exciting previews from the DC HeroClix Justice League: Trinity War set! Until then, may your hits be crits, and your boosters contain chase