DC 75 Redemptions

Seeking Redemption (January 2011)

The Buy it by the Brick redemption page has been activated and we are now accepting redemption requests for DC75th WLC Sinestro.

You can find the page here


We will not process requests that are sent to the WizKids Office or do not have any of the required documents, receipts, etc.



Announcements Heroclix Print 'n Play

Destiny Awaits…

Hello there HeroClix fans!

The last installment in our series of Print and Play elements for DC 75th Anniversary is no other than the White Lantern Corps ATA!

As you can see, the White Lantern protects its own; before any attack roll is made, you can boost a friendly figure’s defense by +1!  Repel the Blackest Night with your own White Lantern Corps and defend your figures from your opponents’ attacks!

So grab a cheesburger, assemble your White Lantern Corps, and battle it out for victory at your local Venue’s next tournament!

Thank you for joining us for this latest addition to the PnP universe.  Be sure to check in with us tomorrow for a very special article that will sure be the talk of the HeroClix world!

Announcements Heroclix Print 'n Play

Atlantis Rising!

Good day fellow HeroClix’ers!

Today’s preview comes all the way from the dark depths of the oceans!  Direct from Poseidon’s realm, here is the Atlantis ATA!


Your figures with the Atlantis Keywords will enjoy a +1 bonus to their defense values whenever they’re targetted by ranged attacks while standing in water terrain.  That’s right, when your opponents’ figures take ranged shot at your Atlanteans, they can dive under the surface or throw themselves in to the surf to make themselves harder to hit!

And even better, many figures with the Atlantis keyword already benefit from being in water terrain; Ocean Master (DC 75th Anniversary #027) and the Brightest Day Aquaman (#006) will absolutely love the additional bonus awarded by this ATA in water terrain!

Now assemble your Atlanteans and strike back at the surface-dwellers!

Announcements Heroclix Print 'n Play

Do You Believe In Magic?

Hello HeroClixer’s!

Our latest installment in our series of DC 75th Anniversary Print and Play elements is none other than the Shadowpact ATA!

Throughout history, groups of mystics have banded together to champion seemingly “lost causes”, these magic-users have collectively been known as the “Shadowpact”.   Originally comprised of the Blue Devil, Nightmaster, Nightshade, Enchantress, Detetcive Chimp with others joining over the years, the Shadowpact stand ready to defen our universe (and reality!) from mystical threats big and small!  Now your Shadowpact can join forces against your opponents’ Mystics teams with impunity!

Print out your ATA, asssemble your Shadowpact, and lead them to victory!

Announcements Heroclix Print 'n Play

All-Stars Unite!

Hello Fellow HeroClix’ers!

Today we continue our DC 75th Anniversary Print and Play experience with none other than the All-Star Squadron alternate team ability (ATA)! (click images below)

Brought together by FDR himself, several heroes of the Golden Age banded togther in order to battle threats to justice and liberty as the All-Star Squadron! While the roster changed over the years, every member of the team was integral to the war effort and a true hero!

As you can see, the All-Star Squadron ATA gives your figures a combat boost when they’re attacking foes that double their own point value.  This is particularly handy when one considers that many of the All-Stars have point values less than 60 points!

So, print out your ATA, assemble your All-Stars and prepare them for battle!  We’ll be back next week with even more PnP elements from DC75 but in the meantime, keep those figures off their K.O. clix!

Announcements Heroclix Print 'n Play

The Future’s So Bright…

Hello there HeroClix fans!

Life is good; it’s a brand new year, there’s a new HeroClix set out there to enjoy, and we have some new Print and Play elements to share!

We start off our DC 75th Anniversary PnP series with a Battlefield Condition sure to make your White Lanterns Corps (and Indigo Lantern Corps!) very happy.  We are pleased to present the Brightest Day:

With the Brightest Day BFC in play, your figures can attempt to heal each other (with the Support power) or themselves (via the Regenerate power) without worrying if the action will place a second token! I don’t know about you, but my figures always seem to get knocked onto Regenerate when they already have an action token on them, so the prospect of not taking pushing damage to use that power is pretty appealing!

You can also bet that efficient and effective Support pieces like The Atom (Blackest Night #006) will find their way onto more teams with this Battlefield Condition in play as well!

So build your team, print out the BFC, and bring your best game to the next Tournament at your local Venue!

Stay tuned for more exciting Print and Play elements in the days and weeks to come! Have a great one everyone, and happy Clix’ing!

Announcements Heroclix Preview

The Greatest Lantern of Them All!


All around the world, HeroClix players are celebrating the release of DC HeroClix’s latest expansion, DC 75th Anniversary.  Many of you have enjoyed midnight release events at your local Venue and have gotten some games in already with your new pieces. 

But the excitement doesn’t stop there!

Remember to keep hold of your UPCs and your receipts, because in just about a month, the DC 75th Anniversary Buy It by the Brick program will go live and you can send away for your very own exclusive White Lantern Sinestro!

Sinestro comes to the battle ready to show the universe why he was known as the greatest of the Green Lanterns, and uses those skills and experience with deft precision as a member of the White Lantern Corps.  As a one-time avatar for the White Entity, Sinestro wielded awesome might as evidenced by his dial.

Solid and consistent combat values, the ability to move and attack on more than half his dial, and the Quintessence Team Ability all make for a formidable foe.  Consider also his White Sword and LIVE! special powers, both which allow Sinestro to stay on the battlefield longer, while also dealing out damage (in the case of the former). 

Sinestro wraps up our previews for DC 75th Anniversary, and I hope you’ve enjoyed them as much as I.  We’ll have more announcements and articles in the days and weeks to come, but in the meantime this HeroClix fan is going to enjoy all of his new figures!

Heroclix Preview

Special Objects of Interest!

Hello There Everyone!

Today we finish up our look at the DC 75 th Anniversary Organized Play (OP) Kit with a look at the special objects!

As you can see, DC 75th Anniversary includes two special objects for players to compete for and win. 

While the Bucket of Water is seemingly harmless, there are plenty of figures out there that can take advantage of its terrain-altering properties; Thor; Frog of Thunder,  Aquaman (Brightest Day or DC 75th),  Ocean Master, and more!  The ability to strategically place water terrain where it will do you the most good can make all the difference in your games!

The White Lantern doesn’t alter terrain with its presence, but it does allow your figures to use Support and Regeneration without the fear of having those powers (or special powers that allow their use) countered.  And just as in the Brightest Day comic, the White Lantern cannot be moved (though I would have also liked a clause that allowed the player to have a cheeseburger as well).

Remember, both special objects are available as prizes in the DC 75th Anniversary OP Kit, so be sure to check out your local Venue’s tournament schedule!

That’s all we have for today, but join us tomorrow as we celebrate Release Day with yet another preview! Until then, keep on Clixin’!

Announcements Heroclix Preview

Three’s Company

Hello there HeroClix Fans!

Today’s preview finishes up the Limited Edition portion of the DC 75th Anniversary Organized Play (OP) kit.

We begin today’s preview with a one-time Amazon and Titan, Troia!

As you can see, Troia brings a host of great powers and combat values to your team.  At only 149 points, Troia is a fierce combatant thanks to some early-dial Hypersonic Speed (courtesy of her Unfamiliar Energies special power) and Super Strength.

Mid to late-dial, Troia becomes more of a ranged combat fighter as she picks up Running Shot with Penetrating/Psychic Blast and then the Photonic Tie-Up special power.

Next up we have Impulse!

This is a Bart Allen as he first embarked upon his superhero career.  As Impulse, Bart was a member of Young Justice, fought alongside the Flash, and adventured with the Legion of Super Heroes.

At only 49 points, Impulse will easily compliment many different strategies where some additional mobility is desired.  Hypersonic Speed ensures that Impulse will harass your opponent’s figures while a combination of Combat Reflexes and the Speed Force Duplicate special power will help keep Impulse safe from harm.

Impulse continues on the offensive mid to late-dial as Hypersonic Speed gives way to Charge, and late-dial Regeneration will give him a chance to stay on the battlefield after taking a couple of hits!

Rounding out our preview today, we have Ice Maiden!

Fans of the Global Guardians and Justice league will recall Sigrid Nansen’s brief stint as Ice Maiden on both teams.  While her powers were artificially gained, she was no less heroic and fought valiantly alongside such heroes as Amazing Man, Blue Devil, and others, and her figure is no less effective!

At 82 points, Ice Maiden brings some great early game ranged combat options with both Running Shot and Incapacitate on her dial.

Her mid-dial Invulnerability ensures that she is able to get in the thick of your opponent’s forces while her Incapacitate becomes Poison for some extra damage options.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this sneak peek into the OP Kit for DC 75th Anniversary.  Tomorrow we will finish up the OP Kit with a look at the Special Objects included, and of course Wednesday is Release Day!  Of course, the fun doesn’t stop just because the set is finally out, so join us on Release Day for a very special preview!

Announcements Heroclix Preview

Barrel of Monkeys

Today we’re taking a look at a couple of the Limited Edition figures you’re going to see in the DC 75th Anniversary Organized Play kits next week.  These two figures (of five) will be offered as prizes for events held at your local Venue’s tournaments.

First up, we encounter a strange denizen from another planet and a refugee from a space carnival, Gleek!

Fans familiar with Gleek may recall his penchant for being as much a hindrance as he was helpful, and this is represented by his Trait: What’s the Monkey Doing Here? I’m So Confused… If the Wonder Twins aren’t present to manage him, Gleek can be a bit of a nuisance, allowing your opponent to modify a single combat value on a figure of their choice by +1 or –1.  While Gleek does have Perplex for his entire dial and that is pretty useful, I think making sure Zan and Jayna are around to keep an eye on him may be the way to go!

Next up we have probably the most famous denizen of Gorilla City.  He’s a tremendously powerful psychic and a malevolent force to be reckoned with, Grodd!

At 116 points, Grodd packs a potent psychic punch for a very economical value! Front loaded TK eventually gives way to Super Strength and Outwit, and finally his Attack values take a boost as he unleashes his mental fury in the form of Psychic Blast as he picks up Willpower mid-dial!

And let’s not overlook his Trait: My Mind is Stronger.  Damage from Penetrating/Psychic Blast attacks is ignored by Grodd as well as attempts to use Telekinesis (Option 1) against him!  If that wasn’t enough, Grodd’s mental powers also prevent mind controlled figures from targeting him with an attack! WOW!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the continued peek into the DC 75th Anniversary OP Kit as much as I have.  Next week we finish up with the Limited Edition Figures, as well as take a look at some 3D Special Objects.  And, oh yeah, the SET RELEASES!

Have a great weekend all, and keep those dials off their KO clix!