BioShock: Infinite HeroClix Preview

BioShock Infinite HeroClix: the Vox Populi and Daisy Fitzroy!

Greetings HeroClix fans!

Today’s BioShock Infinite HeroClix preview brings is to a group of resistance fighters who have gathered to overturn the rule of The Founders.  We are pleased to present Vox Populi and the revolution’s leader, the brutal Daisy Fitzroy!

First, let’s hear from the Vox Populi!


Vox Populi come into play at 45 points and has its own team ability.  The Vox Populi team ability reads: “When a character using this team ability is marked with an action token and makes an attack, any attack roll of doubles (other than a critical miss) is considered a hit.” If you have to push your figure with a second action, at least the odds of a successful attack are a little better!

Running Shot starts off Vox Populi’s dial and is paired with a special power in the attack slot called Hidden Gunpowder Bomb.  This special power, which appears on the first two clicks, lets Vox Populi use Pulse Wave.  However, the Pulse Wave’s lines of fire are drawn and the range is counted from an unheld object within Vox Populi’s range and line of fire.  The object is removed from the game after actions are resolved.  Vox Populi has a range of 5 squares.

Once Vox Populi is off its top click, it switches from Running Shot to Stealth for its next two clicks. The second click of Stealth overlaps with a three-click run of Combat Reflexes as Vox Populi gains a defensive boost against close combat attacks.  On Vox Populi’s last two clicks, it drops Stealth in favor of Flurry.  Finally, on the last click, Flurry and Combat Reflexes are paired with Exploit Weakness in the damage slot.


Daisy Fitzroy, the Vox Populi’s leader, comes into play at 75 points and also has the Vox Populi team ability.  She begins her dial with three clicks of Leap/Climb, allowing her to easily get into position for attacks.  To protect her from ranged attacks, Daisy Fitzroy has Energy Shield/Deflection on her first click.

On Daisy Fitzroy’s first four clicks she has a special power called Barnstormer RPG that makes her a ranged threat.  Barnstormer RPG modifies Daisy Fitzroy’s damage value by +1 when she’s given a ranged combat action.  On her last two clicks, Daisy Fitzroy picks up Penetrating/Psychic Blast, making her a fearsome opponent from range on each of her clicks.  The last two clicks also see the return of Energy Shield/Deflection.

Finally, Daisy Fitzroy has a trait called Rocket Strike which lets her use Outwit, but only if she hasn’t made and does not make a ranged combat attack this turn.  Additionally, when Daisy Fitzroy destroys and object or square of blocking terrain, all adjacent objects and squares of blocking terrain are destroyed.

Team building should be a snap with Daisy Fitzroy and Vox Populi as they both possess the Soldier and Vox keywords. For example, an even 300-point force can be made using Daisy Fitzroy and five Vox Populi.

While the Vox Populi use Hidden Gunpowder Bomb to damage groups of opposing characters, Daisy Fitzroy can stand back and use Outwit to counter any abilities as needed.  In Golden Age play, you may also want to consider using the Debris battlefield condition (Found under the Print and Play section)  to add more standard objects to the battlefield for Vox Populi to use.

Daisy Fitzroy’s Indomitable combat ability allows her to use Willpower, meaning she can ignore pushing damage.  When she’s marked with an action token, she’ll benefit from the Vox Populi team ability when she rolls doubles on her attacks!

Daisy Fitzroy can also get into the thick of combat and use her Barnstormer RPG special power to blast away at opponents from up to seven squares away.  Additionally, Barnstormer RPG is useful in creating extra hindering terrain for Vox Populi once they get onto their Stealth clicks.

Thanks for reading!  Join us again when we reveal more secrets from Columbia in the BioShock Infinite HeroClix set due in stores this June!  Until then, may all your Impervious rolls be successful!