DC HeroClix: Justice League - Trinity War Preview

DC HeroClix: Justice League Trinity War: Batman & Catwoman!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

We’re back with another exciting preview from the upcoming DC HeroClix: Justice League – Trinity War set!  Today, we take a look at two costumed Gothamites who are entwined in a love-hate relationship.  First up is the thief and burglar known as Catwoman!


With a value of 99 points, Catwoman is a close combat attacker who can mess with opposing teams that rely too much on using team abilities.  Catwoman hits the battlefield with a trait called Can’t Be Trusted, which prevents adjacent opposing characters from using team abilities.  Catwoman also has the Calculator team ability, which makes her a wild card and rubs it in the faces of adjacent opposing characters wishing they could access their team abilities.  Can’t Be Trusted,

Mobility shouldn’t be too much of an issue as Catwoman comes into play with an Improved Movement ability called Curiosity and the Cat, which lets her ignore elevated and hindering terrain when she moves.  A pair of Charge clicks mid-dial gives Catwoman the ability to move then attack, while Stealth on the rest of her dial prevents most opposing characters from drawing lines of fire to her if she has hindering terrain to use.

Catwoman has a short range of three squares and one target.  Although Catwoman’s dial reflects a character that works best in melee as your secondary attacker, her limited range can come in handy at the start and ends of her dial where she has Incapacitate and Precision Strike, respectively.  Joining Steve Trevor’s Justice League of America as a silver bullet for Batman hasn’t calmed this kitty, however, so Blades/Claws/Fangs appears mid-dial (with slightly boosted attack values of 11) and makes a great pairing with the Charge in her speed slot.

Defensively, Catwoman won’t be an easy mark for adjacent opposing characters as she starts and ends her dial with Combat Reflexes.  Mid-dial she has Super Senses to potentially evade attacks altogether.  The addition of Perplex in the damage slot at the start and end of her dial gives Catwoman the option of buffing her own combat values or toying with an opponent’s numbers.

We mentioned Catwoman’s association with the Justice League of America.  If you’re considering including Catwoman on a themed team, she has that keyword – along with Batman Family, Gotham City Sirens and Gotham City Underworld.

Catwoman likely won’t be the primary attacker on your force, but odds are you may want to consider Batman for that role.  Let’s take a look at Gotham’s Dark Knight!


Batman can be played at two point costs, 150 or 85.  Batman’s 85-point starting line is on click 4.  At either starting point, Batman has an Improved Movement ability called Grappling Hook which lets him ignore elevated terrain when he moves.  He also has a trait that we previously saw on Superman  called A New Kind of Justice League.  This trait lets adjacent friendly characters of a lower point value and the Justice League keyword use the Batman Ally team ability that he also possesses.  Additionally, if Batman is paired with friendly characters named Superman or Wonder woman, they don’t need to be adjacent or a lower point value.

To represent Batman’s unrelenting pursuit of justice, he has the Indomitable combat ability – and a five-square range with two targets.  For team-building ease, Batman has the Batman Family, Gotham City, Justice League and Trinity keywords.

Moving onto Batman’s dial, he starts primarily as a ranged attacker.  Batman’s first two clicks feature the combination of Running Shot and a special power called Utility Belt, which lets him use any standard attack or damage power when he’s given a free action.  Batman can use the chosen power until your next turn.  Defensively, he can reduce some damage dealt to him thanks to Toughness.  In the damage slot of Batman’s first clicks is another special power, World’s Greatest Detective and Strategist, which lets him use two of the game’s most popular damage powers in Outwit and Perplex.  Additionally, when Batman has no action tokens, he can use another popular standard damage power in Probability Control.  Standard use of Outwit and Perplex appear on Batman’s next two clicks.

Batman switches to a close combat attacker on clicks 3 and 4 by substituting Charge for Running Shot and Combat Reflexes for ToughnessBatman retains Combat Reflexes for the rest of his dial.  Click 4 closes out Batman’s Utility Belt run and sees the return of World’s Greatest Detective and Strategist in the damage slot.  That’s followed up again by Outwit and Perplex, respectively, before World’s Greatest Detective and Strategist makes a final appearance on click 7.

Ranged attacks again become Batman’s preferred method of fighting as we reach his last three clicks.  Sidestep takes over for Charge to help Batman strategically position himself.  A pair of Energy Explosion clicks are followed by a final click of Pulse Wave to hopefully catch multiple opponents in the area of effect.

Batman should be a viable choice for most forces with attack values that never fall below 10 and a mix of powers that allow him to play the role of either ranged or close combat attacker.  Teams that share the Justice League keyword with Batman will enjoy the benefits of his A New Kind of Justice League trait.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this sneak peek at the upcoming DC HeroClix: Justice League – Trinity War set.  Stay tuned as we reveal more exciting characters in the days to come!

DC HeroClix: Batman Classic TV Preview

DC HeroClix Batman Classic TV: Catwoman!

Greetings HeroClix fans!

For today’s DC HeroClix: Batman Classic TV preview, we ditch those costumed goody two-shoes and get up close and purrrsonal with Catwoman!


Each of the villains in the DC HeroClix: Batman Classic TV set possesses the Elaborate Deathtrap ability (indicated by the  Elaborate Death Trap symbol).  Catwoman’s Elaborate Deathtrap reads:  “Give Catwoman a power action to make a close combat attack that deals no damage.  Once per game, immediately place a hit character on this character’s card.  A character on this card can use the Escape Deathtrap ability.

Escape Deathtrap reads: “At the beginning of your turn, roll 2d6.  Catwoman rolls a d6 and adds her  Elaborate Death Trap Bonus (maximum Bonus 8).  If Catwoman is friendly, not on the map, or if your result is higher, place this character in your starting area or adjacent to a friendly character.  Otherwise, deal this character damage equal to the difference (maximum 5) and when dealt this damage, this character can use its defense powers.

Catwoman’s Elaborate Deathtrap Bonus is called Giant Magnifying Glasses and is equal to the number of different colored powers showing on her and the target’s dials.

A long run of a special power called Tinkerbell the Tiger: EEE-YOW! highlights Catwoman’s attack slot.  When Catwoman resolves a close combat action, place an EEE-YOW! token on her card.  You can give Catwoman a power action to place a Tinkerbell the Tiger token adjacent to her square, if there no friendly Tinkerbell the Tiger tokens already on the map.  Tinkerbell the Tiger is a bystander with the following combat values:

Tinkerbell the TIger

Defensively, on the same clicks as Tinkerbell the Tiger: EEE-YOW!, Catwoman can evade attacks by using Super SensesCatwoman’s last two clicks feature the tandem of Combat Reflexes and Blades/Claws/Fangs, making her quite the threat in close combat!

Catwoman’s speed slot starts with two clicks of Stealth, followed by a pair of Mind Control clicks.  Leap/Climb occupies Catwoman’s last two clicks.

At only 60 points, Catwoman leaves plenty of room for other characters on your force.  Her theme team choices are limited, however, due to only possessing the Animal and United Underworld keywords.  For 4 points, the Animal Additional Team Ability (Available under the Print and Play link) is a great addition for Catwoman.

For a fun 400-point Golden Age match, try teaming up Alyosha Kraven  from the Marvel HeroClix: Amazing Spider-Man set and the Animal ATA with Catwoman and Ursa Major  from the Marvel HeroClix: Captain America set.  And although it breaks the Animal keyword theme, U.S.S. Excelsior from the Star Trek HeroClix: Tactics set seems to be an appropriate addition…

Thanks for reading!  Please join us for our next DC HeroClix: Batman Classic TV preview when we look at a man with a palpable pate who considers himself the smartest villain in Gotham City!  Tune in next time – same Bat-day, same Bat-website!

DC HeroClix: Batman Preview Prime Figures

DC HeroClix Batman: Catwoman and Selina Kyle!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Happy release day!  For our final DC HeroClix: Batman preview we reveal the last of the Prime figures  in the set: Selena Kyle (aka Catwoman).  First, let’s take a look at Catwoman’s dial (#007a in the set)!


This femme fatale with a fascination for felines makes a great addition to any force as a secondary attacker or tie-up piece.  Incorporating Catwoman on theme teams should also easy since she has the Birds of Prey and Gotham Underworld keywords.

Catwoman comes into play at 71 points and has a trait, We Leave the Masks On, which allows her to use Stealth.  In addition, when Catwoman is adjacent to a friendly character with the Batman Ally team ability, she can use Plasticity and Shape Change.  It’s the purrrr-fect trait for when Catwoman needs to slink away from dangerous situations!

In Catwoman’s speed slot she starts with four clicks of Leap/Climb to easily maneuver into position for an attack or get away from opposing characters.  Catwoman’s last click of Leap/Climb also features Blades/Claws/Fangs in her attack slot as she makes it clear that trying to corner a cat will likely result in some bad scratches!  Blades/Claws/Fangs stays on Catwoman’s attack slot for her last three clicks.

Catwoman opens her damage slot with a special power, Misdirection, which appears on her first three clicks.  Misdirection allows Catwoman to use Outwit.  In addition, give Catwoman a free action and remove an action token from an adjacent opposing character.  When she does, Catwoman may place an action token on any other opposing character within 6 squares and line of fire!

Finally, Catwoman starts her dial defensively with a click of Super Senses as those nine lives of hers help her evade attacks.  Super Senses reappears on Catwoman’s last two clicks.  Sandwiched between those clicks is a short run of Combat Reflexes as Catwoman showcases her catlike agility.

This brings us to the final Prime figure in the DC HeroClix: Batman set, Selena Kyle (#007b)!


As a reminder, only ONE Prime character may be fielded on your force regardless of the build total and these characters are marked by a green background on their character card and a green ring around the base.

Selena Kyle hits the battle map at 69 points and has a range of three with one target for her ranged attacks.  She also begins play with a trait, Procurer of Fine Artifacts, which allows her to use Stealth.  In addition, you can give Selina Kyle a free action when she’s adjacent to a character with a relic on its character card, then roll a d6 that can’t be rerolled.  If the result of the roll is one of the numbers needed to pick up the relic, place the relic on Selina Kyle’s character card.  And in true klepto-kitty fashion, Selina Kyle isn’t limited to rolling once per game for each relic!

A prolific cat burglar, Selena Kyle starts with Leap/Climb in her speed slot as she gets in and out .  Leap/Climb reappears mid-dial for two clicks, then once again on Selena Kyle’s last click.

Thanks for reading!  Please join us next time as we uncover more secrets from upcoming HeroClix releases!



DC HeroClix 10th Anniversary Preview

DC HeroClix 10th Anniversay: Catwoman!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

We continue our series of previews for the DC HeroClix: 10th Anniversary set by highlighting Gotham City’s classiest cat burglar and an on-again, off-again love interest of the Caped Crusader.  Please welcome Selina Kyle, aka Catwoman!

The 10th Anniversary Catwoman’s dial is inspired by her DC HeroClix: Unleashed counterpart and comes in at 35 points.  This anniversary version of Catwoman starts with a click of Stealth in her movement slot to show that she’s a thief at heart.  She then drops Stealth and gains Leap/Climb on her next three clicks as she makes the purrfect getaway!

In her damage slot, Catwoman bares her diamond-tipped claws (Exploit Weakness) on all but her last two clicks.  Defensively, Catwoman starts with two clicks of Willpower, then follows up with two clicks of Super SensesCatwoman’s last two clicks are unusual in that her movement, attack, and damage values are zeroes.  However, Catwoman also has Regeneration on both clicks to help her stay in the game.

You’ll want to keep Catwoman around long enough to use her Battlefield Promotion: Catwoman trait.  When Catwoman hits one or more opposing characters, place a Promotion Token on her character card after actions resolve.  You may then roll a d6 that can’t be rerolled and add 1 for each Promotion Token on Catwoman’s character card.  On a result of 8 or higher, replace #008 Catwoman with #015 Catwoman on the same click number.

Catwoman has a range of two and has the Animal and Batman Family keywords.  At only 35 points, she leaves plenty of room on a force for other attackers and support characters.

Now that we’ve seen the Golden Age version of Catwoman, let’s take a look at her Modern Age counterpart!


This version of Catwoman comes in at 68 points and, like #008 Catwoman, has a range of two.  She also begins play with a trait, Bad Luck When I Cross Your Path, which prevents other characters who are assigned a relic or a resource and are within six squares of Catwoman from using the effects of the relic or resource.

Catwoman begins her movement slot with three clicks of a special power, Burglar, which lets her use Leap/Climb and Stealth.  Burglar is followed by three clicks of regular use of Leap/Climb.  In her attack slot, Catwoman keeps her claws sheathed until she reaches the middle of her dial.  At that point, she picks up two clicks of Blades/Claws/Fangs to potentially dish out extra damage to anyone foolish enough to get near her.

Defensively, Catwoman starts with two clicks of Super Senses as she stays three steps ahead of her opponents.  Mid-dial, Catwoman shows that she’s a ferocious fighter via three clicks of Combat Reflexes.  On her last click, Catwoman gains Regeneration as she calls upon one of her nine lives to keep her in the fight.  Two clicks of Close Combat Expert bookend the front and back of Catwoman’s dial and represent her training from Wildcat.  Mid-dial, she switches to Outwit just to show that she’s smarter than you.

Catwoman has the Calculator team ability, which makes her a Wild Card, and the Birds of Prey, Gotham City, and Martial Artist keywords.  At 68 points and with a trait that prevents other characters within six squares from using a relic or a resource assigned to them, Catwoman makes a great choice for many teams.

Thanks for reading!  Join us next week as we continue with even more exciting HeroClix previewsUntil then, keep on Clixing!

The Dark Knight Rises

Friend and Foe to the Dark Knight – Catwoman!

Greetings, HeroClix fans!

For our final DC HeroClix: The Dark Knight Rises preview, we bring you a felonious femme fatale with a fixation on felines and a propensity for pilfering personal property!  From the movie The Dark Knight Rises, please welcome Catwoman!


Not one to stay in one place, Catwoman begins play with a trait, What’s Wayne’s Is Mine, which allows her to select a team ability possessed by an opposing character before the game begins.  When an opposing character with the chosen team ability is adjacent to Catwoman and rolls doubles on an attack, Catwoman removes all her action tokens!

You’ll have to be at the top of your game if you want to catch Catwoman as she has a special power, Black Cat, which allows her to use Leap/Climb and StealthBlack Cat appears on each click of Catwoman’s movement slot, much to the dismay of Gotham City’s law enforcement community!

Attackwise, Catwoman starts without any powers on her first click.  Once she’s off her top click, watch out because this kitten has claws – or Blades/Claws/Fangs, if you prefer to be technical – which stay bared for her next three clicks.  Catwoman’s attack values drop steadily as she gets deeper into her dial but the Batman Enemy team ability allows her to use the attack value of an adjacent figure using this team ability.

Notorious for her prowess as a burglar, Catwoman is difficult to hit in ranged or close combat.  Catwoman opens with Energy Shield/Deflection on her first click to help her keep safe distance from her opponents until it’s time to get close.  Once she’s off her top click, she trades in Energy Shield/Deflection for two clicks of Combat Reflexes to gain a defensive boost in hand-to-hand fights.  As we reach the middle of Catwoman’s dial, we see that she’s changed strategies again and has switched to Super Senses, which gives her a chance to completely evade close or ranged attacks!

Catwoman starts with a click of Outwit in her damage slot to represent her ability to pull off a heist right under her victims’ noses.  That’s followed by three clicks of PerplexOutwit returns for her final two clicks.

At 80 points, Catwoman makes a viable secondary attacker on many forces.  With the Outwit and Perplex powers scattered throughout her dial, Catwoman also makes a great choice as a support piece, and her keyword (Gotham Underworld) and the Batman Enemy team ability make it easy to incorporate her on many teams.

That’s all we have for today! Please join us next time when we explore more secrets from future HeroClix releases.  Until next time, keep your Clix off their KOs!