Preview Star Trek Tactics II

Star Trek Tactics II: The Kornak!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

For today’s Star Trek HeroClix: Tactics II preview we check in with a Cardassian vessel that was reserved for only the toughest missions during the Dominion War.  We are pleased to bring you the Kornak!
Captained by Gul Kulat, the Kornak comes into play at 150 points and has the Dominion team ability.  When a ship using the Dominion team ability is knocked out, one friendly ship that shares a keyword or team ability with the KO’d ship may deal 1 penetrating damage to an opposing ship within two squares!

The Kornak is a unique, as noted by the silver background on its character card and the silver ring on the base of its dial.  The ship begins its dial with Hypersonic Speed on its first two clicks as its improved propulsion systems.  The Kornak ends its dial with two more clicks of Hypersonic Speed to catch its opponents off guard.

On those same opening clicks of Hypersonic Speed the Kornak has a special power, Enhanced Phasers, which allows it to use Energy Explosion.  When it does, the damage dealt to the target of the attack is penetrating damage.  To make things interesting, the Kornak has a range of 8 squares and can target two ships with its ranged attacks.  Enhanced Phasers appears on the Kornak’s first three clicks.

Enhanced Phasers is followed by a run of Quake that appears for the remainder of the Kornak’s dial.  Speaking of runs, the Kornak has a long, five-click run of Outwit starting on its third click to represent information gathered by the Cardassian Central Command’s fearsome intelligence agency, the Obsidian Order.

Defensively, the Kornak starts with Invulnerability on its top click to soak up damage.  It then switches to a long run of Super Senses at the heart of its dial as it utilizes stolen cloaking devices to evade attacks.  At the end of its dial, the Kornak switches from Super Senses to Toughness to show that the ship is still a threat even without all the modifications.

At 150 points, the Kornak makes a great primary attacker with its long run of Outwit and its Enhanced Phasers special power.  If the Kornak goes down in battle, opponents will feel the sting from ships friendly to the Kornak thanks to the Dominion team ability.  Defensively, the Kornak has consistent values that never dip below 17 until its last two clicks.  For theme-team building, the Kornak has the Cardassian, Soldier, and Spy keywords.

Thanks for reading!  Please join us for our next Star Trek HeroClix:  Tactics II preview; in the meantime, live long and may your die rolls be prosperous!