DC HeroClix: Superman/Wonder Woman

DC HeroClix: Apokolips Team Building

Greetings Heroclix players!  Now that the DC Comics HeroClix: Superman/Wonder Woman set has released, let’s take a look at an Apokolips Team Building Strategy featuring some of the exciting new figures in the set.   A hero can only be as strong as the challenges they face; and few have challenged Superman and Wonder Woman more than the villains from Apokolips!

There are four figures in the set with the Apokolips keyword that can be played together at an even 300 points.

Steppenwolf   135
Brutaal   100
Parademon   45
Brimstone  20
Total points:  300

Apokolips Keyword Theme, +4 map roll bonus, 3 uses of Theme Team Probability Control

Apokolips Team- Steppenwolf

This Apokolips team has a significant amount of synergy if played aggressively.  Both Steppenwolf and Brutaal have traits that provide benefits to themselves and any friendly characters that are closer to an opposing player’s starting area than your own.  In this case, Brutaal gains Willpower and other friendly characters with the Apokolips keyword get +1 to their attack values and can remove an Action Token after damaging an opposing character.  This is made even easier by the fact that Brutaal has a 9 speed value and the Flight ability, the Parademon has 10 movement and Flight also, and Steppenwolf has a 13 speed value with Phasing.

Apokolips Team - Brutaal

Your two main attackers are fairly hearty and hard to damage but one of the problems that usually goes with an aggressive strategy is risking your figures without having enough back up.  This is exactly what Brimstone is here for!  At 20 points, he starts the game on his Colossal Indifference and Colossal Retribution powers.  If you rush Brutaal or Steppenwolf towards the opposing team and take an early hit, then the next turn Brimstone can join the action.  With Colossal Retribution, Brimstone can bring down his giant flaming sword on anyone who damages an friendly character or targets him with an attack.  When he does, you may place him such that he can make a close combat attack targeting the opposing character and then makes a close combat attack dealing a d6 damage against all characters in the direct between him and the target. Since he is a Colossal figure with Giant Reach: 3, he may be placed up to 3 squares from the opponent and hopefully catch some other opposing characters in his swing.  Place him right and he’ll also get a +1 to his attack value from Brutaal’s trait.  For added defense, the Parademon generic can grant your other friendly characters Mastermind to deal damage to itself, which is a good way to keep Brutaal alive and make those 5 clicks last a little longer.

DC HeroClix: Superman/Wonder Woman- Parademon

If you want to increase this to 400 points, you can play Brutaal at his full 175-point level instead and have some room to add a Power Battery resource of your choice with a few constructs.  A Catapult construct would really help you get across the map fast.

Apokolips Team - Brimstone

Remember to use your Theme Team Bonus to make the most of your map roll.  For this Apokolips Team, a map that limits the opponent’s range but lets you place Brimstone effectively and that has starting areas that are offset in opposing corners will work to your advantage.  Try the House of Mystery map or the new Mount Olympus map to get the most of this team and let your opponent feel the might of the Apokolips Team!  Until next time, keep those dice rolling and those dials turning!

DC HeroClix: Superman/Wonder Woman

DC HeroClix: Superman/Wonder Woman- Brutaal

Greetings HeroClix fans, and welcome to a decidedly darker look into the world of the upcoming DC HeroClix: Superman/Wonder Woman set. Today, we explore one who is decidedly “For Darkseid” – Brutaal!

 DC17 Brutaal 019b

Hailing from Earth 2, this imperfect clone of Kal-El is a force of destruction that most of the Wonders of the World can’t stand up to! He begins with three traits, the first of which is called Wait, That’s Not Superman…This trait, which can be found on other characters throughout this set, states that if Brutaal is on your sideline when your opponent’s force is revealed and your force includes a character named Superman or Superboy of an equal or higher point value, you may replace that character with Brutaal. If you do, Brutaal begins the game with an action token.

Brutaal second trait called Conquering Hero of Apokolips, states that when he is closer to an opponent’s starting area than his own, he can use Willpower. Also, when a friendly character with the Apokolips keyword is closer to an opponent’s starting area than its own, modify that character’s attack value by +1! He als possesses a trait called Spawn of Apokolips, which says that Brutaal can use Super Strength. Additionally, this trait states that opposing characters can’t target him with Outwit unless it is granted by the Superman Enemy team ability.

Playable at either 175 points for 8 clicks, or 100 points for 5 clicks, Brutaal brings a plethora of dangerous offensive powers to the table. To start, he mixes a natural 5 damage with  Running Shot, Penetrating/Psychic Blast, and Shape Change together for an imposing first click that’s hard to get by. He then transitions to a mix of Hypersonic Speed, Impervious, and Exploit Weakness, followed by clicks featuring Charge, Quake, Invincible, and Battle Fury. It is important to note, that you can play Brutaal at a relatively economic 100 points, but the trade-off is that his first three clicks (clicks 4, 5, 6) have Battle Furyso he will not be able to utilize his 8 range to make ranged attacks. Finally, Brutaal becomes a lockdown attacker, as he picks up both Plasticity and Close Combat Expert. Truly, this is the darkest timeline of the DC Universe.

While he’s an expensive investment at either point value, you’ll find that he’s a great character to place on themed teams for Apokolips, Brute, Monster, or Warrior. And, with that natural 8 range, he’ll be dishing out penetrating damage on his top click from all over the map.

That’s all for today, ‘Clix fans! Be sure to check back next time, but until then, believe in Anti-Life, and always be “FOR DARKSEID!”