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Boston Brand of Earth…LIVE!


Brightest Day is now available in stores everywhere, and I thought I would visit another personal fave in honor of the event.  So without further delay, here’s Deadman! (click on image below)

Boston Brand has sure endured his shares of ups and downs; originally a circus acrobat his tragic death propelled him into the world of Karmic balance under the guidance of Rama Kushna.  Over the years Boston, as Deadman, has helped countless heroes and civilians find peace or defeat evil all while searching for his own killer.

Now alive after years of spectral servitude, “Deadman” seems to be a pivotal piece in the Entity’s agenda for the 12 Heroes and Villains resurrected after the Blackest Night.  However, Deadman has no clue what his purpose is and the Entity isn’t telling, at least not outside of the occasional prompting to “eat a cheeseburger” anyhow!

While Deadman probably won’t be eating any burgers during your games, he will help you dish out some hearty helpings of pain to your opponent’s figures!  His array of support abilities, as well as his very consistent combat values, allow for a host of tactical opportunities during your game!

Not to mention Deadman’s ability to summon friendly figures with the White Lantern Corps and the Brightest Day keywords! WOWZAS! Need some reinforcements? Deadman has your back!

That’s our last Brightest Day preview, but fret not! The set is now available at your local game store, and I’m sure I’ll be back again soon with more exciting things to share! Until then, keep those dials off of their KO clicks everyone!

Announcements Heroclix Preview

Ronnie Raymond of Earth…LIVE!

Hello again everybody!

With one day to go, I thought we should check in with a troubled two-some.  Re-born from a binary matrix combining both Ronnie Raymond and Jason Rusch, we present Firestorm! (click on image below)

Since his resurrection, Ronnie Raymond has shared the Firestorm matrix with Jason Rusch, but their partnership is tenuous at best.  Worse yet, their combined emotional state is directly reflected to their energy output; in other words, the angrier they get, the more dangerous they are for everything around them!

The Fight for Control Trait represents Jason and Ronnie’s unbalanced control of the Firestorm Matrix, and allows you access to powers which could be very useful in your game.  Couple this with a dial allowing for many combat options, and you have a versatile and useful aerial figure.

Some mid-dial Running Shot ensures that Firestorm can still bring the fight to your opponents, and the Pulse Wave doesn’t hurt either! 

Lastly, let’s not forget that Firestorm can remove those pesky walls or squares of Blocking Terrain your opponent’s figs keep hiding behind! Now your other attackers can take shots at their leisure and Firestorm can continue to support their efforts with that aforementioned Perplex! (Just make sure to roll for Perplex before you give him the Power Action to remove the walls/Blocking Terrain!)

That’s all for now, but we’ve only got one more day to go before Brightest Day’s release!

Announcements Heroclix Preview

Amon Tomaz of Earth…LIVE!

Hey there fellow HeroClix Fans!

It’s a new week, so that means more previews! We last left off with the Monarch of Atlantis, so let’s now turn our gaze eastwards to the sandy dunes of Khandaq and check in with Osiris! (click on image below)

Once imprisoned and tortured by Intergang, Amon Tomaz was freed due to his sister’s relentless searching and Black Adam’s strength.  Bequeathed with a portion of Black Adam’s power, Amon assumed the mantle of Osiris and went out into the world to seek adventure.

Unfortunately, Osiris’ recklessness eventually led to his demise, but he has since been resurrected by the Entity, and now seeks to likewise resurrect both his sister Isis and Black Adam!

Now, Osiris may be a troubled young man, but you’ll have no difficulties playing this figure! With front-loaded Charge and Super Strength, and consistent combat values, Osiris is ready to dispense his own brutal sense of justice!

Mid- to late-dial we see Osiris switches between Hypersonic Speed and Flurry, while enjoying some Quake and Exploit Weakness as well, allowing for a number of cool combat options.

Lastly, let’s not neglect the possibility of rolling a critical hit during the game! If that happens, Osiris’ Trait, Quest for Black Adam, triggers and now Osiris has a +1 bonus to all of his combat values for the remainder of the game!

We still have two more days before Osiris joins the rest of your HeroClix collection, but you can start planning now how best to use him at your store’s next event! Stay tuned for more exciting previews as we prepare for the Brightest Day release!

Announcements Heroclix Preview

Arthur Curry of Earth…LIVE!

Hello HeroClix fans!

As we inch ever closer to the Brightest Day release date (will Wednesday ever come?!?), what better way to pass the time than with another Brightest Day preview?

This time around, I thought I’d visit a personal favorite; he’s the King of the Seas, the Monarch of Atlantis, and one snappy dresser (what? Orange is the new black, haven’t you heard?): Aquaman! (click on the image below)

Aquaman is back and he’s ready to mete out some justice on behalf of the seas! First off, let’s look at that Trait: The Undead Sea certainly will have your opponent’s thinking twice when you pair Aquaman with other figures with the Atlantis Keyword on your force! The ability to deal 2 Damage in response to one of your figures being K.O.’ed is a great asset, and worked correctly, could be devastating to your opponents’ forces!

Aquaman’s bag of tricks doesn’t end there though! As a Transporter, Aquaman also has access to the Move and Attack ability and is able to carry your other figures to where they can do the most good for your force!

Consistent combat values and solid powers make Aquaman an excellent choice for a secondary attacker and support piece (literally! He has Support on his late-dial!), as well as an excellent core for any Atlantis-Keyword-ed team!

And lastly. let’s not overlook that sinister tentacle rising form the Deep! Aquaman’s Tentacle Whip Special Power gives him the benefit of an 8 Range with an unblocked Line of Fire so long as his target occupies water terrain!

So get kraken (see what I did there?) and start planning how Aquaman will help your latest invasion of the surface world at your next local tournament and join us next week as we ramp up the previews and prepare for the Brightest Day release!

Announcements Heroclix Preview

After the Blackest Night, comes the Brightest Day!

Hello HeroClixer’s!

With just a week to go, there’s been a lot of buzz regarding the Brightest Day Action Pack.  What better way to celebrate its impending release than by showcasing some of the figures?!

Some of you had the opportunity to ask questions and see the figures on display at GenCon and your feedback was very positive.  We’re very happy with the set and we know that you will love playing with these figures!

As you know, at the conclusion of the Blackest Night event, 12 Heroes and Villains were brought back from the beyond, and there appears to be a mysterious agenda set forth for them.  The Brightest Day year-long series spotlights these Heroes and Villains as they attempt to make sense of their resurrections, as well as work out what this agenda could be.

All we know for sure is that it’s great to have such wonderful characters to work with! Now, without further adieu, here’s our first preview: Hawkgirl! (click on image below)

Hawkgirl has enjoyed a long and celebrated history.  Originally an Egyptian princess, now she is a reincarnated warrior fighting for the forces of Good against foes both modern and ancient.  As her story unfolds in the Brightest Day comic, you can use Hawkgirl to fight for victory at your local game store’s events!

As you can see, Hawkgirl’s strengths are definitely in close-quarters fighting.  Her Master Aerial Combatant Trait is certainly useful when targeting your opponents’ fliers, and the opening click of Super Strength and Charge make for a great combined asset.

Also, later on in her dial Hawkgirl demonstrates her skills with ancient weapons (represented by both Flurry and Blades/Claws/Fangs) as well as her decades of experience fighting hand-to-hand (Close Combat Expert).

Lastly, Hawkgirl’s consistent combat values  and the late dial Regneration helps ensure that she can continue the fight and bring justice on swift wings to those who oppose you!

Stay tuned in the coming days for even more exciting previews from Brightest Day as we prepare for the set’s release, and keep on Clix’ing!