Star Trek Tactics II

Star Trek HeroClix Tactics II: The Gor Portas!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Welcome back as we bring you another preview from the upcoming Star Trek HeroClix: Tactics IIToday we go inside the Dominion to look at a ship from the Breen Confederacy that utilized technology to penetrate Federation shields, the Gor Portas. 


The Breen adapted old technology to get around Federation shields, and this is represented on the Gor Portas with a trait called Energy Dissipator, which allows it to use Outwit on Impervious, Invulnerability, or Toughness, and when it does, that power is countered on all opposing ships within 5 squares.

The Gor Portas has a bit of offensive punch to start its dial as it begins play with a couple clicks of Range Combat Expert, paired with an 8 range.  Defensively, Energy Shield Deflection will make it harder to hit with range attacks.  Mid dial, Gor Portas gains another level of defense as Range Combat Expert is replaced with Shape Change, to allow it to attempt to avoid attacks.  At this point,  Gor Portas has its highest printed damage values.   At the end of its dial, Energy Shield Deflection is dropped, as Shape Change will be its only protection.

Gor Portas Has the Dominion keyword, which allows a ship using this team ability or sharing a keyword to deal 1 penetrating to an opposing ship within 2 squares when a friendly ship using this team ability is KO’d.  Gor Portas can be played in theme on teams built around the Breen, Dominion, and Soldier keywords.  At 75 points, a spot can be found on a lot of forces that can take advantage of its unique use of Outwit.

Thanks for joining us today.  Star Trek HeroClix Tactics II releases in stores everywhere this Wednesday, January 23rd so get ready to soar into the Final Frontier!