DC HeroClix: Streets of Gotham Preview

DC HeroClix Streets of Gotham Birds of Prey Team Pack!

Happy release day HeroClix Fans!

To celebrate the release of DC HeroClix: Streets of Gotham, we are pleased to show you the Birds of Prey team pack!  First up for this trio of figures is Black Canary!


Coming in at 84 points, Black Canary begins play with a trait, On the Run Together.  When Black Canary is adjacent to a friendly figure with which she shares a keyword, her attack and defense values are modified by +1.  Black Canary has two keywords (Birds of Prey and Martial Artist) to work with On the Run Together and to aid with theme-team building.

Moving onto Black Canary’s dial, she begins with a range of four squares and can target two characters with her ranged attacks.  Black Canary also starts with two clicks of a special power, Spinning Kick, which lets her use Charge and Flurry and makes her a fearsome close combat opponent.  Those clicks are paired with Incapacitate in her attack slot as she unleashes a focused Canary Cry.  In Black Canary’s defense slot, she begins with Combat Reflexes to give her an edge in hand-to-hand combat.

Once Black Canary is off her top two clicks, she switches from fighting up close to attacking from range.  Running Shot occupies her speed slot for the remainder of her dial as she moves then makes ranged attacks.  In Black Canary’s attack slot, she switches from Incapacitate to Energy Explosion as she lets loose a wide scream.  Energy Explosion also appears on Black Canary’s last click.  Sandwiched between the Energy Explosion clicks are two clicks of Pulse Wave as she lets loose her Canary Cry!  Defensively, Black Canary drops Combat Reflexes in favor of Toughness as she remains steadfast in dishing out some pain to opposing figures.  However, Combat Reflexes returns on her last two clicks.

In her damage slot, Black Canary begins with Enhancement to boost the damage values of friendly characters making ranged attacks.  That’s followed by Exploit Weakness as Black Canary’s martial arts knowledge allows her to pinpoint her opponents’ weak spots.  This pattern of powers repeats itself for the remainder of Black Canary’s dial.

Black Canary has the Batman Ally team ability, which lets her use Stealth.  She makes a viable choice as a second- or third-string attacker and her defense values (which never drop below 16) should keep opposing characters stymied while the other two Birds of Prey do their thing.

Speaking of Black Canary’s teammates, let’s take a look at Starling!


The first thing you’ll notice about Starling is the Improved plus on her tampo.  On her card, she has an Improved Movement combat ability called Just Run Through It! which allows her to ignore hindering terrain while moving.  Starling also has a trait, I’ll Drive Us Straight Through That Wall, which lets her use the Carry ability.  And when Starling moves, she may ignore the effects of one object or one square of blocking terrain for movement purposes.  If she does, after she finishes her move, the object or square of terrain is destroyed.

Starling comes into play with a range of five squares and can target a single character with her ranged attacks.  Her dial begins with two clicks of Running Shot.  On those same clicks but in her damage slot is Perplex.

Mid-dial, Running Shot is followed by two clicks of Charge as Starling flirts with danger and switches from ranged attacks to close-combat fighting.  Perplex is replaced by Exploit Weakness as Starling boasts that she knows a thousand ways to make her opponents bleed!

Finally, on her last two clicks Starling drops Charges and gains Plasticity as she keeps opposing figures from fleeing.  Close Combat Expert in her damage slot represents her lack of hesitation to fight dirty.

Starling has the Batman Ally team ability, just like Black Canary.  In addition, Starling has the Birds of Prey and Spy keywords to give you options when including her on a themed force.  Starling’s I’ll Drive Us Straight Through That Wall trait will help her teammates quickly get into position.  At 75 points, Starling leaves plenty of room for other attackers on a force, like the third character found in the Birds of Prey team pack, Katana!


Katana comes into play at 71 points and, like her team pack teammates, has the Batman Ally team ability.  Katana begins her dial with a short run of Leap/Climb in her speed slot as she gets where she needs to be.  In her attack slot Katana has Blades/Claws/Fangs to represent her trusty sword.  Defensively, Katana has the Indomitable combat ability, which allows her to use Willpower, and starts her dial with Super Senses as she parries opposing characters’ attacks.  Exploit Weakness occupies Katana’s initial damage slot as she thrusts a sword through the spirit of her enemies.

Once Katana is off her top click she switches from Blades/Claws/Fangs in favor of a special power called Sweeping Slash!  This special power allows Katana to use Quake.  When she does, roll a d6 and subtract 2 from the result (the power has a minimum result of 2).  Hit characters are dealt the result instead of 2.  This attack does not knock back characters.  Sweeping Slash appears on Katana’s dial for three clicks, with Blades/Claws/Fangs returning for her last two clicks.

Starting with her second click, Katana drops Super Senses and gains Combat Reflexes to represent her relentless training.  Super Senses, however, returns on her final click.  Outwit also appears on Katana’s second click and represents her conversations in Japanese with her husband’s soul, which she believes resides in her sword.

With the Birds of Prey, Martial Artist, and Outsiders keywords, Katana is not to be trifled with and makes a viable attacker for her point cost.  Katana’s defensive values up front make her difficult to hit while her Sweeping Slash special power can hurt multiple opponents.

Thanks for reading! Please join us next time as we reveal more secrets from upcoming HeroClix releases! Until then, keep your clicks off their KOs!

DC HeroClix: Streets of Gotham Preview

DC HeroClix Streets of Gotham: Huntress!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Today’s DC HeroClix: Streets of Gotham preview brings us to the oft-black sheep of the “Batman Family” of Gotham City vigilantes.  Making her long-awaited return to HeroClix, we bring you Helena Bertinelli, aka the Huntress! 

As seen in the pages of DC Comics’ Birds of Prey, Huntress has no qualms about employing more violent crime fighting methods on the criminals who cross her path.  To demonstrate Huntress’ training and tactics, she starts with two clicks of Running Shot as she keeps her crossbow at the ready.  Huntress’ tough stance on crime manifests itself as three clicks of Flurry as opposing characters nurse shattered jaws and broken noses.

In her damage slot, Huntress starts with a special power that reduces the movement of her targets.  With Kneecapping Isn’t Killing, Huntress can use Close Combat Expert.  When Huntress hits a target with a ranged combat attack, modify the target’s speed value by -2 until the beginning of your next turn.  Kneecapping Isn’t Killing appears on Huntress’ first two clicks, and then reappears on click 4.  Perplex appears in the damage slot on her other clicks.

Defensively, Huntress has Willpower on all but her first click.

Huntress comes in at 59 points and possesses a range value of five squares.  She has the Batman Ally team ability, which allows her to use Stealth, and she makes a viable addition to Batman Family and Birds of Prey theme teams.

Thanks for reading!  Please join us for our next DC HeroClix: Streets of Gotham preview as we visit a former member of the Gotham City Police Department with an unbeatable poker face!

DC HeroClix: Streets of Gotham Preview

DC HeroClix Streets of Gotham – Assassins Team Pack

Greetings HeroClix Fans! 

Today we begin our previews of the upcoming DC HeroClix: Streets of Gotham set by looking into one of the highlights of the set, team packs.  The team pack we show off today will highlight a group of assassins, one-a previously unclixed character, the second-a fan requested character not seen since DC HeroClix: Cosmic Justice, and the third-a fan favorite villain.

The first character in the team pack is the father of Cassandra Cain, the Black Bat, and is considered one of the world’s premier assassins, David Cain.   

David Cain begins play with a trait called Deadly Mentor, that says “As you reveal your force, choose a friendly character with a lower point value; David Cain can use Enhancement, Leadership, and Perplex, but he can only affect the chosen character. David Cain can use Shape Change when he is adjacent to the chosen character.” With his power set, and this trait, he will pair especially well with one of a number of figures with Sharpshooter combat ability that cost less than David Cain.  And speaking of the Sharpshooter combat ability, David Cain has it as well as the Indomitable combat ability, and Improved Movement: Hindering Terrain.

David Cain has a full dial of Stealth to keep lines of fire blocked to him, while still enjoying his full movement with his Shadowy Assassin titled Improved Movement ability.  As most opponents will have to base him to attack him, David Cain has Combat Reflexes to make him harder to hit.  Offensively, David Cain is going to make sure damage sticks weather from range or up close, with Exploit Weakness and Penetrating/Psychic Blast, backed with an 8 range and again, the Sharpshooter combat ability.

Mid-dial, David Cain starts planning his escape with Smoke Cloud, and loses printed defensive powers.  On his last couple of clicks, Outwit will allow him to deprive your opponent of a key power.

The Batman Enemy team ability will allow David Cain to share his solid attack values with other allies using this team ability.  At 76 points, David Cain will find a spot on many theme teams with the Assassin, League of Assassins, Martial Artist, and Soldier keywords.

A solid tie up piece or secondary attacker, made better by his trait, David Cain will shine with a lower point tie up piece of his own, for example the mother of Cassandra Cain, and early mentor of Tim Drake, Lady Shiva!


Lady Shiva begins play using her only click of Charge to take the fight straight to your opponent.  This plays very nicely with a couple of clicks of Blades/Claws/Fangs and her printed 11 and 12 attack values.  (Were you playing her adjacent to David Cain to make those attack values 12 and 13?)  Combat Reflexes, a printed 18 defense and careful placement will make Lady Shiva very challenging for your opponent to hit her back. 

Her second click sees a special power called The Leopard Blow – A Warrior’s Death.  This special power allows Lady Shiva to use Flurry, and when she does and rolls doubles, she deals penetrating damage.  This special power, along with Blades/Claws/Fangs and a 12 attack, gives Lady Shiva the ability to inflict serious damage!  At this point, Super Senses gives her the ability to avoid attacks.  Leap/Climb will allow Lady Shiva to reposition to where she will do the most good with ease.  At the end of her dial, Steal Energy can allow Lady Shiva to heal back to the middle of her dial.

Lady Shiva has plenty of theme team options with the Assassin, Birds of Prey, League of Assassins, and Martial Artist keywords.  With an aggressive power set, attack values that never see single digits, and at 67 points, earning her a Unique ring,  Lady Shiva can easily fit onto any team you choose to include her.

The last character in this theme pack is a villain who manipulated Cassandra Cain into taking over the League of Assassins and conspired with David Cain to cripple the meta-hero community, a master assassin in his own right, Deathstroke!


Deathstroke has an Improved Movement: Hindering Terrain ability, which works very well with his special power, that we will get to in a bit, as well the Sharpshooter combat ability, and the Indomitable combat ability.  The Calculator team ability will allow him to use the team abilities of other friendly characters, for example, David Cain from this team pack. 

Deathstroke begins play utilizing a special power called Attack From Cover, that allows him to use Stealth, and as long as he occupies hindering terrain, both Charge and Running Shot.  The ability to ignore hindering terrain per his Improved Movement ability called Know Your Terrain, is a huge asset to this special power working well.   A printed 6 range with 3 targets is a great combo to use with Energy Explosion.  A string of Perplex will allow Deathstroke to provide a stat boost (or decrease) where it will be most useful to himself or his allies.  An opening run of Toughness will allow Deathstroke to reduce a bit of damage.

Mid-dial, Deathstroke begins to see his power set shift as Blades/Claws/Fangs appears for a couple of clicks.  On his next click, all dial opening powers are replaced as Deathstroke becomes a bit of a close combat machine.  Pairing well with his B/C/Fs is Flurry, giving him the potential to deal a good chunk of damage.  A run of Combat Reflexes will make him more challenging to hit in close combat.  Outwit shows off Deathstroke’s ability to out think most opponents he comes up against.  The end of his dial sees Deathstroke able to deal penetrating damage in a couple of forms as Penetrating/Psychic Blast is on his last few clicks, and Exploit Weakness is on the closing click.  Leap/Climb at this point will allow Deathstroke to reposition to best utilize his attack powers, or beat a hasty retreat to use his end dial Regeneration. 

Deathstroke will be a great center piece on any theme team based around the Assassin, Martial Artist, Society, and Soldier keywords, or any team you want to take advantage of his wild card team ability.  At 147 points, there is room to add support figures to your force. 

Coming in at 290 points, this team pack is playable right out of the package, and will be a very efficient team with great combat values and power sets that compliment and work well with each other.  And, it can be used as either an Assassin or Martial Artist theme team.

That’s all for today.  Check back soon as we continue to preview figures from the upcoming DC HeroClix: Streets of Gotham and DC HeroClix: Batman sets!

DC HeroClix: Streets of Gotham Preview

DC HeroClix Streets of Gotham: Dove!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Our series of previews for the upcoming DC HeroClix: Streets of Gotham set continues with a look at one of the agents chosen by the Lords of Chaos and Order.  Please welcome the Avatar of Peace, Dove!

As the Avatar of Peace, Dove’s dial has zeroes on each click of her damage slot to emphasize that she prefers peaceful solutions to conflicts – unlike her headstrong partner Hawk!  However, by no means is Dove and she hits the battle map with a trait, Use Your Strength Against You, which represents her ability to judge people and quickly anticipate how they act and behave.  When Dove makes a close combat attack, Use Your Strength Against You allows her to replace her damage value with the printed damage value of the target.

Dove begins her dial with two clicks of Charge in her speed slot as she transforms from her public identity of Dawn Granger and enters dangerous situations as the Lord of Order’s agent.  On those same two clicks Dove also has a special power, Agile Defender, which allows her to use Defend and Super Senses.  In her damage slot Dove starts with two clicks of Exploit Weakness as she shows Hawk that clean, precise strikes are also effective in combat.

Mid-dial, Dove drops Agile Defender in favor of two clicks of Toughness that represents the enhanced durability bestowed upon her by the Lords of Chaos and Order.  Dove also switches from Exploit Weakness to Close Combat Expert as she knocks her opponent into a peaceful slumber.

On Dove’s last two clicks she picks up Flurry as she demonstrates that she prefers speed over strength.  Regeneration appears on Dove’s last click as she heals herself from serious injuries.

Dove comes in at 86 points and has the Batman Ally team ability.  In addition, Dove has three keywords (Birds of Prey, Brightest Day, and Mystical) that are helpful when including her on a themed force.  Dove makes a viable choice as a secondary attacker and defender, and Use Your Strength Against You should make opposing players think twice as to which characters they select to take her in close combat.

Thanks for reading!  Please join us next time as we preview more characters from the DC HeroClix: Streets of Gotham set.  Until then, may all your Super Senses rolls be successful!

DC HeroClix: Streets of Gotham Preview

DC HeroClix Streets of Gotham: Black Canary!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Our previews for the DC HeroClix: Streets of Gotham countertop display set continue today with a former Justice League chairwoman and a valued member of Oracle’s Birds of Prey squad.  Please welcome Dinah Lance, aka Black Canary!

Coming in at 62 points, Black Canary hits the battle map with an Improved Movement ability, Hard To Pin Down, which allows her to ignore characters when she moves.  She also has a range of three.  Black Canary begins her dial with Leap/Climb in her speed slot and Combat Reflexes in her defense slot.

In her attack slot is a special power, Canary Cry, which lets her use Incapacitate.  When she uses it to make a close combat attack, Black Canary modifies her attack value by +2 and all adjacent opposing characters are targeted.  Canary Cry appears on Black Canary’s dial for her first three clicks.

On her second click, Black Canary trades in Leap/Climb for two clicks of Flurry as she uses Judo strikes to hurt her opponent.  Leap/Climb returns on Black Canary’s fourth click.  Combat Reflexes sticks around until Black Canary’s third click, when she picks up Willpower for the remainder of her dial.

Mid-dial, Black Canary’s advanced martial arts training reveals itself as she picks up Exploit Weakness in her damage slot.  On her last two clicks, Black Canary trades in Exploit Weakness for Close Combat Expert as she shows people that she was named Justice League chairwoman for a reason.

At 62 points, Black Canary makes a lean, mean secondary attacker who can pin down clusters of opposing characters with her Canary CryBlack Canary has an array of keywords (Birds of Prey, Justice League, Justice League International, and Martial Artist) that open up team building options.

Thanks for reading!  Please join us next time as we reveal more secrets from the DC HeroClix: Streets of Gotham standalone expansion.  Until then, keep your clicks of their KOs!

DC HeroClix 10th Anniversary Preview

DC HeroClix: 10th Anniversary – Blue Beetle!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Bwah-ha-ha-ha-ha! We continue our series of previews for the DC HeroClix: 10th Anniversary set by shining the spotlight on a wisecracking member of Justice League International who is also one-half of the “Blue and Gold” team with Booster Gold.  Please welcome Ted Kord, better known as Blue Beetle!

This version of Blue Beetle comes in at 55 points and is based on his appearance in the DC HeroClix: Hypertime set.  Blue Beetle starts with three clicks of Force Blast in his movement slot to showcase his Judo skills.  Leap/Climb appears on his last two clicks and represents his daily superhero training.  Defensively, Blue Beetle starts with three clicks of Toughness to represent the protective suit he created.

Blue Beetle’s primary weapon (aside from his sense of humor), the BB Gun, is represented in his attack slot.  BB Gun, Setting 1 (Energy Explosion) appears on the first three clicks of Blue Beetle’s dial while BB Gun, Setting 2 (Incapacitate) shows up on his fourth click.  Blue Beetle also has the Sharpshooter combat ability, which allows him to make ranged attacks while adjacent to opposing characters, and a range of seven with three targets.

This version of Blue Beetle has a mix of generic and named keywords (Birds of Prey, Justice League International, Martial Artist, and Scientist) that make it easy to incorporate him on many teams.  Like other characters in the DC HeroClix: 10th Anniversary set, Blue Beetle also has a Battlefield Promotion trait that allows him to switch into a Modern Age version.  With Battlefield Promotion: Pass the Torch, when Blue Beetle hits one or more opposing characters, place a Promotion Token on his character card after actions resolve.  You may then roll a d6 that can’t be rerolled and add 1 for each Promotion Token on the character card.  On a result of 8 or more, replace #016 Blue Beetle with #009 Blue Beetle on the same click number.

After Ted Kord was brutally murdered by Maxwell Lord, Jaime Reyes took up the name Blue Beetle and continued his predecessor’s legacy.  This version of Blue Beetle clocks in at 94 points and begins play with a trait called The Scarab.  With this trait, the first time in a game when Blue Beetle would take three of more damage from an attack, he does not take the damage and is instead given an action token.

Blue Beetle starts his dial with two clicks of Running Shot in his movement slot and Toughness in his defense slot.  He also has a range of six and can target one character with ranged attacks. To represent his adjustment to the Scarab that grants him his powers, Blue Beetle starts with the ability to attack with Mystical Energy (Penetrating/Psychic Blast) on his first click, then is surprised by his use of Pulse Wave on click two.  A special power, Dimensional Perception, appears for two clicks in Blue Beetle’s damage slot that allows him to use Probability Control, but only for attack rolls where he is the attacker or a target of the attack.

Mid-dial, Blue Beetle retains Toughness for one more click, then switches over to Willpower for two clicks as he honors Ted Kord’s legacy. On those same two clicks, he gains Enhancement to help boost damage values of adjacent friendly characters. In his attack slot he gains another special power, The Scarab Awakened.  At the beginning of your turn, roll a d6.  On a result of 5-6, until your next turn Blue Beetle modifies his attack value by +2, can use Blades/Claws/Fangs, and possesses Battle Fury. The Scarab Awakened appears for two clicks.

On Blue Beetle’s last two clicks, Pulse Wave and Penetrating/Psychic Blast respectively return to the attack slot. Phasing/Teleport becomes his movement power of choice while Outwit appears in his damage slot on click five. On click six, Dimensional Perception takes over for Outwit in the damage slot while Regeneration appears as his defense to show Max Lord that this Blue Beetle’s not going away anytime soon!

Blue Beetle has the Mystics team ability and a trio of keywords (Armor, Mystical, and Teen Titans) that offer options when team building.  At 94 points and with a pair of fun special powers, Blue Beetle makes an effective attacker for many teams!

That’s all we have today! Please join us next time for our next DC HeroClix: 10th Anniversary preview.  Until then, don’t leave Guy Gardner alone with your Clix!

DC HeroClix 10th Anniversary Preview

DC HeroClix 10th Anniversary: Batgirl and Oracle!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Today we continue our previews of DC HeroClix: 10th Anniversary with one of Gotham City’s most popular and prominent caped crusaders, Barbra Gordon, the Batgirl!

Batgirl begins play moving about the map with ease by using her Leap/Climb, and as she possesses the Batman Ally team ability, her use of Stealth won’t be hindering her mobility at all.  If there is no hindering terrain available, Batgirl can use Smoke Cloud to provide some for herself and any allies also using the Batman Ally team ability.  Combat Reflexes will make her harder to hit in close combat.  On her second click, Batgirl switches things up a little as she shows her fighting spirit with Flurry to pummel her foes.  Perplex also shows up to be applied to whatever combat value will most help her or her allies.  As Batgirl loses her Smoke Cloud, she goes back to Leap/Climb, which she will continue to alternate between with Flurry for the rest of her dial.

At the end of her dial, Batgirl sees her last click of Combat Reflexes, and sees a new power on her dial, Incapacitate, allowing her to attack in close combat or use her printed 4 range.    On her last click Batgirl has one more click of Perplex. 

Paying homage to DC HeroClix: Unleashed #050, Batgirl has the Batman Family, Gotham City, and Martial Artist keywords, giving her some useful theme team options.  At 42 points, she will be a useful support figure on any team you choose to include her on.

And like all of the “early appearance” character versions found in this set, Batgirl (#006) has a trait linking his two figural representations together.   Battlefield Promotion: Oracle which states ” When Batgirl hits one or more opposing characters, after actions resolve, place a Promotion Token on his character card. You may then roll a d6 that can’t be rerolled and add 1 for each Promotion Token on his character card; on a result of 8 or higher, replace this character with DC10th Oracle on the same click number.”

Let’s have a look at Oracle, shall we?

First off, Oracle has a trait called My Eyes Are Everywhere.  This trait states “If Oracle is not adjacent to an opposing character and is either in her starting area or on elevated terrain, she can draw lines of fire and count range and squares from the square of any single friendly character that has the Batman Family, Birds of Prey or Justice League keyword.”

Oracle has a special power called The Mystery of the Oracle.   This power allows Oracle to be given a power action to choose Outwit, Perplex, or Probability Control. She can use the chosen power until the beginning of her next turn.  This power runs the entire length of her dial.  Keeping Oracle in relative safety is her Batman Ally team ability, allowing her to use Stealth.  A mix of Willpower, representing her never give up attitude, and Combat Reflexes, (she is a trained martial artist and has developed amazing upper body strength due to her wheelchair) are the other powers on her dial.

Oracle has the Batman Family, Birds of Prey, Gotham City, Justice League, and Martial Artist keywords, giving her plenty of theme team options, but the most useful are the ones that work with her trait.  At 73 points, Oracle is sure to be a valuable asset to your force.

Thanks for reading and be sure to check back soon as we continue to preview figures from more exciting HeroClix releases coming soon to a store near you!