Yu-Gi-Oh! HeroClix: Series One

Yu-Gi-Oh! HeroClix Series One: Berserk Gorilla!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Today we have a preview from the Yu-Gi-Oh! HeroClix: Series One set coming to a retailer near you this February! Today’s preview character is Berserk Gorilla, so lets show why you’ll go ape for him!


At a chest beating 70 points and 6 clicks of life, Berserk Gorilla will swing around his opponents show you who really is king of the jungle, and that’s no Baloo! He has Improved Movement: ignores elevated terrain, hindering terrain, and ignore characters to start with.  His top click has an 8 movement with Charge, a 10 attack with Super Strength, a 17 defense with Toughness, and a 3 damage with Battle Fury. Because he ignores hindering, don’t be afraid to drop the object in the square he’s in for an added defense from range.

To show he’s not monkeying around, Berserk Gorilla has Indomitable, so be ready to use his Improved Movement to push for another attack using Charge to grab another object! On his second and third clicks he swings away from Charge and into Flurry instead.  He’ll lose Super Strength on his third click, but with Flurry still on his dial, no one will quickly get rid of this monkey on their back!

With Close Combat Expert on his fourth click, you can give his attack and damage a needed boost. Clicks 5 and 6 have trade out Toughness for Combat Reflexes, because when this 900-pound gorilla sits in your room, he’s going to sit really close to you!  Remember to use his Battle Fury when he attacks to ignore Shape Change on your opponent, it would be bananas if you didn’t!

A fun 300-point team would be YGO002 Berserk Gorilla, ASM031B Alyosha Kraven, GG039 Cosmo, WXM029 Sauron, and SNB005 Lockheed for a total of 298 points. Alyosha Kraven can give characters a free move action with her special attack power, so getting Sauron carrying Gulyadkin and using TK on Berserk Gorilla with Cosmo can give you a good first strike capability.  All three could be moved/placed 8-9 squares out and then be potentially given power actions to use Charge. That’s some serious monkey business!

That’s all we have for today, but be ready for another injection of the Yu-Gi-Oh! HeroClix: Series One next week!