Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles HeroClix: Shredder's Return

TMNT HeroClix: Shredder’s Return – Bebop

Greetings HeroClix fans, and welcome to an exciting preview from the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles HeroClix: Shredder’s Return set! Today, we’re taking a look at the pre and post-mutation versions of half of one of the most well known villainous duos the Turtle’s have faced, Bebop!

 TMNT HeroClix: Shredder's Return - Bebop

In his pre-mutation form, Bebop is a 50-point piece, with 5 clicks of life, and Improved Movement: Ignores Hindering Terrain. Being a big fan of the tire iron, he is a focused close combat piece, with the standard powers Charge, Flurry, Precision Strike, Combat Reflexes, Toughness, and Exploit Weakness to his credit. Of course, Bebop wouldn’t be the Bebop we all know and love without a way to mutate into his mohawked warthog self – and that’s via his Volunteer to Become Stronger trait. This trait states that when Bebop KO’s an opposing character, rolls a critical hit, or is healed, after actions resolve, you place a Mutagen token on his card and you may roll a d6 that can’t be rerolled. If the result plus the number of Mutagen tokens is 7 or more, replace this character with a character on the same click number named Bebop with a point value of 100 or less, then heal the character 1 click. TMNT HeroClix: Shredder's Return - Bebop

In his mutated form, Bebop is a 70-point piece, with 9 clicks of life and a range of 4 squares. His dial is bisected by a defensive power called Banished which appears on his sixth click of life, and transitions his play style drastically. Banished is a stop click, and states that for the rest of the game, Bebop can’t be healed. Before the stop click, Bebop is comfortable in either close or ranged combat situations, with the powers Charge, Sidestep, Invulnerability, Toughness, Perplex, Ranged Combat Expert, and Enhancement. After the stop click comes into play, he sees his damage output drop to zero, but in exchange for that he picks up Support to go along with his already present Sidestep and Toughness.

That’s it for today, ‘Clix fans! Tune in next time for more exciting previews as the release date of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles HeroClix: Shredder’s Return comes ever closer!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles HeroClix: Heroes in a Half Shell

TMNT HeroClix: Heroes in a Half Shell – Bebop

Greetings HeroClix fans!

Today we are kicking off previews of the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles HeroClix: Heroes in a Half Shell set. We are pleased to bring you a popular villain who, alongside his pal Rocksteady, frequently fumbles the orders of the Turtles’ arch nemesis, Shredder.  Making his highly anticipated HeroClix debut, please welcome the bumbling mutated warthog with a purple Mohawk, Bebop!

TMNT HeroClix: Heroes in a Half Shell - Bebop

With a sculpt based on the 1987 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles animated series, Bebop has the standard speed, attack, defense and damage symbols.  He can also shoot a single target up to five squares away.  If you wish to include Bebop on a themed team, he has the Foot Clan, TMNT Villain, Animal and Brute keywords as options.

Bebop has a solid set of combat values to go with his standard powers.  However, it’s his traits that really make him shine.  His first trait, So My Part Of The Plan Was What?, lets him use Willpower if a friendly character named Shredder is on the map.  Additionally, the trait lets friendly characters Shredder or Rocksteady use Enhancement, but only to boost Bebop or RocksteadyBebop’s second trait, Uh… Did I Screw Up Again?, allows you to place an Incompetent Idiot Token on his card when he misses an attack.  If he collects enough tokens, he can use a free action to remove them and heal two clicks of a teammate with whom he shares a keyword.

Bebop’s power set sees him start as a ranged attacker with Running Shot and Energy Explosion. Then he switches mid-dial to a close attacker with Charge and Super StrengthSidestep and Regeneration on Bebop’s last click let him slink away to safety or heal to prolong a fight.

At 80 points, Bebop leaves you with plenty of room to include teammates like Shredder and Rocksteady, both of whom can benefit from Bebop’s So My Part Of The Plan Was What? trait.  Don’t be frustrated if Bebop misses his attacks as it will allow him to collect Incompetent Idiot Tokens and potentially heal his teammates.

Thanks for reading!  Join us again as we reveal more exciting characters and highlight strategies and team builds from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles HeroClix: Heroes in a Half Shell set.  Until then, keep calm and shred on!