DC HeroClix: Teen Titans Preview

DC HeroClix Teen Titans: Arrowette!

Greetings Heroclix Fans!

Today we will continue our previews of the upcoming DC Heroclix: Teen Titans set with the ever wonderful Arrowette!


Arrowette starts her dial off with Stealth, a 10 attack, 17 defense with Energy Shield/Deflection, and a special attack power called Piercing Shot. Piercing Shot says: “During the beginning of your turn, Arrowette can use Outwit but can only counter defense powers. If she does, she may only target that opposing character this turn.” Arrowette also possesses the ever-useful Sharpshooter combat ability, allowing her to make ranged attacks against opponents who decide to base her, otherwise Arrowette enjoys two targets at 7 range (or 8 range with Incapacitate if you’re playing a Golden Age game and using the Starstruck Admirer Feat)!

Mid-dial Arrowette switches tactics as she gains both Willpower and Ranged Combat Expert with a 2 base damage. This enables Arrowette to potentially make ranged combat attacks for 4 damage two turns in a row without fear of taking pushing damage.  Also mid-dial, we see that  Arrowette briefly gains Flurry for a single click, which will allow her to close combat attack twice a turn.

Late-dial, Arrowette possesses Combat Reflexes which will help out her 15 Defense when attacked up close. She also gains Close Combat Expert to represent her fiery temper, which will make her more of a threat up close as well. Finally, Arrowette also gets some Leap/Climb so you can maneuver her where she can best take advantage of these powers.

At only 68 points, Arrowette is a fantastic secondary or tertiary attack piece.  Her combination of ranged abilities as well as Stealth and mobility make her ideal to make ranged combat attacks against opponents tied down by her teammates, and her combat values remain consistent for her entire dial making her ideally suited for inclusion on Celebrity, Martial Artist, or Young Justice theme teams.

Thanks for joining us today and please keep checking back as we show you more of the DC HeroClix: Teen Titans set. Until next time, keep those dice rolling.