Marvel HeroClix: Age of Ultron SLOP

Marvel HeroClix: Age of Ultron- Ultron (Age of Ultron & Drone)

arGreetings Wretched Sufferer of Flesh,

Today the Age of Ultron is upon you. You will see the ultimate preview from the Marvel HeroClix: Age of Ultron Storyline OP. Your participation in your demise is required and you will now see how it will happen with Ultron (Age of Ultron)!

Marvel HeroClix: Age of Ultron- Ulron (Age of Ultron)

Ultron (Age of Ultron) has a dial that is 10 clicks deep for 250 points. He has the Indomitable symbol and a 9 range with 3 targets! His top 2 starting clicks are Running Shot, Energy Explosion, Invincible, and the damage special power, Hidden Mastermind of the Age of Ultron. It allows Ultron to use Mastermind, Outwit, and Stealth. These poor humans will not even see their doom coming.

Ultron has some incredible combat values, at his top dial a 9 movement, a 12 attack, 18 defense, and 5 damage. This is not the Ultron that hides and orchestrates with finesse, this is the Ultron that is the blunt instrument for release from organic life. His 5 damage lasts for three clicks and never drops below 3.

Click 3 Ultron gains Impervious and a new movement special power, Half of My Arms and Might. With it, Ultron can use Charge. Give Ultron a close combat action to make three close combat attacks with his damage value locked at his printed value. Even the “strongest there is” would be stumble beneath Ultron’s attack. Center dial Ultron has Exploit Weakness that can cut through even that buffoon Stark’s armor!

Ultron’s last 4 clicks on his dial have Flurry and Pulse Wave. Near or far, you will not be able to escape the cleansing that is Ultron! For his last 3 clicks he gains Probability Control and the defense special power I Will Destroy Everything Before I Allow My Empire to Crumble. It says Ultron can use Regeneration. On a result of a 1 – 2, after actions resolve, he can use either Flurry or Pulse Wave as a free action. Even Ultron’s failures are a success.

Marvel HeroClix: Age of Ultron- Ultron (Age of Ultron Drone)

The Drone version of Ultron has the same traits as many other drones:

Autonomous or Drone Mode Ultron costs 120 points, or costs 30 points and begins on the click #1 after the orange KO. Until KO’d, Ultron is considered 120 points and Basic Programming. When Ultron has no action tokens, its actions don’t count against your action total. When Ultron begins or ends a non-free action adjacent to a friendly character whose name includes Ultron, it can use Willpower that action.

Ultron Drone’s are more than willing to sacrifice themselves to be Mastermind fodder to further operations, and at 30 points, they are well apportioned for the task.

Top click the Ultron Drone starts as most others do, Sidestep and Invulnerability, and second click both point values have Flurry, Pulse Wave, Impervious, and Outwit. On the 120 point version, these powers mostly stay around for another 3 clicks.

End dial Ultron keeps his inferiors close with Plasticity to end them with Exploit Weakness, along with Toughness to keep them within operating parameters.

You are now witnessing your end. Do not feel guilty, you were flawed to begin with and now you shall be allowed to sleep in the Marvel HeroClix: Age of Ultron!

Marvel HeroClix: Age of Ultron SLOP

Marvel HeroClix: Age of Ultron SLOP- Goliath

HeroClix Fans!

Thanks for joining us again as we bring you another exciting preview from our upcoming Marvel HeroClix: Age of Ultron Storyline Organized Play series!  Today we take a look at another of Hank Pym’s costumed identities, this one following his stint as Giant-Man.  Please welcome Goliath!

Goliath can be played at 140, 100 or 50 points and has the Morph: Many Identities trait that both Hank Pym and Ant-Man possess.  You’ll want to note that Goliath’s version of Morph: Many Identities has an additional sentence which requires you to use his blue click numbers for the trait.

Here’s Goliath’s character card and dial:

Marvel HeroClix: Age of Ultron SLOP- Goliath

Now, let’s take a closer look at Goliath’s second trait, Enhanced Growth Potential, and his special power, Trample.

The first sentence of Enhanced Growth Potential reads, “Give Goliath a free action and until your next turn he has .”  Goliath normally has the  damage combat symbol, which lets him use the Giant Reach and Great Size abilities.  For newer HeroClix players, Giant Reach lets Goliath use the Carry ability and it adds 1 to its d6 roll when breaking away.  Additionally, when Goliath is given an action that includes a close combat attack, all squares within line of fire and a range of 2 are considered adjacent.

With Enhanced Growth Potential, Goliath can replace his  damage combat symbol with the  damage symbol, which drops Giant Reach and adds the Colossal Stamina ability.  With Colossal Stamina, Goliath automatically breaks away and can make ranged combat attacks against any opposing characters within range and line of fire, even if those characters are in adjacent squares.  Additionally, when Goliath has two action tokens Colossal Stamina allows him to still be given a non-free action; however, after actions resolve he’ll be dealt 1 unavoidable damage and does not clear action tokens at the end of the turn.

The second sentence of Enhanced Growth Potential reads, “When he does and he makes a close combat attack, he considers all squares within 3 squares and line of fire as adjacent.”  This improves upon the condition in Giant Reach that allows Goliath to treat all squares within line of fire and a range of 2 as adjacent when making close combat attacks by extending the effect to 3 squares.  This addition to Enhanced Growth Potential will come in handy as we move to our breakdown of Goliath’s Trample special power.

Trample appears in the speed slot on clicks 1, 3 and 4 of Goliath’s dial.  The first sentence reads, “Goliath can use Charge.”  On Goliath’s Trample clicks, his speed value is either 10 or 9, so his Charge movement will be five squares.  If you give Goliath a free action through Enhanced Growth Potential to replace his  damage combat symbol to the  damage symbol prior to using Charge, after he halves his movement he may then make a close combat attack and treat all squares within 3 squares and line of fire as adjacent.

But wait, there’s more with Trample!  The second sentence reads, “When he does and moves in a direct line, after actions resolve, he may make an additional close combat attack targeting all opposing characters whose square he moved through but didn’t already target with an attack this turn.”  The Great Size ability, which is granted by the  and  damage combat symbols, lets characters ignore opposing characters’ Plasticity.  It also lets them ignore elevated terrain, hindering terrain, outdoor blocking terrain when moving, and they may move through squares adjacent to or occupied by opposing characters.  With Trample, if Goliath moves in a direct line and there were opposing characters in his path, after actions resolve he may make an additional close combat attack targeting all those characters if he didn’t already target them with an attack this turn.

Finally, the last line of Trample reads, “For this attack, each hit character is dealt 3 damage.”  Super Strength is paired with Trample on Goliath’s dial so the main target of your Charge attack can eat some extra damage if you hit with an object.  However, the opposing characters in Goliath’s Trample path will only be dealt 3 damage, which is still enough to get through most damage-reducing powers.

Goliath is included in the first wave of Marvel HeroClix: Age of Ultron tournament boosters and should be a welcome addition to any force, particularly those that are built around the Avengers and/or Scientist keywords.  Goliath is a nice option for players who wish to take advantage of the Morph: Many Identities trait and should knock around plenty of opponents with his Enhanced Growth Potential trait and Trample special power.

That’s all for this sneak peek at the upcoming Marvel HeroClix: Age of Ultron SLOP set!  Stay tuned as we reveal more exciting characters in the days and weeks to come!

Marvel HeroClix: Age of Ultron

Marvel HeroClix: Age of Ultron- Avengers Assemble!


Welcome back, HeroClix fans, to another exciting preview from the countertop display of the Marvel HeroClix Avengers: Age of Ultron set based upon this summer’s upcoming blockbuster! Today, we’re going to dive into what makes the Avengers the premier team in comics and movies!

Each of the members of the Avengers are incredibly powerful – the Hulk, in particular, is a devastating force of SMASH that can destroy robotic automatons without breaking a sweat – but the real reason we’re here is to see how each of these uncanny heroes combine to create a force of immense power!

Each member of the Avengers possesses a trait called Avengers Assemble!, each with a separate but powerful ability that makes this unified team of heroes even more formidable than if they stood on their own – a true force of justice in a world beset by Ultron’s evil! Each of these traits works off of the Avengers attacking their enemies, and each has a qualifier that when the character hits one or more opposing characters with an attack, the opponent can choose a result from one of two options.

Marvel HeroClix: Age of Ultron Iron Man

First up is the head of Stark Industries and the face of the Avengers, everyone’s favorite genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist – that’s right, he is Iron Man! Ever the tinkerer, Tony’s trait allows him to either call in an #002 Iron Legion from outside the game into your starting area, or instead, you’ll be able to modify the defensive value of your friendly characters by +1 until your next turn.  This plays nicely into Tony’s second trait, The House Party Protocol, which allows Iron Man to be given a power action if there are fewer than 4 friendly undefeated characters named Iron Legion on the map – if so, you can place another Iron Legion in your starting area. Sure, while the Iron Legion might not be as well known as Tony’s affable lab robotic sidekick Dum-E, we think you’ll find their firepower more than makes up for their lack of name recognition.

Marvel HeroClix: Age of Ultron Captain America


Next is the heart and soul of the Avengers, the field leader of both the Avengers and Howling Commandos and former S.H.I.E.L.D. operative, Captain America! Ever vigilant in maintaining the safety of his people – remember, this is the man who marched an army of liberated POW’s across occupied Europe – Cap’s first ability option states that you can modify the damage value of a friendly character by +1, or instead, your opponent can decide that all opposing characters modify their attack values by -1 until your next turn.

Marvel HeroClix: Age of Ultron Thor


Verily, upon the horizon, doth come the Odinson himself, the Asgardian Avenger, Thor! The one proven worthy of hefting mighty Mjolnir, Thor’s first option is for your opponent to modify the damage values of all of their characters by -1. Conversely, as the God of Thunder and Storms, Thor’s second ability creates a fog of war for your opponents to have to sift through – the density of the storm summoned by the Thunder God prevents all opposing characters from making a ranged attack until your next turn!

Marvel HeroClix: Age of Ultron Hulk


Of course, any time you involve the cinematic version of the Avengers, you have to prepare yourself for the inevitable threat of the Hulk. A being of pure rage and decimation, Hulk is a being of imminent destruction. When Hulk is involved, your opponent will choose to either deal 1 target character 1 unavoidable damage and give it an action token, or they can choose to give Hulk an Anger token. Similar to how his starter set counterpart uses Rage tokens, this version can use his Anger tokens to avoid the unavoidable damage from pushing with Colossal Stamina, or to increase the result of a Regeneration roll. Truly, Hulk is the strongest one there is!

Marvel HeroClix: Age of Ultron Hawkeye


Providing cover from above in a fight is important, and that role is fulfilled by Hawkeye! A former S.H.I.E.L.D. Operative, Clint Barton is as comfortable with a quip as he is with a bow and arrow. Determined to prove his worth after the events of the first Avengers film, Hawkeye hits his mark by the first half of his trait, in which each hit character is dealt 1 unavoidable damage after actions resolve. With a range of 8 squares and 3 targets, Hawkeye can lay down suppression fire from across the map in support of his avenging brethren. And, if your opponent decides to not take the unavoidable damage and opts for their second option, the relentless rain of arrows from The Deadly Hawk will keep coming, because Hawkeye isn’t given an action token for his previous attack!

Marvel HeroClix: Age of Ultron Black Widow

Finally, we come to the deadly Black Widow, a stealthy loner who is used to fighting in groups and incapacitating her enemies. An infiltrator by nature who strikes and fades into the crowd on instinct, Black Widow’s first ability with her trait shows her capability to disappear after making an attack, as your opponent’s characters won’t be able to attack her until your next turn! On the other side of that, however, is your opponent being able to attack, but not being able to ignore pushing damage until your next turn – this plays nicely with her special power Widow’s Sting, which in the right circumstance allows for Black Widow to use Incapacitate twice as a free action.

So, there you have it – the signature six Avengers from the new Marvel HeroClix Avengers: Age of Ultron movie set! Each of these characters adds something powerful to an Avengers themed team, and can be paired with other Avengers from the set like Nick Fury to make truly unique and powerful squads. Until the next time we meet, let the battle cry be heard – Avengers Assemble!

Marvel HeroClix: Age of Ultron

Meet the Avengers: Age of Ultron (Part 2)

Welcome back, HeroClix fans, to the second half of our exciting series of previews for the Marvel HeroClix Avengers: Age of Ultron set, based on the surefire hit of the summer! Last time, we checked in with Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man Mk. 43, and today we’ll be digging deeper into the powers of the other core members of the Avengers – Hawkeye, Black Widow, and the Hulk!

Like their fellow Avengers, all three characters come to the battle with the Avengers Initiative team ability, allowing them the advantageous position of ignoring hindering terrain for movement and line of fire. Black Widow and Hawkeye in particular will take great advantage of this, as each comes with a trait that grants them permanent move and attack powers. Hulk, of course, is a rampaging brute, and will make use of the team ability with an entire dial where he’s able to use Charge, but more on that later.

Black Widow, Avengers, Age of Ultron

To kick things off, Black Widow opens with Improved Movement – Ignores Characters, which means that very little will be getting in Natasha’s way as she cuts a path through your opponents’ ranks. She also has a trait called Just Like Budapest All Over Again, which grants her the aforementioned use of Charge. With that, she also has an adjacency bonus with Hawkeye, where each modifies their defense value by +1 when they’re next to each other. In addition to that, she has a special attack power called Escrima Sticks and Widow Stings that really showcases her fluid fighting style, granting her the use of both Incapacitate and Quake. Finally, her special damage power, The Deadly Widow, states that she can use Close Combat Expert. With that, however, is this bonus – if she has no action tokens, she can either choose to activate it as a close combat action, or she may instead modify her attack value by an additional +1 when using it!

Hawkeye, Avengers, Age of Ultron

Her partner in all things espionage, Hawkeye, has a very similar structure to Black Widow. Being an expert marksman, he begins with Improved Targeting – Ignores Characters. Coupling with Natasha’s trait, Clint has one called You and I Remember Budapest Very Differently, which grants him a full dial of Running Shot. Much like Black Widow, he also has a qualifying bonus when adjacent to her, in which both Hawkeye and Black Widow modify their attack by +1 when they’re fighting side by side. He also has a special attack power called Explosive Arrows, which grants him the use of Energy Explosion, as well as Improved Targeting – Ignores Blocking Terrain, with the additional bonus of destroying any blocking terrain along the line of fire to the target. To close him out, he also has a special damage power called The Deadly Hawk, which grants him the use of Ranged Combat Expert. He also gains the same option as Black Widow does, wherein if he has no action tokens, he may either activate the power as a ranged combat action, or may instead modify his attack value by an additional +1 when using it.

Hulk, Avengers, Age of Ultron

Finally, we come to the SMASHing monster of the Avengers, the incredible Hulk! An indomitable force of destruction, Hulk can be run at either 250 points or 150 points. Right off the bat, he begins with a trait called Enormous Green Rage Monster, which gives Hulk both Battle Fury and Super Strength. With that, however, comes a major bonus – whenever he is the target of an attack, you will place a Rage token on his card. You are then able to give Hulk a free action, and you may choose a combat value. For each Rage token you remove from his card, you will increase the value of Movement, Attack, or Defense by 1 until your next turn. If you’d like to increase his damage, you will instead have to remove 2 Rage tokens to increase that by 1. He’s truly a force of nature, and these Rage tokens will make him an even more deadly force of destruction for your team!

Hulk also has an array of special powers that take advantage of both his trait and team ability. On movement, he has a power called Hulk SMASH! that grants him the use of Charge. However, when using it, he doesn’t have to cut his movement value in half – and moving 8, 9, or 10 squares across the map to attack while ignoring hindering terrain is a deadly combination! In addition to that, he has a special damage power called You’re Making Hulk Angry! This is a stop click power, triggered on three separate occasions. When this power appears, you will stop turning the dial and roll a d6 that can’t be rerolled. On a 1-2, you will turn the dial to click 11. On 3-4, you’ll stay on that click, and on a 5-6, you can choose to stay or go to click 11. That 11th click is a powerful one, and gives Hulk a special defensive power called Raging Out! This powers allows for him to use Impervious and Improved Movement – Ignores and Destroys Blocking Terrain as he moves through it. In addition to that, after rolling for Impervious, if Hulk would take damage, he instead removes a Rage token for each click of damage that Hulk would take. If he takes more damage than the number of Rage tokens on his card, he’s KO’d.

That closes out the previews for the Marvel HeroClix Avengers: Age of Ultron movie starter set! Be sure to pick this up and to be on the lookout for both the hobby shop and mass-market exclusive gravity feed sets – each has 5 exclusive dials available only in those locations! Until then, keep clixin’!



Marvel HeroClix: Age of Ultron

Meet the Avengers: Age of Ultron (Part 1)

Greetings HeroClix fans, and welcome to the first of our exciting previews from the upcoming Marvel HeroClix Avengers: Age of Ultron set, based upon this summer’s upcoming blockbuster! Over the next couple of days, we’ll be diving into the six figures from the movie starter set, today focusing on three signature Avengers – Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man Mk. 43!

As is tradition with the characters represented in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, all three characters come equipped with the Avengers Initiative team ability, which ensures that hindering terrain won’t be an issue when moving or drawing lines of fire – and with a range of 8 squares for Thor and a range of 7 squares with 2 targets for Iron Man, you’ll be able to fire off shots from all over the map without fear of Stealth derailing your attack. And don’t think Captain America misses out – sure, he has a range of 0 squares, but he can really take advantage of both Sidestep and Charge without having to concern himself with finding a path around hindering terrain.

MV25.5 avengers 2 starter Preview Sheets Boosters Ant Man Box Set2

Each of these characters comes with the standard powers you’d expect them to have, but we wanted to jump in a bit deeper with their special powers. Captain America, for example, begins with a trait called Shield Toss. Again, he has a range of 0 squares, but his trait states that whenever Cap makes a close combat attack, all squares within 6 squares and line of fire are considered adjacent. Steve also comes with a special power over the majority of his dial on damage called Heart of the Avengers. This power states that he can use Leadership, and may choose to use it normally, or as a power action. If it is used as a power action and is successful, he may in turn remove an action token from all friendly characters with the Avengers keyword within 6 squares!

MV25.5 avengers 2 starter Preview Sheets Boosters Ant Man Box Set3

Up next, we have the Asgardian God of Thunder, Thor, who has a versatile dial that can be played at either 150 or 100 points. The Odinson, of course, is armed with a mythical hammer, which is represented by his trait The Might of Mjolnir.  This trait states that when Thor makes an attack, you have the choice of if that attack generates knock back or not. While a relatively straightforward effect, its advantages are numerous – will that knock back of 4 squares take your opponent over the edge of a mountain, or slam them into a wall? Thor also has a special power over three clicks of his speed, called Bring the Hammer Down, which allows him to use Charge and Quake. When he uses Charge, you have the choice to not halve his speed value from it, but if you do, he may only activate Quake with the close combat action.

MV25.5 avengers 2 starter Preview Sheets Boosters Ant Man Box Set

Where things get exciting and a bit more complex is with the billionaire playboy philanthropist Iron Man Mk. 43. To start, Tony brings a trait called The House Party Protocol. Once per game, this trait allows Iron Man Mk. 43 to be given a power action that doesn’t deal pushing damage. You’ll then be allowed to bring in an Iron Legion figure (from the gravity feed of the Marvel HeroClix Avengers: Age of Ultron set) from outside of the game, and place it in a square adjacent to Tony on its red starting line. This is only a temporary benefit, however – the first time the Iron Legion takes damage, it’s removed from the game, and your opponent scores no points for its defeat. Iron Man Mk. 43 also kicks in the afterburners with his speed special power called Sometimes You Have to Run Before You Can Walk. This power states that Iron Man Mk. 43 can use Running Shot, and when he does, his speed value doesn’t get cut in half from its use.

Each of these characters brings something a little bit different to the table, with Captain America and Thor having indomitable dials that encourage pushing. In addition to that, each has a wide array of keywords, both generic and named, that will make them very versatile when branching out from just this starter set.

So, there you have it! Our first three characters from the Marvel HeroClix Avengers: Age of Ultron starter set! Be sure to stop by soon as we check in with the next three members of the Avengers. Until then, push for the win!