Preview Star Trek Tactics III

Star Trek HeroClix Tactics Series III: USS Raven and Assimilated Vessel 77139!

Greetings HeroClix fans!

Sit back as we share a tale from our upcoming Star Trek HeroClix: Tactics III set!  This is the story of the U.S.S. Raven, whose crew of exobiologists was on a mission to find and study the Borg.


Led by scientists Magnus and Erin Hansen, U.S.S. Raven has a range of 6 squares and begins its dial with two identical clicks that feature Stealth, Energy Explosion and two special powers.

The first special power, Multi-Adaptive Shielding, appears in the defense slot and represents the shielding that helped U.S.S. Raven avoid detection from both the Romulans and Borg.  Multi-Adaptive Shielding allows U.S.S. Raven once per game to take a free action and choose a keyword possessed by an opposing ship.  When U.S.S. Raven is attacked by a ship with the chosen keyword, it can use Super Senses and evades attacks on a result of 4-6!

The second special power is called Gathering Intelligence and allows U.S.S. Raven to use Perplex and Probability Control.  However, when U.S.S. Raven uses either power, it may only target opposing ships.

On its third click, U.S.S. Raven retains Stealth and Energy Explosion but it drops both Multi-Adaptive Shielding and Gathering Intelligence.  Instead, both special powers are replaced by Energy Shield/Deflection and Perplex, respectively.  On U.S.S. Raven’s last three clicks, Stealth disappears but Energy Explosion, Energy Shield/Deflection and Perplex remain.

U.S.S. Raven has the Federation team ability and keyword.  It also has the Scientist and Spy keywords, which opens its theme team building options.

But alas, the story of U.S.S. Raven does not end happily.  After covertly studying the Borg for two years, U.S.S. Raven’s multi-adaptive shielding went offline for 13 seconds, which was long enough for the Borg to spot the vessel and determine it was a threat.  U.S.S. Raven was assimilated into the Collective, which brings us to our next Tactics III ship:  Assimilated Vessel 77139!


Coming in at 50 points, Assimilated Vessel 77139 has a range of 5 squares and the Borg team ability.  Assimilated Vessel 77139 begins its dial with Charge as it locks onto a target and meets it in close combat.  The Borg’s assimilated technology has resulted in an upgraded defense for Assimilated Vessel 77139 and this is represented as Toughness on the first two clicks.  On those same two clicks, Assimilated Vessel 77139 has Exploit Weakness to bypass damage-reducing powers.

At the heart of its dial, Assimilated Vessel 77139 clamps onto opposing ships by using a short run of PlasticityAssimilated Vessel 77139 also has a special power in its attack slot called Assimilating Technology, which lets it use Poison and Steal Energy.  When Assimilated Vessel 77139 uses Poison, deal 1 additional damage to any ships marked with an Assimilation token.  Defensively, Assimilated Vessel 77139 switches from Toughness to Willpower on its last three clicks.

Assimilated Vessel 77139 naturally has the Borg and Robot keywords.  It also has the Scientist keyword and makes for an effective low-point option on teams that utilize its trio of keywords.

Thanks for reading!  Join us for our next Star Trek HeroClix: Tactics III preview as we revisit the Collective and take a look outside the box.  Until then, keep your Clix off their KOs!