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DC HeroClix TabApp: DC Super Heroes are Here!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Today, we take a closer look at the latest additions to the HeroClix TabApp familyHeroClix TabApp is a real-time super hero adventure game intended for ages 8 and up.  The big bonus is that each HeroClix TabApp figure is 100% compatible with the HeroClix game engine and comes with its own character card, and today we begin our in-depth look at the figures that comprise our first of two DC HeroClix TabApp sets with the DC Super Heroes TabApp pack.


The first figure in the set is the Man of Steel himself,  Superman, playable at either 250 or 150 points.  Superman begins play getting himself into position to use his Running Shot with a printed 7 range, and the Indomitable combat ability will allow him to act again next turn with no fear of pushing damage.   Retaliating against the Superman will be a challenge as he has an opening 19 defense with Impervious to protect him.    His second click sees him switch tactics as he now has Charge to go after any foe that attempts to escape him, and Exploit Weakness will ensure that the damage sticks.  A little further into his dial, Superman again switches tactics as he now has Hypersonic Speed to utilize his entire movement to make a close or range attack.    In this stretch, Superman changes his damage reducer to Invulnerable.

Mid-dial is where Superman’s 150 point start line is located.  He begins play (or continues on) with Hypersonic Speed, and still has a few clicks of Invulnerable to protect himself.   After this is again the effective combination of Charge and Exploit Weakness.   His next click will see the return of Running Shot, and Superman will trade damage reducers again, this time for a few clicks of Toughness. 

At the end of his dial, Superman his ability to pummel an opponent as Flurry will be on the rest of his dial.  Toughness will continue to protect Superman as his defensive values climb back to the values at the front of his dial.  On his last click, Superman can bet on his ability to damage an adjacent figure in close combat as Exploit Weakness is paired with Flurry, while being protected by his printed 19 defense, or, try to get a good roll on his Regeneration. 

Superman also possesses a trait called Strength from the Yellow Sun, which allows him to use Super Strength.  This trait goes on to say that when he uses an object in an attack, the damage is reduced by 1, and after the action resolves, the target is dealt 1 unavoidable damage.   Superman has the Justice League and Superman Ally team abilities, and can fit on many theme teams with the Justice League, Kryptonian, Metropolis, Reporter and Trinity keywords.  Or, you can download HeroClix TabApp and play the solo game for some real-time heroic action!

Next up in the DC Super Heroes  DC HeroClix TabApp set is the Caped Crusader, Batman!


Like Superman, Batman can be played at two point levels, in this case either 75 or 100 points.  First, Batman has an Improved Movement ability that allows him to ignore hindering terrain for movement purposes called Familiar Terrain.  Batman also has a trait called Hiding in the Shadows that allows a square he occupies to be considered hindering terrain for line of fire purposes if he is adjacent to a wall, blocking terrain or a square of higher elevated terrain.  This pairs very nicely with his Batman Ally team ability, and he also has the Justice League team ability.

Batman begins play with a special power on his opening clicks that lets him take the fight right to an opposing figure or two called Earth’s Greatest Fighter, which allows him to use both Charge and Flurry.  Toughness will allow him to reduce damage these clicks.  Batman has Perplex on his first click, to allow the modification of a combat value to best help himself or his team, followed by a click of Outwit to allow his to deprive an opposing figure of a key power.

Midway into Batman’s dial is his 75 point starting line.   At this point, Batman Incapacitate, which can be used with his printed 5 range, or in close combat, where he will be more challenging to hit due to his string of Combat Reflexes.  Outwit will again allow him to remove a power from an opposing figure.  His next click will again give him his Earth’s Greatest Fighter special power for a couple of clicks.  These clicks have Perplex, and then Incapacitate on them.   On his last click, Batman again has Toughness to protect him, and Outwit to be a help to the rest of your force.

Batman can easily fit onto many theme teams with the Batman Family, Justice League, Martial Artist and Trinity keywords, or can go on a solo adventure in the HeroClix TabApp game.

Last, and certainly not least, is the Warrior Princess of the Amazons, Wonder Woman!


Playable at either 75 or 150 points, Wonder Woman has a trait called Amazonian Princess that allows her to use Leadership, with the added effect that if she rolls a 6, she may remove an action token from herself or an adjacent character with the Amazon or Trinity keyword.

Wonder Woman begins play with the always potent combination of Charge and Super Strength, while she is protected from harm with Invulnerable.   The Indomitable combat ability will allow her to act without fear of pushing damage.  This combination of powers will pretty much cover the first three clicks of Wonder Woman’s dial, until she trades Charge for Plasticity and Exploit Weakness. 

Mid-dial is Wonder Woman’s 75 point starting line, which looks familiar with two clicks of Charge followed by a click of Plasticity.  Defensively, Wonder Woman gains a special power called Indestructible Bracelets, which allows her to use Energy Shield Deflection, Super Senses and Toughness.   This stretch of her dial also begins with Exploit Weakness, and then a couple of clicks of Close Combat Expert.  The end of Wonder Woman’s dial sees her again able to deal penetrating damage with closing clicks of Exploit Weakness, or she can choose to try to regain health with Regeneration.  

As with all the figures in this pack, Wonder Woman can be used to undertake her own adventure with the HeroClx TabApp download, or team up on you HeroClix force with the Amazon, Justice League, Trinity or Warrior keywords.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this first look at the HeroClix TabApp and combat dials for the DC Superheroes HeroClix TabApp packHeroClix TabApp packs will be available at Toys ‘R Us, Wal Mart,  and your friendly local game and comic stores, and you can get the HeroClix TabApp app FOR FREE  in the iTunes App Store!