DC HeroClix: Superman/Wonder Woman Strategy Article

DC HeroClix: Metropolis Team Building

Greetings HeroClix Fans,

It’s time again for another exercise in HeroClix strategy article!  Today, we’ll put together a 300-point force utilizing characters from the DC HeroClix: Superman/Wonder Woman set with the Metropolis keyword and have ties to the city’s famous newspaper, The Daily Planet.  First up is a costumed hero whose deeds have earned him a mention in The Daily Planet a time or two.  Please welcome to our Metropolis Team, Guardian!

DC HeroClix: Metropolis Team - Guardian

Guardian is a close combat character who comes in at 55 points and has the Police team ability to lower an opponent’s defense value by -1.  Guardian starts his dial with Charge and a special power called Shield Bash, which lets him use Quake.  Characters that are hit by this use of Quake are then given an action token.  Late dial, Guardian keeps opposing characters next to him by using Plasticity while Close Combat Expert packs a little extra into his punches.

Guardian also has a trait, Newsboy Guardian, which lets him use Willpower if a friendly character named Newsboy Legion is on the map.  Indeed, the next character on our force is Newsboy Legion, who comes in at a frugal 15 points.  In addition to granting Guardian with Willpower, Newsboy Legion has Smoke Cloud on all three clicks, which can potentially lower an opposing character’s attack value by -1 if they occupy one of the power’s terrain markers.  Additionally, Newsboy Legion has a special power called The World Needs to Know: Your Distractions, which drops a chosen opposing character’s speed and range values by -1 until your next turn.

DC HeroClix: Metropolis Team - Newsboy Legion

Guardian and Newsboy Legion aren’t the only characters on our force that can mess with an opposing character’s combat values.  Our next team member is Investigative Reporter, who comes in at 20 points and has a power set that includes Sidestep, Stealth, Incapacitate and WillpowerInvestigative Reporter also has a special power called The World Needs to Know: Your Failures, which lowers a chosen opposing character’s defense value by -1 until your next turn.  For just 35 points, Investigative Reporter and Newsboy Legion, can drop an opponent’s speed, range, defense and attack values by -1.

DC HeroClix: Metropolis Team - Investigative Reporter

Screwing with an opposing character’s combat values isn’t just the only trick up our force’s sleeves.  The next addition in our Metropolis Team is Clark Kent, ace reporter for The Daily PlanetClark Kent comes in at 55 points and hits the battlefield with a trait called The World Needs to Know: Your Plans, which prevents a nearby opposing character from being given power actions for a turn.  It’s a trait that should come in handy if your opponent relies upon powers like Charge, Hypersonic Speed, Running Shot, Ranged Combat Expert or Close Combat Expert which are triggered by power actions.  Clark Kent also has Probability Control and Outwit on his first two clicks, respectively, to help tilt things in your favor.

DC HeroClix: Metropolis Team - Clark Kent

Superman’s pal, Jimmy Olsen, also has a spot on our force and comes with some versatility.  Jimmy Olsen can be played at either 60 or 25 points.  We’ll be using Jimmy Olsen’ 60-point dial, which lets him start out a support piece for his first three clicks by using Perplex to modify combat values and a special power called The World Needs to Know: Your Evasions, which stops opposing characters from using Shape Change or Super Senses for a turn.  Once Jimmy Olsen reaches his fourth click, he switches from support character to attacker by picking up powers like Charge and Super Strength and gaining an appropriate increase in his combat values.

DC HeroClix: Metropolis Team - Jimmy Olsen

Lana Lang also makes the cut on our force for her trait, The World Needs to Know: All the Shocking Details… Full Coverage at 8, which prevents a nearby opposing character from having its combat values increased or replaced by a higher number.  Lana Lang can be played at either 50 or 20 points.  For our force, we’ll use her higher point value.  Like Jimmy Olsen, Lana Lang becomes a stronger attacker once she reaches her fourth click with a power set that includes Charge, Flurry, Blades/Claws/Fangs, Poison and a special power called Insect Queen Wings! which lets her use Super Senses, Toughness and the Wing speed symbol.

DC HeroClix: Metropolis Team - Lana Lang

Finally, we come to The Daily Planet’s star investigative reporter, Lois Lane, whose I Learn Secrets, That’s the Job trait blocks a nearby opposing character from using team abilities.  Coming in at 45 points, Lois Lane also has two popular powers found in the damage slot, Outwit and Perplex, to give her teammates an edge over opponents.  Additionally, opposing characters won’t be able to shoot Lois Lane thanks to her special power, Hunting Down a Lead, which prevents them from drawing lines of fire to her unless they are within two squares of her or she’s adjacent to a friendly character.

DC HeroClix: Metropolis Team - Lois Lane

This brings our Metropolis Team to an even 300 points but through a bit of substitution you can add some offensive punch by dropping Guardian and Newsboy Legion, playing Jimmy Olsen and Lana Lang at their lower point values, and adding the 100-point #001 Superman to the mix.  Doing so brings our force’s point total to 295 but also lets us use fun powers and traits like Jimmy Olsen’s Superman Signal Watch, which lets you place a friendly character named Superman adjacent to Jimmy Olsen if an opponent gets too close.  There’s also Lois Lane’s special power, He’s Here When I Need Him, which lets adjacent friendly characters named Superman use DefendHe’s Here When I Need Him is a “stop click” special power that lets you place a friendly character named Superman adjacent to Lois Lane.

Thanks for reading!  Join us again as we highlight more HeroClix team building strategies and visit your FLGS to find HeroClix events near you!  Until then, Earthbound/Neutralized for the win!