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DC HeroClix: Killer Cold Team Building

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Baby, it’s cold outside!  We’re back with a fun team build that plays off the current cold weather here at HeroClix headquarters and incorporates appropriate Modern Age characters from recent sets.  First up on our Killer Cold Team is the heat vampire Killer Frost, from the DC HeroClix: Justice League –Trinity War set!

DC HeroClix: Killer Cold- Killer Frost

Killer Frost is the highest-pointed character on our force at 121 points and can shoot two targets up to seven squares away.  Killer Frost’s Feasting on Your Fire trait should help keep her in play by letting her use Steal Energy with close or ranged attacks, and by potentially preventing opposing characters from using Steal Energy to heal.  Additionally, her Cold Snap special power assigns her attacker an action token after she’s hit by an attack, or potentially deal the attacker 1 unavoidable damage if she can’t give the action token.  Defensively, Killer Frost starts with the Ice Barricade special power, which lets her use Barrier and Energy Shield/DeflectionKiller Frost starts her dial with two clicks of Running Shot, Precision Strike and damage values of 3 so she should be able to hurt most opposing characters if her attacks hit.  Rounding out the rest of Killer Frost’s dial are Plasticity, Charge, Incapacitate, Poison, Invulnerability, Barrier and Exploit Weakness.

DC HeroClix: Killer Cold- Captain Cold

The next member of Team Killer Cold is Captain Cold, from the DC HeroClix: The Flash set!  For this team, we’re using the 100-point rare version of Captain Cold (#038) from the main set, not the 75-point version found in the Rogues Fast Forces pack.  Captain Cold can shoot two targets up to six squares away and has a Frozen Field trait that lets him place Ice Block special terrain markers to hold opposing characters in place.  Additionally, Captain Cold’s Absolute Zero special power lets him use Precision Strike to help him slip some damage past defensive powers and also lets him place an Ice Block marker in the square where he hits with an attack.  Captain Cold is one of Team Killer Cold’s more mobile members with Running Shot on his first click, followed by four clicks of Sidestep.  The rest of Captain Cold’s standard powers include Incapacitate, Toughness, Barrier, and Enhancement.

DC HeroClix: Killer Cold- Coldcast

The last character on our force has powers that are based on electromagnetism but whose name qualifies him for Team Killer Cold.  From the DC HeroClix: Superman/Wonder Woman set we’re pleased to bring you Coldcast from Justice League Elite!  Coldcast comes into play at 65 points and can shoot up to six squares away.  He starts his dial with Sidestep and Telekinesis, with the latter power coming in handy to place teammates into position for an attack or to slam objects into opponents.  Coldcast also has the Electromagnetic Pulse special power, which lets him use Pulse Wave.  Additionally, Electromagnetic Pulse can potentially mess with an opposing player’s plans by countering the defense power on each opposing character that was hit.  This should help Coldcast’s teammates punch through some damage dealt if they follow up with attacks.  The rest of Coldcast’s power set includes Running Shot, Force Blast, Toughness, Barrier and Close Combat Expert.

Killer Frost, Captain Cold and Coldcast come to 286 points and don’t share any keywords so you won’t be gaining any themed team bonuses.  To bring the Killer Cold Team closer to 300 points, you can include an item like The Helmet of Fate (7 points) from the Superman/Wonder Woman set.  In Golden Age play, you can keep the “cold” theme intact by using Mr. Freeze’s Gun from the DC HeroClix: Batman set.

DC HeroClix: Killer Cold- Helmet of Fate

In terms of basic strategy, use Coldcast’s Telekinesis to place Captain Cold or Killer Frost into position then follow up with a Running Shot attack.  Cut off your opponent’s lines of fire by using Barrier from Killer Frost‘s Ice Barricade or by having Captain Cold drop an Ice Block marker.  Don’t fret if your characters get knocked deep into their dials:  Killer Frost picks up Charge, Poison and Exploit Weakness on her last two clicks so use her in close combat.  Coldcast gains Force Blast, Electromagnetic Pulse, and Close Combat Expert on his last two clicks.  Just remember to keep your teammates out of the area of effect when using Pulse Wave from Electromagnetic Pulse.  Finally, Captain Cold ends with two clicks of Absolute Zero and Enhancement.

Thanks for reading!  Join us again as we reveal more exciting characters and highlight strategies and team builds from current and upcoming HeroClix sets! Find FLGS in the WizKids Event System to participate in HeroClix Organized Play Events, including the 2015 Winter OP, today!