Captain America Rules Question

The Captain America Player’s Guide

(and for Worlds 2011)

If you’re at your local venue buying the new Captain America set, then you are ready for the updated Player’s Guide! All of the mechanics for figures that have been released since the last guide are in there including Green Lantern Gravity Feed, Green Lantern Fast Forces, Hammer of Thor Fast Forces and Captain America. We even have the 3 Toys “R” Us exclusive figures in there!

From a game play perspective, very little has changed. There are no sweeping changes, mostly typo corrections and some more locations where we found “old” mechanics referenced. For example, since mechanics cannot be canceled, there were a number of clarifications that added a non-optional mechanic that is no longer necessary. We also  changed the name of “Alternate” team abilities to “Additional” team abilities.  Same great abilities, same abbreviation (ATA), new more accurate name!  Check them out in the  Print & Play section on the Downloads page.

A new set brings us new mechanics and new questions along with it, so we have a number of clarifications that stem from Captain America.

With the exciting “double dials” available in the 10-figure Captain America Gravity Feed, we expanded the “Starting Lines” portion to make sure it covered the different ways that alternate starting lines are executed.

Folks had a lot of questions about the cool “removable elements” from the Captain America figures. Many people wanted to know if they could use Falcon or Monkey Joe on any team – who wouldn’t love an army of 0 point characters?! (By the way, the answer is “no, you cannot” – sorry!)

We also wanted to make sure it was clear that if you are among the lucky folks to pull a figure with the “countdown timer” – Weapon X or the Captain America “on ice” – then you needed to be aware that healing the character would not ever put your character back on a “timer” click.

Fixer generated a lot of questions with his special power, so let’s take a look at that together:

Cobble Any Object Into a Weapon: Give Fixer a power action when he occupies a square with an object. Replace that object with any light or heavy special object you own from outside the game that’s not already on the map or being held and has an equal point value.

The question that comes up is just how one uses this power in different game environments. It boils down to three main categories:

Sealed – in a sealed event, the game elements that you “own” are only those that were inside one of the boosters you opened for the match. This same idea is why, in a sealed match, you can use Alter-Ego to change from a “Peter Parker” to a “Spider-Man”, but only if both Peter and Spider-Man were among the figures you opened in your booster. So if you’re playing a game of sealed with mixed sets, and you build a force with Fixer and you have access to a special object from that other booster, then you are in luck. Outside of that, this power would not be of much use in the sealed environment.

Modern Age events – in Modern age, Fixer is limited to swapping in objects from other Modern Age sets. It is the same concept as sealed. Even though you may own special objects that are Golden Age, the very nature of the Modern age format precludes these older elements from being brought into the match.

Golden Age events – in a Golden Age event, Fixer’s power is unlimited! In this format, since any set is legal for play, Fixer can bring in special objects from any set.

That about wraps up the various updates in this release of the Player’s Guide. Notice that it becomes tournament legal the same week as GenCon, so you have these few weeks to familiarize yourself with it and follow up with questions at

GenCon is less than 3 weeks away – hope to see you there!


As usual, the links below provide a version of the Player’s Guide that has red-lining to show you what’s changed. A version with no red-lining is available in the Downloads section.