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HeroClix Players Guide January 2013

Hello there HeroClix Fans,

It’s time once again for an updated Players Guide!  We’ve added the reference information you may need for a variety of HeroClix sets: Batman, The Hobbit, Streets of Gotham, and more.  We’ve also added vehicle combat information so that’s all in one place.  Finally, there are a few errata’s and clarifications.

Of particular note are how we’ve refined certain traits and special powers that might grant a character a keyword. It was difficult to know specifically when something would activate. Let’s take a look at two figures specifically.

Dark Knight Rises #100 Batman possesses 3 keywords and the following trait.

 WE’RE IN THIS TOGETHER: When you reveal your force, if there is another character on your force named Sgt. Gordon, Lt. Gordon or Commissioner Gordon, then Batman possesses the Police keyword and team ability and that character possesses the Batman Ally team ability. If Batman is adjacent to that character, they each get +1 to their attack (if not already modified by this effect).

Many players would ask:  “Does the keyword kick in so that I can make Batman a member of a Police keyword themed team,” so we have decided to errata the wording to make it clearer.  Similar errata were implemented on other similarly designed figures.  So now, characters whose mechanics are designed to influence their ability to count for a themed team will say something like :

”When you build your force, if there is another character…”

This would allow Batman to be a part of a Police themed team.

A similar question would arise regarding DC HeroClix 10th Anniversary #009 Nightwing who has the following trait:

 A Leader on any Team: Nightwing is a wild card. When you reveal your force, choose a friendly character’s keyword; Nightwing possesses that keyword for the rest of the game. Nightwing can use Leadership, but only removes action tokens from characters using a team ability that Nightwing can use.

In order for this to communicate the intention more clearly, it has been errata’d to say :

 During your first turn, choose a friendly character’s keyword…..

While this figure gets a bit more of a restrictive wording this way, remember that he still possesses 5 keywords and is already a wild card. And many of those other teams have powers and abilities that use keywords, so Nightwing will play with them very nicely.

The changes outlined above only affects a handful of game effects.  Take a look through the new Player’s Guide to see what all those changes are.

As usual, you will find the links to the latest Players Guide below.   And always remember “Keep Clixing, One Clix at a Time.”

Thanks for reading.

Sean “TechG0D” Braunstein
HeroClix Rules Arbitrator



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