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HeroClix Players Guide for February 2013

Hello there HeroClix Fans,

It’s time again for an updated Players Guide!  This version of the Players Guide include the Star Trek: Tactics 2 and Amazing Spider-Man.  Not too many surprises in this version of the Players Guide, but we will make sure that we clarify one figure that has had some questions.

Amazing Spider-Man #021 Electro

Arc Lightning: Give Electro a power action and make a ranged combat attack against a single target using his printed damage value. Each time he hits, after actions resolve, he may then make a ranged combat attack as a free action against another single target as if he occupied the previously hit character’s square, replacing his range value with his printed range value minus the number of (charactershits he has (hitmade this turn with this power.

The RED wording replaces what is the parentheses.  So hopefully this wording makes it clear that you can bounce between two character as long as your Range Value will support it, and that you continue to hit of course.

I know that many of you wait for the new Players Guide not for the newest wordings, rules and rulings but for the Additional Team Abilities for the latest sets.  I will let you know that we are still working on these ATA’s for the last couple of sets and we will post an article with all of them as soon as we have them done.

As usual, you will find the links to the latest Players Guide below.   And always remember “Keep Clixing, One Clix at a Time.”

Thanks for reading.

Sean “TechG0D” Braunstein
HeroClix Rules Arbitrator

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Players Guide Modern Age 2013-02