Retailers WizKids Event System

The New Event Management and You

Greetings Retailers and HeroClix Enthusiasts!

With the recent launch of the new WizKids Event System and Player Registration, the time has come to delve a little deeper into both Event and Volunteer management.  Let’s start with Volunteer management.

In our last article, we left off with how a player could register and submit themselves as a Volunteer for their Venue.  Once a player has applied to be a volunteer for their Venue, it is up to the Venue to accept or reject them.  The next time the Venue logs in and looks at their Home page, they will see something like this:

As you can see, on the right-hand side of the screen there is an indication that a player has applied to help out as a volunteer.   There is also a drop down menu for the Venue to click on which will display the following results:

While these are fairly self-explanatory, we suggest selecting “Active” if you would like to accept the player as a volunteer for your Venue.  Click on “Update Volunteers” and you’re ready to go!

Congratulations! Your Venue now has a volunteer.  Now every time you create and schedule an event, any selected volunteers will be automatically added to that event:

Both Volunteers and Venues can create and schedule events.  Editing events is as simple as clicking on the event in question, and then the field within the event that you wish to change.

Once your event is ready to go, be sure to click on “Update Event” in the lower left-hand corner.  Now players can register and add themselves to your event!

Now you’re ready to go! Schedule your events, or have a volunteer schedule them for you and now players in your area will be able to search and add themselves, or you can add them when you report the event! As always, should you have any questions please feel free to e-mail us at