Marvel HeroClix: The Invincible Iron Man Product Spotlight

WizKids Games is Pleased to Announce Marvel HeroClix: The Invincible Iron Man!


Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Get armored up for action this autumn! Build-up your HeroClix collection with the latest Marvel set to focus on the armored Avenger, his allies, and some of his most dangerous adversaries!

First up, we have the Marvel HeroClix: The Invincible Iron Man main set five-figure boosters:

70840 Iron Man Brick

Marvel HeroClix: The Invincible Iron Man introduces the Improved Targeting combat ability to HeroClix, which allows characters to make ranged attacks in new and exciting ways as they shoot through walls and around other characters!

With 60 figures to collect, popular sub-themes include Iron Man’s longtime friends and foes, Alpha Flight, the Wrecking Crew, and more!  In this set, there are:

  • 14 Common Figures (plus one Prime figure!)
  • 13 Uncommon Figures (plus one Prime figure!)
  • 12 Rare Figures (plus one Prime figure!)
  • 11 Super-Rare Figures (plus one Prime figure!)
  • 6 Thematic Chase Figures

If that weren’t enough, HeroClix players can also collect the power of Iron Man’s most dangerous enemy, the Mandarin! Powered by 10 rings of alien design, the Mandarin has long been one of Iron Man’s most feared and deadly adversaries, and now the Mandarin’s power has come to HeroClix! Players will find the Rings of the Mandarin randomly inserted in Marvel HeroClix: The Invincible Iron Man five-figure boosters!

Nine of the Mandarin’s rings can be found in The Invincible Iron Man five-figure boosters; the tenth ring and the Power Plant resource can only be found in The Invincible Iron Man Organized Play Kit.

Mandarins Rings


Next up, let’s take a closer look at the Marvel HeroClix: The Invincible Iron Man 24 Ct. Gravity Feed!

70846 Iron man GRAVITY FEED

Countdown to the full release of Marvel HeroClix: The Invincible Iron Man with this 24-ct. Gravity Feed product.  Featuring 10 figures with all-new dial designs and an impulse friendly price point, the The Invincible Iron Man Gravity Feed single-figure foil packs are an excellent product for new and established players.


Marvel HeroClix: The Invincible Iron Man will also have a standard Organized Play kit available upon the release of the main set as well.  This Organized Play kit will contain:

  • Nine (9) Limited Edition figures. Three copies each of three different figures.
  • Three (3) 3D special objects  (Three copies of one 3D Object.)
  • Three (3) 3D Resources/Object Displays (Three Copies of one 3D Resource/Object Display)
  • 10 2-sided Maps (24” x 36”).
  • 1 Organized Play Instruction Sheet outlining suggested event formats.

As always, this Organized Play kit is marked not for re-sale and will be available while supplies last.

Iron man


All of the Marvel HeroClix: The Invincible Iron Man sales solicitations are available for download and can be found on our Retailers Assets Page.

We’ve a little more time before we begin previews from Marvel HeroClix: The Invincible Iron Man in earnest, but to whet everyone’s appetites here’s the titular character himself, Iron Man!


Get ready for an all-new round of heavy metal as Marvel HeroClix: The Invincible Iron Man flies into stores everywhere this fall! As always, thank you all for your continued interest and support!