Heroclix Online Enhanced

What is Online Enhanced?

Put simply, it’s the ultimate way to bridge the gap between physical and digital gaming. “Online Enhanced” products contain a special code that will unlock exclusive digital content for games like HeroClix Online, TabApp, Connect With Pieces and more. Expand your tabletop game play experience into the online arena (and vice versa) for a more exciting, more robust game play experience!

What kind of content?

Everything from playable characters to in-game items, with even more to come down the road! And it’s all scaled to the original product, meaning a single figure might unlock a character for HeroClix Online, while a multi-pack could unlock multiple items online. TabApp and Connect With Pieces codes will unlock online content and/or platform-compatible content.

How do I get an Online Enhanced Code?

Look for the Online Enhanced logo on a variety of WizKids products: individual HeroClix, Fast Forces packs, TabApp figures, Connect With Pieces puzzle-building games and more!

Where do I/How do I/When can I?

In the very near future, this page will contain everything you need to enjoy your Online Enhanced experience, whether it be for HeroClix Online, TabApp, or another game. You’ll be able to:

  • find out what products contain OE codes
  • find out what those codes unlock
  • access direct links to redeem your codes
  • and more!

No matter where you’re going, you’ll go from here. See you soon!