DC HeroClix: No Man’s Land Gotham City Current Rankings

No Man’s Land Gotham City Current Rankings

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Have you played in a DC HeroClix: No Man’s Land Month event yet? If so, you’re probably aware that one of the compelling elements in the No Man’s Land comic book storyline was for people to band together for both protection and strength. These “gangs” as they would come to be be known fought each other for the liberation, or conquest, of Gotham City and we’ve invited all of our HeroClix stores and players to re-live this exciting element during our No Man’s Land Organized Play events!

Twice monthly we will be checking to see the global progress of the “gangs” and we will display which gang is in the lead for that month’s territory by tagging that section of the map below with the “gang’s” symbol. Now you can see if your “gang” is in the lead worldwide, or at the very least which “gang” you need to displace in order to expand your turf!

Please note, these numbers are all based upon registered and reported events in the WizKids Events System, so if you want your event to be counted during this global census, make sure that it is reported in the WES! You still have time to join in the fight and participate in DC HeroClix: No Man’s Land!


What’s this? Looks members of the Joker Gang have conquered the Gotham City Waterfront and have now set their eyes on Dockside Amusement Park! Will The Joker Gang reign triumphant in Gotham City, or will another Gang rise to the challenge! Fight on DC HeroClix Fans and see if you can survive No Man’s Land!

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