Marvel HeroClix: The Uncanny X-Men

Marvel HeroClix: Uncanny X-Men – Mystique

Greetings, HeroClix fans!

Welcome to another exciting preview from the upcoming Marvel HeroClix: Uncanny X-Men set! Today, we’re looking at the shapeshifting femme fatale herself, Mystique!

 Marvel HeroClix: Uncanny X-Men- Mystique

At 60 points, Mystique is a low cost, high-impact character who possesses the Brotherhood of Mutants team ability, a range of 4 squares, and the ability to be played on Brotherhood of Mutants, Freedom Force, Marauders, and Spy teams. But let’s take a look at her dial to see what niche she fits on any team.

Up first are her traits. Her first trait, called Freedom Force, states that when this character is given a move action, after actions resolve she can use Force Blast as a free action. The second trait Mystique possesses is a bit more nuanced, and is called Shapeshifter. This trait states that Mystique can use Shape Change, and begins the game with a Shapeshift Token on her Character Card. While she possesses a Shapeshift Token, she can use Improved Movement – Ignores Characters, and opposing characters can only target her if they began the turn adjacent to her. With that, when Mystique targets an opposing character with an attack, you remove all Shapeshift Tokens. However, when she succeeds using Shape Change, if she doesn’t already have a Shapeshift Token on her card, you will then place one on her card.

With those traits comes some significant standard powers, including Sidestep, Stealth, Precision Strike, Willpower, Combat Reflexes, Leadership, and Close Combat Expert. And, while her dial might only be five clicks long, she really shines throughout with consistent values and good power placement.

Thanks for reading, HeroClix fans! Be sure to check in next time as we take another look at more exciting pieces from upcoming HeroClix releases! Until then, don’t be afraid to push!