Marvel HeroClix: Superior Foes of Spider-Man

Marvel HeroClix: Superior Foes of Spider-Man – Mephisto Champion Figure

Greetings HeroClix Fans,

The Marvel HeroClix: Superior Foes of Spider-Man set not only features the friends and foes of your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, but also includes three HeroClix designed by past HeroClix Champions. Yesterday, we introduced you to Chameleon, designed by the 2014 World Champion. Today we have the figure designed by the 2015 HeroClix World Champion. Introducing Paris Gordon and his figure design of Mephisto!

Name: Paris Gordon

WES ID: mourir

Location: Houston, TX

Favorite Local Venues: Fat Ogre Games & Comics, Bedrock City, Swords & Superheroes, 8th Dimension Comics and Games

What first brought you to the world of HeroClix?
My dad brought home some boosters when the game first came out, and we’ve been collecting and playing ever since.

 How long have you been playing HeroClix?
I’ve been casually playing at home and collecting since the first set, Infinity Challenge. I’ve been going to tournaments and playing competitively since Giant Sized X-Men.

How often and where do you play HeroClix?
I play pretty often with my teammates at home, especially my dad. For tournaments, I go to at least one OP event per month and try to attend some bigger tournaments about once a month. Locally, I mainly play at Bedrock City Comics and Fat Ogre Games and Comics.

What inspired you to choose the character you designed?
I’ve always been a fan of Mephisto in the comics, and for such a cool, powerful, and important character in the Marvel Universe, I felt like he didn’t have enough representation in HeroClix. There have only been two versions previously, and while they were both cool in their own ways, I didn’t feel that either figure was depictive of the way I would imagine a Mephisto figure.Marvel HeroClix: Superior Foes of Spider-Man - Mephisto Champion Figure

What were the challenges or considerations you faced while conceptualizing your dial design?
I wanted to show Mephisto manipulating things from the background, while also showcasing his power. Balancing this was probably the hardest challenge, but also the most fun part.

Please walk us through your dial design.
Like I said, I wanted to showcase both his background manipulations and his overwhelming power. To do this I gave him the Unseen Manipulator power and Perplex on the opening two clicks. He can also be played with just these clicks, as there are times where Mephisto gets his feet wet, but leaves before ever taking things into his own matters. However, playing him at full shows Mephisto getting tired of playing games and taking things into his own hands (with the stop click showing how he chose to unleash his power). Of course, he also has the contracts (at either dial) he can make with any character…for a price. He has power over others (-1 defense) and will collect his debt (healing).

Any parting thoughts?
I’m really happy with the way Mephisto turned out. I’m glad I got this opportunity and enjoyed working with WizKids. Hopefully I get another chance to do so! Shout out to everyone in Team Ragnarok for helping me play and improve, and being all around awesome people!