Mage Knight

Mage Knight Returns and It’s Looking For Revenge!

For many miniature gamers, Mage Knight was the product that first got them into fantasy tactics and skirmishing wargaming. Not only was it WizKids Games’ first product, it was the most ambitious launch in the history of the hobby. After a seven-year absence, it’s coming back!

The initial launch features at least three of the fan-favorite factions from the original Mage Knight in a digital game. Simultaneously, as a Kickstarter exclusive, we’re releasing several of the characters from each faction as physical figures with stats playable using both original Mage Knight and modern HeroClix rules.

As a bonus, WizKids Games has agreed to bring back the original Mage Knight physical game based on response to this Kickstarter initiative.

So read the details on Kicksstarter here, pick your favorite reward tier, and stay tuned for updates. It’s going to be an exciting launch!

By Lee

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