Yu-Gi-Oh! HeroClix: Series Three

Yu-Gi-Oh! HeroClix: Series Three- X-Head Cannon, Y-Dragon Head & XY-Dragon Cannon


Greetings HeroClix Players and Duelists!

Today, we bring you another preview from the upcoming Yu-Gi-Oh! HeroClix: Series Three set! Let’s begin diving into “Seto Kaibas” “XYZ monsters!

Yu-Gi-Oh! HeroClix: Series Three- X-Head Cannon

X-Head Cannon has 8 range, the Flight ability, and begins with a special power, “Double-Barreled Cannon.” This special power allows X-Head Cannon to use Energy Explosion and, when given a Double Power Action, it can make 2 Ranged Combat Actions in one turn! Each of these Ranged Combat Actions may further be used to activate Energy Explosion! Combined with X-Head Cannon’s front-loaded Running Shot, “Double-Barreled Cannon” will help you keep the battlefield clear of smaller enemies and keep opposing characters apart to avoid Energy Explosion. X-Head Cannon also has Invulnerability followed by Toughness, as well as late dial Sidestep for mobility and Energy Explosion.

Next up, we have Y-Dragon Head.

Yu-Gi-Oh! HeroClix: Series Three- Y-Dragon Head

Y-Dragon Head starts with a special power, “Fire Strike.” This special power allows Y-Dragon Head to move in a direct line and deal 1 damage to each character in a square it moved through along that line. With the Transporter Wing Speed Symbol, Y-Dragon Head can also use the Move and Attack ability for Hypersonic Speed with -2 Attack, as well as the Flight and Carry abilities. With these abilities, Y-Dragon Head has many options to maneuver around the field, carry friendly figures, launch fire strikes, and make Transporter Attacks while staying a step ahead of other monsters. Y-Dragon Head has four clicks of handy Precision Strike which can be combined with Hypersonic Speed from the Move and Attack ability, Invulnerability followed by Toughness in the defense slot, and picks up Ranged Combat Expert mid-dial to keep firing.

Next, X-Head Cannon and Y-Dragon Head combine to form the mighty XY-Dragon Cannon!

Yu-Gi-Oh! HeroClix: Series Three- XY Dragon Cannon

XY-Dragon Cannon can be played at 200 points, or can be brought in by the Fusion ability when either X-Head Cannon or Y-Dragon Head are adjacent and hit an opposing character. XY-Dragon Cannon starts out with Running Shot, Impervious, Enhancement, and the special power “Dragon Breath,” which allows XY-Dragon Cannon to use Energy Explosion, Poison, and Precision Strike. Using “Dragon Breath,” XY-Dragon Cannon can quickly eliminate opposing figures from afar while discouraging close combat attacks. Later in the dial, XY-Dragon Cannon transitions to Sidestep, Penetrating/Psychic Blast, and Toughness to continue swinging. XY-Dragon Cannon also has the Flight and Indomitable symbols to make sure that it can maneuver well and dodge pushing damage. All of the “XYZ monsters have the “Seto Kaiba” and Light keywords to make themed teams with as well, and there are many great support figures with the Light keyword that would fit perfectly with the “XYZ” monsters! XY-Dragon Cannon is a powerful monster to both lead with on a team or to fuse into and finish off opponents!

Join us tomorrow as we look at more of “Seto Kaibas” “XYZ monsters!