Yu-Gi-Oh! HeroClix: Series One

Yu-Gi-Oh! HeroClix Series One: Gate Guardian!

Ho-ho-ho, HeroClix fans!

As our special Christmas Day present to you, we continue our previews for Yu-Gi-Oh! HeroClix: Series One!  Today we take a look at a game mechanic in this set that should be somewhat familiar to Yu-Gi-Oh! fans:  Fusion!  To help us in understanding this trait, we are pleased to present the Gate Guardian!


The first line of Fusion reads as follows:  “When a listed character is adjacent to all other listed characters and hits an opposing character, after actions resolve it may be given a free action to replace these characters with Gate Guardian from your sideline.”

The three characters needed to fuse into Gate Guardian are Suijin, Kazejin and Sanga of the Thunder, all of which are available in the Yu-Gi-Oh! HeroClix: Series One set.  If Suijin, Kazejin and Sanga of the Thunder are adjacent to each other and, for example, Kazejin hits an opposing character, after actions resolve Kazejin may be given a free action to replace all three characters with Gate Guardian from your sideline.  You’ll want to note that you only have to hit an opposing character in order to get the free action; you don’t necessarily need to damage it.

The next line of Fusion reads:  “When Gate Guardian enters the game in this way, it starts the same number of clicks from his starting line as the character given the action and modifies its combat values by +1.”

From our example above, if Kazejin is two clicks from its starting line when the free action is used, then Gate Guardian comes into the game two clicks from his starting line.  Additionally, Gate Guardian’s combat values are modified by +1 when he comes into play.

The last line of Fusion reads:  “This trait is active even when this character is not on the map.”

Although Suijin, Kazejin and Sanga of the Thunder don’t possess this trait on their individual dials, Gate Guardian has it and it’s active if he’s on your sideline and is waiting to be brought into play.

Gate Guardian hits the battlefield at 300 points.  On its first four clicks Gate Guardian has a trio of special powers named after the trinity that fuse into him.

In the speed slot is Kazejin, which lets Gate Guardian use Running Shot.  Additionally, when Gate Guardian hits with a ranged combat attack, the target is knocked back and is given an action token.  Again, you only have to hit with a ranged combat attack in order to knock back the target and to give it an action token.

Sanga of the Thunder appears in the attack slot and grants Gate Guardian use of Pulse Wave.  When Gate Guardian uses Pulse Wave and targets more than one character, his damage value becomes 3 and is locked.  Gate Guardian has the Indomitable combat ability, which grants him the use of Willpower, so feel free to use Sanga of the Thunder on consecutive turns!

Finally, Suijin appears in Gate Guardian’s damage slot and prevents other friendly characters within 4 squares from being attacked unless they are adjacent to the attacker.

As for the rest of Gate Guardian’s dial, defensively he starts with two clicks of Impervious, and then gains a long run of InvulnerabilityGate Guardian’s dial ends with the return of Impervious on his last click.  After the four Kazejin clicks in the speed slot, Gate Guardian picks up standard Running Shot for three clicks, and then ends his dial with three clicks of SidestepEnergy Explosion appears in the attack slot on the same clicks as Running Shot and SidestepEnergy Explosion can cause quite a ruckus with Gate Guardian’s range of 8 squares and three targets and damage values that never drop below 3.  Ranged Combat Expert on clicks 6 and 7 lets Gate Guardian focus his firepower on putting the hurt on a single target instead of spreading the love via Energy Explosion.

For theme team building, Gate Guardian has the “Paradox Brothers” and Dark keywords.  Gate Guardian has an aggressive power set.  At 300 points, Gate Guardian can be an effective one-man army but is also an excellent teammate thanks to the Suijin special power.

Thanks for reading!  Yu-Gi-Oh! HeroClix: Series One releases February 2014 for your dueling pleasure. Have a safe and happy holiday everyone!