Heroclix Preview Superman

Wail of the Banshee!

Greetings from GenCon 2011 HeroClix Fans!

We have a spooktacular preview for you all today as we delve into the realm of myth and legend and bring forth one of Superman’s more mystical and perhaps most dangerous foes, the Silver Banshee!

At 153 points, Silver Banshee is a dangerous lady to upset! Her early-dial Running Shot coupled with Pulse Wave is enough to give the hardiest of opposing figures pause, but her Wail of the Banshee special power really freezes her enemies in their tracks! The ability to use Incapacitate with three targets is plenty useful, but combined with the opportunity to deal damage equal to the number of tokens on her targets? When played correctly it is a deadly and effective power!

Mid- to late-dial Silver Banshee eschews Pulse Wave in favor of Penetrating/Psychic Blast while Invulnerability and then Toughness protect her from harm.  Silver Banshee also demonstrates her more ghostly nature with Phasing/Teleport as she manuevers the field of battle looking for more victins.

While one may consider the Silver Banshee deadly enough based upon her combat values and power selections, her Mystics team ability ensures that anyone seeking to do her harm will likewise be damaged themselves! All in all, the Silver Banshee is a deadly offensive piece with bite to match her bark!

That’s all we have for today, but be sure to join us later this week for more exciting previews from the upcoming DC HeroClix release, Superman!