Heroclix Preview Superman


Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Today’s preview is an electrifying addition to our upcoming HeroClix release, Superman.  We are pleased to present you with Livewire!

Livewire begins the game with Phasing/Teleport as she travels around the battlefield as a bolt of energy unimpeded by terrain or other figures.  A six range value with two targets allows Livewire to potentially target multiple foes with her Energy Explosion while Energy Shield/Deflection helps keep her safe from ranged retailation!

After one click of Phasing/Teleport, Livewire picks up Running Shot as she switches to the offensive! Mid-dial Livewire loses Energy Explosion in favor of Steal Energy as she absorbs her opponent’s life energy itself! Invulnerability demonstrates Livewire’s durability as living energy while late-dial Regeneration allows her to heal back up to her second click potentially!

Late-dial Livewire again picks up Phasing/Teleport as she manuevers to where she’ll do the most good (or is that bad?), while Penetrating/Psychic Blast means she will be sure leave her foes smarting from her electric attacks!

Lastly, we cannot overlook Livewire’s Trait; Prevent the Short increases Livewire’s damage value by +1 so long as she is not within 8 squares of Water Terrain.  More damage-dealing potential is always welcome, and this Trait allows Livewire to potentially deal damage througout her dial to most foes regardless of their damage reducing powers! At 75 points, Livewire is a shocking-good addition to any force!

That’s all we have for today, but be sure to join us later in the week as we check in with two sisters with incredible powers! Until then, be sure to keep your figures off their K.O. clix!