Heroclix Incredible Hulk Preview

This Beast is no Beauty!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Pack a sandwich and grab your climbing gear because we’re traveling to the top of Mount Wundagore to visit the Man-Beast!

Man-Beast begins play with Stealth to prevent opposing characters from drawing line of fire to him. He also has a trait, Master Impersonator, which lets him use Shape Change. If Man-Beast KOs an opposing figure, Master Impersonator “changes” Shape Change so that it succeeds on a roll of 4-6!

Move Man-Beast off his first click and he gains a special power, Emotional Corruption. This power allows Man-Beast to use Mind Control as a free action against a character that has just taken damage from his attack! Late-dial, Man-Beast switches between Phasing/Teleport and Stealth.

On his opening click, Man-Beast shows that he’s no slouch in close combat with Blades/Claws/Fangs. Push him off that first click and he gains Penetrating/Psychic Blast to go along with a range of six. On the back end of his dial, Man-Beast alternates between Penetrating/Psychic Blast and Blades/Claws/Fangs.

Defensively, Man-Beast opens with two clicks of Mastermind to dish off any damage to friendly figures with a lower point cost. Mid-dial, Man-Beast picks up Invulnerability, then Toughness, to reduce damage dealt to him. At the end of his dial, Man-Beast regains Mastermind.

Man-Beast’s opening click also features Leadership, which then becomes Outwit for his next three clicks. At 128 points, Man-Beast makes an imposing addition to any force utilizing the Animal, Knights of Wundagore or Ruler keywords!

We hope you enjoyed today’s preview! Please join us next time as we feature the final member of the “new” Fantastic Four (he’s pretty good at what he does) and reveal more secrets from Marvel HeroClix: Hulk! Until then, keep your clix off their KOs!