HALO Heroclix Preview

The UNSC Wants You!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Today we check in with the fighting men of the UNSC who bravely face the front lines in the war against the Convenant! We begin our preview with the Marine (Battle Rifle)!

The Marine (Battle Rifle) begins the game rushing onto the battlefield strafing his foes with Running Shot, manuevering to get the most of his Flanking Fire special power.  Flanking Fire decreases the defense value of his target if it was already damaged by another friendly figure in the same turn.  Imagine the Marine (Battle Rifle) and his teammates laying down suppressing fire and the target opposing figure depserately scrabbling for cover!

An initial click of Energy Shield/Deflection helps protect the Marine (Battle Rifle) from retaliatory ranged attacks, and then gives way to Toughness as the Marine (Battle Rifle) relies on his battle armor to reduce damage dealt to him.  Mid- to late-dial the Marine (Battle Rifle) trades his Flanking Fire special power for jacketed rounds courtesy of Penetrating/Psychic Blast, allowing him to bypass the damage reducing armor of his enemies.

At 54 points, the Marine (Battle Rifle) is a great support/secondary attack piece for your UNSC or Soldier forces! His UNSC team ability will assist in your ranged combat efforts and the additional grenade he adds comes in particularly handy when combined with one of the special powers our next figure has!

We are pleased to present the Spartan (Plasma Rifle)!

The  Spartan (Plasma Rifle) begins play with the Extra Grenades special power, which allows him to potentially add Grenades to your Grenade pool as he uses them. That’s right, if his Grenade attack roll hits and is doubles, the Spartan (Plasma Rifle) adds two to your Grenade pool! That not only replaces the Grenade just thrown, but increases your previous total by one!

Early- to mid-dial the Spartan (Plasma Rifle) is protected by Toughness and utilizes Perplex to modify friendly or opposing (say, to decrease the target of a Grenade attack’s defense value?) figures, helping to ensure combat goes your way! Mid-dial the Spartan (Plasma Rifle) replaces Toughness with Super Senses brifely, and then late-dial Willpower.

Late-dial, the Spartan (Plasma Rifle) also picks up the Stun Shot special power which allows him to potentially add an action token to figures he hits with a ranged combat action!

Consistent combat values, several clicks of life, and a host of useful powers make the Spartan (Plasma Rifle) a great deal at 87 points! Add in the Grenade types and the two Grenades the Spartan (Plasma Rifle) brings to your game, as well as the UNSC team ability and you have one great fighting machine for your team!

That’s all we have for today, but be sure to join us later in the week as we check in with the forces of the Convenant! Until then, keep on Clixing!