Heroclix Preview Superman

The Parasite! or How I Learned to Love My Enemies’ Powers.

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Today we spotlight a recurring and formidable foe to the Man of Steel, one capable of taking even Superman’s powers and using them for his own nefarious ends! We are pleased to present to you all, the Parasite!

The Parasite begins play seeking out victims for his Power Drain special power, which allows Parasite to essentially steal a standard power from anyone within five squares of his position, and if the Parasite steals a ranged-based power from an opposing figure (i.e. Pulse Wave, Ranged Combat Expert), he also gains that figure’s range value as well!  Early-dial Charge helps the Parasite manuever into position against his foes, as well as potentially get within range of more opposing figures so he can be selective about which tasty powers he decides to take!

After his first click Parasite gains Steal Energy, which he has for the rest of his dial.  Combined with a damage value of three for most of his dial, as well as late-dial Exploit Weakness, Parasite’s Steal Energy is a great way to keep him both healthy and dangerous, especially when combined with any number of powers that he can potentially gain via his Power Drain special power!

A full dial of Toughness absorbs some of the damage Parasite may take during the game, but nothing’s preventing him from stealing a foe’s Impervious or Invulnerablity and using that instead! Should the Parasite use this tact, it also leaves his enemy unprotected when Parasite’s teammates attack as well!

With a host of potential standard power options, consistent combat values, and very a useful power selection of his own, the Parasite is a great addition to your force at 125 points.  Whether he’s one of your primary attckers or part of secondary line, the Parasite will be sure to help you steal victory from your opponents!

Thanks for joining us today and be sure to check in later this week as we visit a monarch determined to be the fairest of them all and live happily ever after.  Until then, keep your clix off their K.O.’s!