Heroclix Retailers WizKids Event System

The New WizKids Event System and You

Greetings Retailers and WizKids Events Enthusiasts!

In recent weeks there has been a lot of buzz about the new WizKids Event System and there have been a few questions as well.  This article will will de-mystify the process and prepare you with all you’ll need to know to get started!

By now those of you who have already registered will have received an email informing you of your ability to create events.  If so, please skip to Step Four below.

New to the WizKids Event System? Begin at Step One below!

Step One: Go to

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When you arrive at the above webpage, you will be prompted to login.  However, we’re not there yet! Just below the login prompt, there is a button labelled “Create New Venue Account”.  Click on that and you’re on your way!

Step Two: Provide Your Venue Information

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On this page, you will fill out all of the information required to register your Venue.  Be doubly sure that you enter everything correctly (e-mail, phone number, etc…) as this will be the means by which WizKids will contact and confirm your information!

Be sure to pay close attention to the Venue Information section on the right of the screen; this information is partcularly important if your Venue is interested in running higher-profile Organized Play events like the Infinity Gauntlet.

Step Three: Activating Your Account

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Once you’ve completed entering your information you will receive an e-mail with an activation code.  Return to and log in with the Username provided and the password you selected.  Once you’ve logged in, enter the confirmtion code provided and activate your account!

Once activated your account is under review pending the ability to create events.  Your Venue Home screen will look like this:

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Step Four: Creating and Registering Your Events

On the right  of the screen below you will notice a space for you to enter any House Rules your Venue and local community enjoys.  Once you’ve entered your House Rules here, they will remain visible on every event you create and will not change unless you (or your approved Volunteer) edit them.

Speaking of Volunteers, below the House Rules area you will see a prompt labelled “Allow Volunteers to Sign Up?”.  This is set to “Yes” as a default but you can change this at any time (for example after you’ve found a volunteer to run your events).

In the lower left corner of the webpage you will see the “Add Event” button.  Click on that and we’re on our way!

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Once you’re on this screen, just fill out all of the relevant information and your event will be ready to go! Once created, your event will show up on your Account screen as well as in the Store/Event locator!

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You also have the option of selecting an event from the Template drop down menu.  Have an event type your Venue runs often? Do you wish to repeat an event that your players enjoyed? Simply select the template and make whatever adjustments you need (day, time, etc…) and your event is ready to go!

Step Four (A): The Infinity Gauntlet!

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If you’re a Venue participating in the Infinity Gauntlet Organized Play program you will be able to schedule your events using the Event Template dropdown menu!


Each month WizKids will automatically make the corresponding Event Template available to all participating Venues.

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Simply select the appropriate event and fill in all of the necessary details and you will be ready to go!

We hope this has been helpful to you all.   We will be turning on event creation for all approved accounts on November 28th, 2011, so get ready for a whole new game!

All set?

Then click here to begin!