Heroclix Incredible Hulk Preview

The Man Without Fear!

Greetings HeroClix fans!

Today’s preview is of a different kind of hero. He is a defender of the common man who battles for law and order in New York City’s courtrooms and Hells Kitchen! He is Matt Murdock!

Matt Murdock uses his enhanced senses to keep him safe from harm with Super Senses. However, what really makes him shine is his special power: Sue For Libel allows Matt to use Outwit normally, or he can use it to target a character within 6 squares and 75 points or less (ignoring line of fire) to counter Outwit, Perplex, or Stealth! Late dial, Matt Murdock uses his Alter Ego power to step out of the courtroom to get the criminals that got away as Daredevil!

Daredevil begins play maneuvering into battle with Charge.  His defense special power.  No, Behind You grants Daredevil Super Senses with the added bonus of being able to deal 1 damage to an adjacent opposing figure if he successfully evades an attack! Front loaded Outwit is always useful and Daredevil’s trait, I Can HearYour Heartbeat, allows him to ignore opposing characters Stealth and Shape Change.  Outwit gives way to Close Combat Expert as gets more aggressive in his pursuit of justice.

Mid-Dial, Daredevil shows his ability to trade blows with criminals as he picks up both Flurry and Combat Reflexes. Late-dial, he takes to the roof tops with Leap/Climb as Daredevil repositions himself to better use his Outwit and Close Combat Expert, and regains his defense special power.

However, sometimes even the noblest of heroes can fall into darkness.

This is Daredevil as the Lord of Shadowland! Daredevil begins play with Leap/Climb as he seeks out the best vantage point from which to observe his forces at work.   Once in position, Daredevil’s damage special power Matt, You Don’t Want to do This provides an offensive and defensive boost by granting him the use of Exploit Weakness, Shape Change and Leadership! 

Early-dial, Daredevil exchanges his damage special power for Exploit Weakness and picks up another special power!  Daredevil’s Ruthless Justice for Criminals grants friendly characters with the Hand keyword a +1 bonus to their attack when attacking a figure with a lower point value!

Mid-dial, Daredevil switches tactics as he picks up Mind Control as he enlists others to do his bidding, while Toughness replaces Super Senses as Daredevil exhibits his durability in combat.  Finally, towards the end of his dial, Daredevil regains his damage special power as he makes one last grasp for control.

With the ability to potentially deal penetrating damage on every click, Daredevil is a deadly addition to most teams and strategies.  Your opponents will want to deal with him quickly but the Mystics team ability will have them thinking twice before they attack!

With two great Alter Ego choices, and a useful assortment of powers to help your force, Matt Murdock and the Daredevil’s will be great additions to most team builds!

That’s all we have for this week but be sure to join us next week as we celebrate the return of a king.  Until then, keep your clix off their K.O.’s!