Heroclix Preview Superman

The Maiden of Might and a Man of Steel!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Today we celebrate the release of the Superman Fast Forces packBattle for Smallville, with the last two figures from the set, starting with Superman’s cousin Kara Zor-El, Supergirl!

Supergirl begins play with the powerful combination of Hypersonic Speed and Super Strength as she positions herself to do the most possible damage to her opponents! Invulnerability protects Supergirl from whatever counterattack is sent her way.  After her initial click, Invulnerability is replaced with Toughness, and Supergirl’s offensive power of choice becomes Exploit Weakness.  Mid-dial, Supergirl gains Charge to go with an additional click of Super Strength while keeping her Exploit Weakness! 

Late dial, Supergirl again switches tactics, this time utilizing Running Shot as her move and attack power of choice.  Running Shot pairs nicely with her only special power, No Holding Back, allowing her to use Penetrating/Psychic Blast and the Sharpshooter ability! Defensively, Supergirl uses Super Senses to try to avoid damage altogether.  Add in the Superman Ally team ability and Supergirl is ready to take on all opponents no matter where they try to hide !

At only 100 points, with a solid set of keywords, and move and attack options on most clicks and the ability to deal penetrating damage on all but 1 click, Supergirl will find herself able to fit on many team builds!

Next up, we take a look at John Henry Irons, better known to the world as Steel!

Steel starts play by using Running Shot to get into position. Once in position, Invulnerability offers protection from counter attack while Steel can use Outwit to alter your opponents plans. On his second click, Steel switches to Toughness as his damage reducer of choice, while Close Combat Expert shows how hard he can hit with his armor! While these two powers remain mid-dial, Steel also gains the always potent combination of Charge and Super Strength. 

Late- dial, Steel switches his powers to better utilize his 5 range, getting Energy Explosion, and Energy Shield Deflection to protect him. On his last 2 clicks, Steel gains Earthbound/Neutralized as he becomes weakened. Outwit also shows up again on his last click.

Steel also brings the Superman Ally team ability to help him with his range abilities and to make his Outwit that much more useful. As far as team building goes, a good selection of keywords and starting lines at 100 and 50 points will help make him a Steel on most forces!

Thanks for reading our Battle for Smallville Fast Forces pack previews. Be sure to check back soon as we preview more HeroClix goodness!