Heroclix Lord Of The Rings Preview

The Lieutenant of Barad-dûr!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Today we pay a visit to the Black Gate of Mordor as we spotlight one of the Dark Lord’s chief lieutenants, the Mouth of Sauron!

 More dangerous than the sharpest blades, the Mouth of Sauron’s venomous speech cuts his foes down with the power of his Dark Lord behind them.  What better way to represent this than with the Mouth of Sauron’s Dark Words special power? This special power enables the Mouth of Sauron to use Mind Control and if he successfully hits, he has a 1 in 3 chance of dealing his target(s) one click of damage as well!

Early- to mid-dial Poison represents how dangerous close proximity to the Mouth of Sauron can be, while his Demoralize special power really hinders his foes.  Demoralize allows the Mouth of Sauron to use both Probability Control and a modified version of Perplex.  When the Mouth of Sauron uses Perplex he modifies combat values by -2 and if his target is within 5 squares he doesn’t even need line of fire to affect them!

Mid- to late-dial the Mouth of Sauron switches tactics as he seems the comforting protection of Mordor’s shadows with Stealth.  Striking from seemingly out of nowhere, the Mouth of Sauron unleashes crippling ranged attacks thanks to Penetrating/Psychic Blast as his he spreads Sauron’s influence far and wide! Outwit replaces the Demoralize special power as the Mouth of Sauron counters the powers on opposing figures to do the most harm.

Initially the Mouth of Sauron relies on Super Senses to help protect him from his enemies while late-dial Regenerate allows him the opportunity to potentially return to his opening clicks.

At 100 points the Mouth of Sauron is an intersting mix of support powers as well as a secondary or tertiary attack piece.  The Mouth of Sauron is sure to make your force all the deadlier for his inclusion!

That’s all we have for today but be sure to join us later in the week as we continue to explore Middle Earth!