Giant-Size X-Men Heroclix Preview Print 'n Play

The Inheritors of Hellfire

Hello HeroClix Fans!

We begin our Giant-Size X-Men Print and Play experience with none other than an Alternate Team Ability from the Massachusetts Academy.   Today we present to you the Hellions ATA!

The Hellions may have been the White Queen’s answer to the New Mutants, but these young students never quite learned to play nice with each other.  Unlike the X-Men team ability which allows Xavier’s students to help each other out with some healing, the Hellions ATA represents the manipulative nature of Emma Frost or her protege, Empath and rewards you when one of your Hellions fails to make the grade (i.e. is K.O.’ed). 

Push your figures or manuever them into position to force your opponent’s hand and reap the benefit when your more powerful figures are freed up to act on your next turn! With 10 figures to choose from in Modern Age format games, and 14 total in Golden Age games, you will definitely have options to best take advantage of the Hellions Alternate Team Ability. 

Be sure to join us tomorrow for another installment in our Giant-Size X-Men print and play elements.  Until then, keep your figures off their K.O. clix!