Avengers Movie Heroclix Preview

The Grimmest of the Warriors Three

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

For today’s Marvel HeroClix: Avengers Movie preview, we once again visit with the Warriors Three.  However, this time we shine the spotlight on the grim and brooding warrior, Hogun!

Hogun comes in at 66 points and possesses the Asgardian, Warrior, and Warrior Three keywords.  Speaking of the Warriors Three keyword, Hogun begins play with a trait, Warriors Three Together, which modifies his damage value by +1 if there are two or more friendly characters with the Warriors Three keyword within three squares.

A loyal defender of Asgard, Hogun begins his dial with three clicks of Charge to help him get into heat of battle.  That’s backed by four clicks of Toughness which allow Hogun to withstand most retaliatory strikes.  On Hogun’s middle clicks, he gains Quake to knock away opposing characters and show that he is the steadiest member of the Warriors Three!

On clicks two and three, Hogun’s inscrutable wisdom comes into play when he gains the use of OutwitHogun’s third click can be quite effective as he can use Outwit on an opponent, move with Charge, then attack with Quake!

On Hogun’s final two clicks, he drops Toughness in favor of Willpower to show his determination in battle and he also gains Close Combat Expert, which allows him dish out more damage in hand-to-hand fights!

That’s all we have for today! Join us on Friday as we continue our previews of Marvel Heroclix: Galactic Guardians and visit a scientist who has some serious anger management issues.